Fantasy Cricket – 5 Funny Cases of Hit Wicket

Hit wicket was a rare form of dismissal in cricket during its early days, especially in the one day international. Nowadays, the fantasy cricket fans of 11wickets App have seen a rise in this form of dismissals.  

In hit wicket, a batsman unintentionally dislodges the bails. This is possibly the most awkward way to end an innings in a fantasy cricket game for a batsman.  

If a daily fantasy cricket batsman dislodges the stumps with his body part or bat while taking a run or hitting a shot, the umpire declares it as an out.   

Let us take a look at top 5 unbelievable hit wickets in fantasy games cricket history. 

Imam Ul Haq against Bangladesh 

The event was Cricket World Cup 2019 in England and Pakistan’s Imam Ul Haq was playing against The Tigers. Haq scored a century and then was immediately dismissed in a funny way. Two balls later and still on 100, he accidentally hit his own wicket and dismissed at Lord’s. 

Martin Guptill against South Africa 

This is another instance of hit wicket in WC 2019. The Kiwi cricketer, Martin Guptill was playing against South Africa and chasing runs when he hit wicket and went on to get dismissed in a funny manner. The right-handed batsmen proved that the zing bails do work when he got out after dislodging his own wicket with a 360 degree turn into a hook shot. He slipped while trying to take off for a single and dislodged the bails. 

Roy Fredericks against Australia 

This is one of the very first instances of hit wicket. The first instance of hit-wicket took place in the final of the 1975 World Cup in England. West Indian opener Roy Fredericks was the batsman who got hit wicket playing against Australia. The left-hand batsman lost his balance while playing a shot and one of his legs, in the quest of holding on to the ground, touched the stumps and unsettled the bails. 

Franklyn Dennis against England 

Franklyn Anthony Dennis was a former cricketer who played for Canada. He played three One Day Internationals matches. In a match, against England at Old Trafford, he scored meagre 21 out of the team’s total of 45 all out. He was the second player after Roy Fredericks to be dismissed hit wicket. 

Maurice Odumbe against West Indies 

Maurice Odumbe was a former Kenyan cricketer and a former ODI captain for Kenya. Till 2015, he was the world’s only player who was dismissed hit wicket twice in a career.  

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Fantasy Cricket – Batsmen Scoring Hundred on ODI Debut

When a batsman scores a century on his debut, it is immensely satisfying. Imagine a situation; you are on the verge of making your dream team in your daily fantasy cricket game and you have noticed a new player in the pool of the list.  

You have done your prior research on the selection option and are ready to give the player one chance in your team. And the cricketer surprises not just you but others as well with his debut century and brilliant points for you in your online fantasy cricket scoreboard. The icing on the cake! 

Let’s hope this imagination comes true every time you pick a new batsman for your fantasy cricket team during an ODI.  

Read on and see who has actually achieved this mark in the ODI. Play online cricket at 11wickets App and read about the 5 batsmen 

DL Amiss 

Dennis Amiss of England had the power, timing and placement throughout extra cover and midwicket, his two great scoring areas, which could sometimes make him uncontrollable during batting. Amiss, during his debut ODI, scored 103 runs off 134 balls against Australia in Manchester on 24 Aug 1972. He hit 9 fours with a strike rate of 76.86 at this Australian tour of England and Scotland. 

DL Haynes 

Desmond Haynes of West Indies was a joy to watch. In his debut ODI against Australia at St John’s, he made 148 runs of 136 balls. He hit 16 fours and 2 sixes with a strike rate of 108.82 at this Australian tour of West Indies on 22 February 1978. 

A Flower 

Andy Flower, one of the most consistent batsmen of Zimbabwe, scored 115 runs of 152 balls remaining not out against Sri Lanka at New Plymouth on his ODI debut. He hit 8 fours and 1 six with a strike rate of 75.65 during the 3rd match of Benson & Hedges World Cup on 23 February 1992. 

Saleem Elahi 

Saleem Elahi, the opening batsman of the Pakistani cricket team, started his career with a bang. His debut score was 102* runs off 133 balls with 7 fours and 1 six against Sri Lanka at Gujranwala on 29 September 1995. He had a strike rate of 76.69 at this 1st ODI match during Sri Lankan tour of Pakistan. 

