Fantasy Cricket – Batsmen Scoring Hundred on ODI Debut

When a batsman scores a century on his debut, it is immensely satisfying. Imagine a situation; you are on the verge of making your dream team in your daily fantasy cricket game and you have noticed a new player in the pool of the list.  

You have done your prior research on the selection option and are ready to give the player one chance in your team. And the cricketer surprises not just you but others as well with his debut century and brilliant points for you in your online fantasy cricket scoreboard. The icing on the cake! 

Let’s hope this imagination comes true every time you pick a new batsman for your fantasy cricket team during an ODI.  

Read on and see who has actually achieved this mark in the ODI. Play online cricket at 11wickets App and read about the 5 batsmen.  

DL Amiss 

Dennis Amiss of England had the power, timing and placement throughout extra cover and midwicket, his two great scoring areas, which could sometimes make him uncontrollable during batting. Amiss, during his debut ODI, scored 103 runs off 134 balls against Australia in Manchester on 24 Aug 1972. He hit 9 fours with a strike rate of 76.86 at this Australian tour of England and Scotland. 

DL Haynes 

Desmond Haynes of West Indies was a joy to watch. In his debut ODI against Australia at St John’s, he made 148 runs of 136 balls. He hit 16 fours and 2 sixes with a strike rate of 108.82 at this Australian tour of West Indies on 22 February 1978. 

A Flower 

Andy Flower, one of the most consistent batsmen of Zimbabwe, scored 115 runs of 152 balls remaining not out against Sri Lanka at New Plymouth on his ODI debut. He hit 8 fours and 1 six with a strike rate of 75.65 during the 3rd match of Benson & Hedges World Cup on 23 February 1992. 

Saleem Elahi 

Saleem Elahi, the opening batsman of the Pakistani cricket team, started his career with a bang. His debut score was 102* runs off 133 balls with 7 fours and 1 six against Sri Lanka at Gujranwala on 29 September 1995. He had a strike rate of 76.69 at this 1st ODI match during Sri Lankan tour of Pakistan. 

MJ Guptill 

Martin Guptill, the opening batsman of New Zealand, scored 122* runs off 135 balls at his debut ODI against West Indies during West Indies tour to New Zealand at Auckland, 10 January 2009. He hit 8 fours and 2 sixes with a strike rate of 90.37 

*Records have been compiled as on February 252020 

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Fantasy Cricket Record Diary – Best Catches in Cricket

warm greeting to all fantasy cricket India fans! Welcome back to yet another post at your favourite fantasy cricket game platform, 11wickets App. 

A popular phrase in the cricket world and among the daily fantasy cricket fans goes like this – “Catches wins matches.”  

A single catch or a single catch drop can turn the head of a match for teams along with online fantasy cricket fans.  

Let us take a look at top 5 catches in the history of cricket including all the formats. 

Suresh Raina 

With the advent of the 21st century, a new era began in Indian Cricket. Sourav Ganguly’s stoic leadership saw many youngsters in the team who not only improved the existing fielding standards but inspired the future generations to become more physically fit. Suresh Raina took the catch of Younis Khan during Asia Cup. He dived back to grab a lightning ball, that was Khan’s shot to get him out at 52. Raina’s catch helped in the slowing of the Pakistan innings towards the end. 

Jonty Rhodes 

Jonty Rhodes took this catch off a Lance Klusner delivery. The shot hit by Robert Croft of England was going high above Jonty’s head. Realising that he could get only a hand to it, Rhodes raised his left hand to somehow deflect the ball and then as the ball fell after his deflection, he caught it. The catch at the time of Rhodes was considered to be the greatest. 

Angelo Mathews 

This is probably Sri Lanka’s best catch ever. The shot hit by David Warner was caught very near the ropes by a jumping Mathews. No sooner did he take the catch, he realised that he would run on the ropes. So, he threw it out, just in the nick of time to make it a legitimate catch instead of a six. The catch provided an entry into the match for Sri Lanka as Australia were going strong at 72 for just 1 wicket and requiring 85 more runs to win at a run rate of 6.5. The catch was taken off Ajantha Mendis’s bowling. 

David Hussey 

David Hussey fielding in the long on jumped to try and grab a ball that was hit by Paul Collingwood of Delhi team during a match of the Indian T20 league. He could not grab it and instead managed to deflect it near him as he jumped right on the edge of the ropes, catching the ball. Realizing his inability to keep himself from going over the ropes, Hussey threw the ball up again. And this time when it started falling down, he dashed from behind the ropes and took the catch with one hand. 

Adam Gilchrist 

This catch brings to the fore the athletics, concentration and presence of mind of Adam Gilchrist. The catch of Marcus Trescothick off a Shane Warne delivery in the 2001 Ashes is the best catch of all. With the scoreboard at 52 for null, Trescothick tried a remodelled sweep, to hit the ball to the cover boundary. Instead, he ended up hitting the heel of the fielder at silly point. The ball went up on the rebound, with the fielder in agony. Gilchrist realized that the ball had gone up and was on its way down near the silly point. He raced from behind the stumps and jumped near the foot of the fielder to collect the ball just in the nick of time. 

