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Fantasy Kabaddi – 5 Tricky Raid Moves

The raiders of the kabaddi team are always in pressure. This is because they are one against many defenders of the opposite team. And all the defenders of online kabaddi game are waiting to take them down at the slightest error.

It is essential for kabaddi games raiders to develop a number of techniques and make decisions within fractions of a second. They need to keep the defenders on their toes.

Here is a list of five tricky moves adopted by the raiders. See if you can spot a few of them during the on-going India fantasy kabaddi league. Join fantasy kabaddi at the best online sports platform,

Running Hand Touch

The Running Hand Touch is the most popular of all the hand touches. It needs great acceleration and stretch from the raider to get a touch on the defender before he has a chance to back off and get back equally fast to avoid being tackled.

What makes this move even more impressive is that the defenders are always looking out for it. Therefore it has to be executed with lightning speed and the utmost precision

Toe Touch

The Toe Touch involves a raider ducking low to escape the hands of the defender and instead attack their feet using just the tips of their toes. When used at the right time, it is one of the most effective surprise attacks in the game. This is a versatile move, requiring speed, leg strength, precision and agility.

Frog Jump

One of the most visually stunning and physically demanding moves, the Frog Jump involves a raider launching himself above an incoming defender and while in the air using his hands to propel himself off the defenders back on to safety. It needs quick judgement to chart out the escape route, ascertaining the defender off which the move can be pulled off, and physical strength coupled with the flexibility to allow the raider to carry it out seamlessly. This is one of the favourite moves to escape an incoming defender’s low Block or Chain Tackle.


A move that needs a tremendous amount of flexibility, the Dubki allows the raider to escape by going underneath a chain of defenders to evade the oncoming tackle and reach the half line. Strength of the legs and overall flexibility vital in this move as the raider needs to first squat down and then find the right time to use all his might and propel him to safety.

Scorpion Kick

For a Scorpion Kick, the raider turns away from the defender to face the half line and, just when the defender is expecting the foot to come low, the raider curls his leg up backward to get a touch on the crouching defender, following the trajectory of a scorpion’s sting. Equally as fast and effective, this move requires balance, flexibility and the element of surprise to come out of the blue and take down an unsuspecting defender.

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