MJ Guptill 

Martin Guptill, the opening batsman of New Zealand, scored 122* runs off 135 balls at his debut ODI against West Indies during West Indies tour to New Zealand at Auckland, 10 January 2009. He hit 8 fours and 2 sixes with a strike rate of 90.37 

*Records have been compiled as on February 252020 

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Fantasy Cricket – Uncover Women’s Cricket History

Cricket is the second most popular sport played in the world! Nowadays people are not only watching the sport, they are also playing actively online fantasy cricket games at 11Wickets App. 

The daily fantasy cricket game has worldwide popularity and is quickly growing in the nations where it was not played before 

Cricket is also a popular sport with the female population, both as a player and a spectator. In our today’s post, we would like to discuss the history of women playing cricket and also online fantasy cricket. 

One of the oldest sport for women 

Cricket is one of the oldest sports in history. In fact, there is a report of a women’s match played as early as 1745 in England. There is not much information of women’s cricket reported from 1745 until 1887 when the first women’s cricket club was formed in Yorkshire, England. This club was called the White Heather Club. Soon thereafter, in 1894, a women’s club was formed in Australia, South Africa and Canada. 

From 1926 until 1998 the governing body of women’s cricket was the Women’s Cricket Association, also called The Association. They governed cricket among women in England, Scotland and Wales. Their main goal was to encourage more women’s cricket clubs and encourage women to play after they left school. In 1998 the England and Wales Cricket Board took over and are currently the governing body for cricket in those areas. 

First international women’s test cricket match 

In December 1934 the first international women’s test cricket match was played between England and Australia. In 1958, the IWCC (International Women’s Cricket Council was formed to merge all women’s team from around the world. In 2005, IWCC merged with the ICC (International Cricket Council) so that the ICC now the governing body of cricket for women, men and youth. 

There is a Women’s World Cup. This started in 1973, interestingly two years before the first Men’s World Cup. Fifteen countries/teams have played in the Women’s World Cup thus far and there have been eight totals since 1973. Among them are; England, India, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, West Indies, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Jamaica, Denmark, Ireland, Netherlands, Trinidad and Tobago. The United States has yet to play in the Women’s Cricket World Cup. 

Today, cricket is very popular among women in England. England and Australia have the strongest teams. There is an effort to make cricket a more popular sport for the non-playing nations’ women but funding and other metrics have made it hard to move forward with teams. Hopefully, as cricket awareness grows in those nations due to the strong youth effort. 

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Fantasy Cricket – 5 Test Cricketers & their Favorite Grounds

In the world of cricket, many cricketers share a special bond with and his favorite ground. The cricketers have played the game at different venues but they enjoy a special connection with some stadiums. Many times, the fantasy cricket fans cheer at the favorite grounds of cricketers. 

Over the years, many cricketers have revealed their favorite grounds to their fantasy cricket league fans Their affinity for favorite grounds has been translated into good cricket game at a particular venue. 

On that note, we take a peek at 5 test cricketers from international cricket and their favourite playing venues. Read on and get set go with your online fantasy cricket team at 11wickets App: 

Sachin Tendulkar at Sydney 

The heights that Sachin Tendulkar attained in his cricketing career had much from international grounds. For the greatest cricketer of our times, Sydney has been the most favourite venue. A Sydney Cricket Ground, the master blaster played 9 test innings to score 785 runs at an average of 157. The highest of these was an unbeaten 241. At his last match on the ground, he scored 80. 

Rahul Dravid at the Oval 

With more than 13,000 Test runs in this career, Rahul Dravid is among the greatest cricketers of the century. In test matches, the former player has been the second-highest Test scorer for India. He played 164 Tests with intensive records on international grounds. The Oval in London was one of the top stadiums for the batsmen where he scored a double century. At the ground, he scored was 443 runs at an average of 110.75. In his maiden match at the Oval, he scored 217 against the host team and drawn the Test. In his last test match at the stadium, he had an unbeaten century. 

Ricky Ponting at Headingley 

For former Australia Captain Ricky Ponting, Headingly at Leeds was the favorite venue. With an average of about 52, the player scored 13,378 runs in 168 Test matches he played. Ponting was noted for his excellent play at international grounds and among others, he played the best innings at Headingley. He scored 493 runs at an average of more than 80 on the ground. He knocked two centuries at the oval, one in 1997 and another in 2001. 