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Fantasy Cricket – Meet Man of the Match from Losing Teams

Numerous times we have encountered the situation when the man of the match ironically ends up on the losing team. Though, this can lead a daily fantasy cricket team to win a contest. No cricketer wishes to be pleased with those moments when his finest cannot result in a win for his team. 

Numerous factors which include failure of his team and the failure of the online fantasy cricket games might have been liable for the defeat. Those players only will have to be happy by winning hearts.  

Here, let’s take a look at the players who not merely won hearts often but even the maximum number of Man of the Match trophies after their team failed to cross the finish line. Include these players in your fantasy cricket team at 11wickets App. 

Javed Miandad – 5 times 

The Pakistani batsmen were indeed reputed for his knock against India with famous one in a tournament final at Sharjah striking the last ball for a maximum leading his team into a win over arch-rivals. 

Miandad was amongst Pakistan’s exceptional, and a reliable batsman. The right-hander won the MOM in an ODI way back in 1982; when he scored 119 off just 77 balls against India at Lahore to aid his team make 252 in just 33 overs on a rain-affected game. 

But, India made 193 in 27 overs when rained ceased play. India was announced winners by 17 runs as Pakistan were at 175 at the same stage. There was no Duckworth-Lewis rule at that time! 

Andy Flower – 5 times 

The Zimbabwean was the star of his nation who inspired his team to some unforgettable wins. But usually found no company for survival struggling with tough opposition bowlers.  

With all the humble record of Zimbabwe, he has won plenty of awards throughout his innings. Very few international teams have good wicket-keeper batsmen and had he played for a top side that could have allowed him to harvest more rewards for his performances. 

Aravinda de Silva – 5 times 

The Sri Lankan cricketer batting at no.3 frequently pulled off something unique for his side. The right hander’s innings of the 105 against Pakistan in the 3rd innings of a Test match at Karachi, 1985 had not been plenty of to aid his team prevent losing the match. 

He scored some very nice hits for the island country. The rest of his team could just manage 108 and was identified for his effort with the Man of the Match. 

Chris Gayle – 6 times 

The West Indies opener reputed for his strong hits is among the few dazzling spots in West Indies cricket following the end of their golden era. The left-hander from Jamaica has frequently given the Caribbean team useful begins only for the middle order to dump it and lastly finish up losing the match. 

One of those MOM awards emerged against India in an ODI match at Motera, Ahemdabad in 2002, when Gayle scored 140 from 127 balls just before India got over the line in a chase of 325 runs. 

Sachin Tendulkar – 9 times 

The man who brought the anticipations of a nation for a, very long time, delivered many amazing innings, but perhaps his best wasn’t ample. 

He was once the lonesome fighter for India when the team was missing top quality players to finish off the match before the strong Indian middle-order went up to height. Even following them, the ‘God of Cricket’ has played out a large number of lonesome hands. 

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Fantasy Cricket – Ultimate Craziness of Indian Cricket Fans

What images conjure up in your mind when you hear ‘fantasy cricket games’? Well as the term itself suggests, it lets your imagination run wild and lets you live your dream. Fantasy cricket basically means a game where you can build up your own fantasy XI. All cricket fans have their own dream XI, and they always wish to create their dream team. Fantasy cricket is an opportunity for such cricket fans to unleash their cricketing brains and use their knowledge to create their dream team. 

All cricket lovers at some point or the other have been dissatisfied with the team which has been selected for a match or an entire series. In such a scenario, everyone feels that they know what the best combination of their favourite team must be. Often fans end up frustrated and wish that they could have a say in the team selection process. Well, this does not seem possible, so why not settle for the next best option available. Take part in fantasy cricket leagues and choose your own team and see how they actually perform in the cricket field. 

Playing fantasy games is very simple 

First of all what you need to do is choose your dream team from the set of existing International players. The player list contains the name of players who are playing in the series and a point value is allotted to them depending on their form and skill levels. Visitors can have their own scoreboard containing the names of the players they have selected for their team. The scorecard will display the performance of your selected players. 

As the series gets underway, your selected scorecard will get populated depending on the on-field performance of your selected players. Remember winning or losing fantasy games at 11wickets App depend on the performance of the player on the field and not by the reputation they have. For example, Sachin Tendulkar is a great player with staggering statistics. However, since he has not been active in international cricket for a long time, having him in your fantasy team, can actually be a burden. So, use your head while choosing your team and do not go by what your heart says. 

A team games 

Cricket is a team game and so you will have to choose a properly balanced team to play the game. This means that you cannot pack your team with all the top stars of the cricketing world. You will have to think and balance out newcomers with the stars in order to create a team within the allotted point budget. Before you embark on playing fantasy cricket online, make sure that you are very well aware of the rules of the game. We are sure that you do not want be in a situation where you do not know what you are exactly up to while dealing with anything related to your favourite game. 

Fantasy cricket provides the opportunity to many cricket fans to realize their dreams of selecting their team. Fans can select their own team and actually see how these players perform in the field. This is a wonderful opportunity for serious cricket lovers. So what are you waiting for, sign up and start to play cricket games. 

Thanks for reading! Play fantasy sports and enjoy! 

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