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Fantasy Sports Turned to a Multi-Billion Dollar Business Worldwide

It is very likely that you are not a sportsman and ever not a coach or sports mentor, but this doesn’t mean that you are not aware about the quality of the sport. An enormous number of young sports lovers across the nation are now totally hooked on to fantasy sports and the amount are rising swiftly. As the statistics reveal, it is 20 million during the last count, up from just two million several months ago. And if we go by industry body Indian Federation of Sports Gaming (IFSG) and AC Nielsen’s report about this sector, the user base will certainly cross 100 million by 2020.

However, few people would know precisely what is a fantasy sport? For the ignorant ones, it is an online cricket game where participants make their own imaginary teams choosing real players from different teams slated to play in a match. They be successful or lose depending on the real overall performance of the players in their fantasy cricket team.

It may have started as a fun game amongst friends, but its thriving popularity has made fantasy sports a multi-billion-dollar industry globally. India is quickly catching up. Till 2016, there were merely a handful of organisations operating fantasy leagues in India. In the present day, the number of operators in this sector stands at more than 60 with practically one new organization launching each week.

It’s not cricket alone

With advent of innumerable sporting leagues, fantasy sports is now broadly played across cricket, football, basketball and kabaddi, giving sports fans in the nation a chance to show their knowledge and be an integral part of the action.

Its adoption has been spearheaded especially by independent, working experts with non-reusable income who view fantasy sports as an easy way for entertainment combined with an essential part of their sports usage experience.

Professionals assume that fantasy sports have played an enormous role in driving much deeper link up between sports fans and real-life sports. Besides it aid sports usage by making fans live the experience on the go, but also assists convert a casual sports viewer into a core sports lover.

While previously, the fantasy sports contests were typically on a free-to play basis, with an increase of interest, users can now pick out and manage virtual dream teams in most of the sports, including football, cricket basketball and even kabaddi on paid basis as well, with real cash as prizes being offered.

So, is it legitimate to play fantasy sports for money in India? Certainly! Unlike most online games and betting, fantasy sports have emerged as games of skill because they are based on actual statistical performance of sports people in real matches, the law experts say.

Thanks for reading! Play fantasy sports and enjoy!