Brian Lara at Adelaide Oval 

Lara, the Legend, has been the master at cricket grounds, but the Adelaide stadium has certainly witnessed his best strikes. Lara holds the record for being the top individual scorer in a Test inning with his knock of 400 runs. He has nearly 12,000 runs in Test tournaments. At Adelaide Oval, the batsman played 8 innings with an average of 76.25. He scored a total of 610 runs with two tons and two half-tons. However, his laudable knock of 226 at Adelaide Oval could not bring a win to his side. 

Jacques Kallis at The Oval 

The Oval, currently known as The Kia Oval is the famous ground at Kennington of South London. The cricket field has been an iconic venue to host a number of historical tournaments. The best batsman to be on the ground at The Oval was Jacques Kallis, which is heaps of Test scores. The player, in fact, transformed as a legendary batsman for his career-best stances at the Oval. As a test player, Kallis played 166 matches, scoring more than 13,000 runs with 45 centuries. In Oval, he played his best 5 Test innings to score 294 runs with an average of 73.50.  

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Fantasy Cricket – Favorite Cricketers of India from 90s

Cricket is the heart and soul of Indian cricket fans as this is the most loved sport of the nation. Be it the live cricket matches or online fantasy cricket games, the world witnesses Indian cricket fan spread everywhere. 

The cricketers steal away the heart of the fantasy cricket games fans with their stunning performances during their cricket career. 

Cricket in India has gone through many ups and downs in the era of 90s. We have seen very good phases during the era and the credit goes to some of the terrifically talented cricketers. It is sad that we will not find these players in daily fantasy cricket team now. 

Peek at the following 5 dashing cricketers’ of 90s era who surely stole the heart of cricket fans from the entire planet. Play your favourite online fantasy cricket at 11wickets App. 

Sachin Tendulkar 

Indian cricket is synonymous to his name. He is the God of Indian cricket. He is from the 90s era and with his name many lists of Indian cricket is incomplete. He is Sachin Tendulkar. Tendulkar is not just a Batsman; he is the perfect batsmen you will ever find. His 100 international centuries remain the best of the best records he has ever created and will be hard to surpass. He has earned worldwide respect for his service and achievements in cricket and is clearly one of the most unforgettable stalwarts that the game has ever produced. 

Rahul Dravid 

Who cannot love this dependable cricketer of Indian team? It is better to put it this way: “Who can hate this Rahul Dravid?” There is nothing that Dravid does will ever put your patience to test except for the long hours he bats on the cricket field. “The Wall” of Indian Cricket, Dravid is famous for helping the team recover from awful situations being the saving grace. For the man that he is, Rahul Dravid is still admired and loved by cricket fans from all over the world. 

Sourav Ganguly 

The Dada of Indian Cricket and the current BCCI chief, Sourav Ganguly is fondly known for his stunning presence. Although he was pulled into a lot of controversies, he is one of India’s most successful captains. During his captainship, India won 11 out of 28 test matches played overseas thus making him India’s most successful overseas Test captain. He is also the only cricketer to win 4 consecutive Man-of-the-match awards in ODIs. 

Anil Kumble 

Nicknamed as Jumbo and making his first Test Debut in the year 1990, Kumble is one of the most successful bowling legends that the country has ever had. He has achieved 35 five-wicket-hauls and 8 ten-wicket-hauls in test cricket making him the third highest wicket-tacker of all times in tests. 

V. S Laxman

When it comes to Test cricket in India, there are no two better players than Rahul Dravid and V. V. S Laxman. The country has been finding it hard to find replacements for these two legends. Such has been the impact they caused when it comes to Test Cricket in the country. An extremely patient individual who always stood the test of time on the field and off it as well, Laxman is a rare gem in India’s cricketing world. He along with Rahul Dravid put up 376 runs for a third-wicket partnership in Test cricket and created a record. He is the only Indian cricketer to score 1000 runs at a single ground with an average of above 100.  

