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Fantasy Kabaddi – 5 Defence Moves Hard to Escape

Kabaddi is the sport which needs the teamwork and right combination between defenders and raiders of a particular team. You might have played this indoor sport a lot during your kid days. Playing with your bunch of friends and winning matches would have felt great. Do you know that you can still be associated with Kabaddi sport through the trending online kabaddi game at these days?

While playing and watching the fantasy kabaddi games, you must have experienced that stopping an opponent team raider in his tracks is not an easy job. But obviously, there are some moves which do the trick.

The defences in kabaddi fantasy league need co-ordination, concentration teamwork, awareness and timing from all members of the team. It is the job of the opponent team’s raider to get a touch and escape to the half-line. And defenders need to stay focused to see off these attempts and time their moves to perfection.

Here we list a few defensive moves that need individual skills as well as teamwork of an India fantasy kabaddi team. Watch out for some of these show-stopping moves in the on-going series of kabaddi game.

Ankle Hold

You can guess what this move is by its name already. This kabaddi move involves grabbing hold of the opponent raider’s ankle and pulling him inside half. The other teammates also join in to tackle the opponent raider. This move needs perfect timing to get a good hold, huge strength and an extremely tight grip so as to avoid the raider’s escape.

Thigh hold

This move is a bit advanced and it depends on the surprise element to get rid of the opponent raider. The defender needs to dive on the thigh from a distance and bring down the raider through his body weight. Here as well, timing and grip is very important.


This is one of the kabaddi moves which require a perfect balance of agility, technique and strength from a defender. When a raider ventures too deep into the opponent half or is trying to escape after getting a touch, a defender runs across and pushes him out of bounds before he gets any part of his body beyond the half-line to eliminate him. This move involves the defender using his body weight, speed and strength to create enough momentum and ensure he gets his raider.


In this move, the defender needs to get in front of his raider and stop him from getting to the half-line. The block move needs tremendous strength, precise timing and good positioning from defender’s side.

Chain tackle

This is the move which needs great communication and co-ordination amongst the teammates. Here a defender locks hands with another defender and runs to tackle the raider. The chain form reduces the amount of space for the raider that he can run into. Both the defenders tackle him, making it impossible for the raider to escape. The grip coordination between both the defenders must be in the sync.

Thanks for reading! Play fantasy sports and enjoy!

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