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Fantasy Cricket Record Diary – Best Catches in Cricket

warm greeting to all fantasy cricket India fans! Welcome back to yet another post at your favourite fantasy cricket game platform, 11wickets App. 

A popular phrase in the cricket world and among the daily fantasy cricket fans goes like this – “Catches wins matches.”  

A single catch or a single catch drop can turn the head of a match for teams along with online fantasy cricket fans.  

Let us take a look at top 5 catches in the history of cricket including all the formats. 

Suresh Raina 

With the advent of the 21st century, a new era began in Indian Cricket. Sourav Ganguly’s stoic leadership saw many youngsters in the team who not only improved the existing fielding standards but inspired the future generations to become more physically fit. Suresh Raina took the catch of Younis Khan during Asia Cup. He dived back to grab a lightning ball, that was Khan’s shot to get him out at 52. Raina’s catch helped in the slowing of the Pakistan innings towards the end. 

Jonty Rhodes 

Jonty Rhodes took this catch off a Lance Klusner delivery. The shot hit by Robert Croft of England was going high above Jonty’s head. Realising that he could get only a hand to it, Rhodes raised his left hand to somehow deflect the ball and then as the ball fell after his deflection, he caught it. The catch at the time of Rhodes was considered to be the greatest. 

Angelo Mathews 

This is probably Sri Lanka’s best catch ever. The shot hit by David Warner was caught very near the ropes by a jumping Mathews. No sooner did he take the catch, he realised that he would run on the ropes. So, he threw it out, just in the nick of time to make it a legitimate catch instead of a six. The catch provided an entry into the match for Sri Lanka as Australia were going strong at 72 for just 1 wicket and requiring 85 more runs to win at a run rate of 6.5. The catch was taken off Ajantha Mendis’s bowling. 

David Hussey 

David Hussey fielding in the long on jumped to try and grab a ball that was hit by Paul Collingwood of Delhi team during a match of the Indian T20 league. He could not grab it and instead managed to deflect it near him as he jumped right on the edge of the ropes, catching the ball. Realizing his inability to keep himself from going over the ropes, Hussey threw the ball up again. And this time when it started falling down, he dashed from behind the ropes and took the catch with one hand. 

Adam Gilchrist 

This catch brings to the fore the athletics, concentration and presence of mind of Adam Gilchrist. The catch of Marcus Trescothick off a Shane Warne delivery in the 2001 Ashes is the best catch of all. With the scoreboard at 52 for null, Trescothick tried a remodelled sweep, to hit the ball to the cover boundary. Instead, he ended up hitting the heel of the fielder at silly point. The ball went up on the rebound, with the fielder in agony. Gilchrist realized that the ball had gone up and was on its way down near the silly point. He raced from behind the stumps and jumped near the foot of the fielder to collect the ball just in the nick of time. 

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Fantasy Cricket – Meet Man of the Match from Losing Teams

Numerous times we have encountered the situation when the man of the match ironically ends up on the losing team. Though, this can lead a daily fantasy cricket team to win a contest. No cricketer wishes to be pleased with those moments when his finest cannot result in a win for his team. 

Numerous factors which include failure of his team and the failure of the online fantasy cricket games might have been liable for the defeat. Those players only will have to be happy by winning hearts.  

Here, let’s take a look at the players who not merely won hearts often but even the maximum number of Man of the Match trophies after their team failed to cross the finish line. Include these players in your fantasy cricket team at 11wickets App. 

Javed Miandad – 5 times 

The Pakistani batsmen were indeed reputed for his knock against India with famous one in a tournament final at Sharjah striking the last ball for a maximum leading his team into a win over arch-rivals. 

Miandad was amongst Pakistan’s exceptional, and a reliable batsman. The right-hander won the MOM in an ODI way back in 1982; when he scored 119 off just 77 balls against India at Lahore to aid his team make 252 in just 33 overs on a rain-affected game. 

But, India made 193 in 27 overs when rained ceased play. India was announced winners by 17 runs as Pakistan were at 175 at the same stage. There was no Duckworth-Lewis rule at that time! 

Andy Flower – 5 times 

The Zimbabwean was the star of his nation who inspired his team to some unforgettable wins. But usually found no company for survival struggling with tough opposition bowlers.  

With all the humble record of Zimbabwe, he has won plenty of awards throughout his innings. Very few international teams have good wicket-keeper batsmen and had he played for a top side that could have allowed him to harvest more rewards for his performances. 

Aravinda de Silva – 5 times 

The Sri Lankan cricketer batting at no.3 frequently pulled off something unique for his side. The right hander’s innings of the 105 against Pakistan in the 3rd innings of a Test match at Karachi, 1985 had not been plenty of to aid his team prevent losing the match. 

He scored some very nice hits for the island country. The rest of his team could just manage 108 and was identified for his effort with the Man of the Match. 

Chris Gayle – 6 times 

The West Indies opener reputed for his strong hits is among the few dazzling spots in West Indies cricket following the end of their golden era. The left-hander from Jamaica has frequently given the Caribbean team useful begins only for the middle order to dump it and lastly finish up losing the match. 

One of those MOM awards emerged against India in an ODI match at Motera, Ahemdabad in 2002, when Gayle scored 140 from 127 balls just before India got over the line in a chase of 325 runs. 

Sachin Tendulkar – 9 times 

The man who brought the anticipations of a nation for a, very long time, delivered many amazing innings, but perhaps his best wasn’t ample. 

He was once the lonesome fighter for India when the team was missing top quality players to finish off the match before the strong Indian middle-order went up to height. Even following them, the ‘God of Cricket’ has played out a large number of lonesome hands. 

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Fantasy Cricket – Most Runs in ODI Career without Hundred

Do you know any cricketer who has scored lots of runs but hasn’t succeeded in scoring a century? Have you come across any of them while making your online cricket games team at 11wickets App?? Every cricketer who has played for his country dreamt of making good records at some point of his career. 

However, the fantasy cricket fans find an array of cricketers who have been successful in making a good amount of runs in their ODI career. Yet these cricketers have been unsuccessful in hitting a century.  

For fantasy cricket league fans, here is a list below compiled with numerous cricketers from different nations, scoring most runs in ODI without a hundred. Read on: 

Misbah-ul-Haq (Pakistan) 

Misbah-ul-Haq was one of the best middle-order batsmen, who played for Pakistan. He was a right-handed batsman and played from 2002 to 2015. In his 162 matches and 149 innings, he scored 5122 runs. He remained not out in 31 and his highest was 96* with 43.40 average. He has made 42 half-centuries in his ODI career. 

Wasim Akram (Pakistan) 

Akram is perhaps the best left-arm fast bowler of all time. And, he could make the ball walk and talk like no one else did. He played for Pakistan from 1984 to 2003. In his 356 matches and 280 innings, he scored 3717 runs. He remained not out in 55 and his highest was 86 with 16.52 average. He has made 6 half-centuries in his ODI career. 

Moin Khan (Pakistan) 

Another gem of Pakistani bowling side, Moin Khan was the spinner for the team. He was an effective batsman for the team. And he relished a crisis and held together Pakistan’s lower order frequently. He played from 1990 to 2004. In his 219 matches and 183 innings, he scored 3266 runs. He remained not out in 41 and his highest was 72* with 23.00 average. He has made 12 half-centuries in his ODI career. 

Heath Streak (Zimbabwe) 

A lion-hearted fast bowler of Zimbabwe, Heath Streak has the ability to bowl outswing at a good pace. While bowling, he had excellent control. He played for the team from 1993 to 2005. In his 189 matches and 159 innings, he scored 2943 runs. He remained not out in 55 and his highest was 79* with 28.29 average. He has made 13 half-centuries in his ODI career. 

Andrew Jones (New Zealand) 

This New Zealand batsman played from 1987 to 1995 and was successful in test matches. But, in ODI, he couldn’t shine in the ODI matches brightly. In his 87 matches and 87 innings, he scored 2784 runs. He remained not out in 9 and his highest was 93 with 35.69 average. He has made 25 half-centuries in his ODI career. 

So, these are the latest record of cricketers who have scored runs but not a hundred. 

*Records have been compiled as on March 11, 2020 

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Fantasy Cricket – Ultimate Craziness of Indian Cricket Fans

What images conjure up in your mind when you hear ‘fantasy cricket games’? Well as the term itself suggests, it lets your imagination run wild and lets you live your dream. Fantasy cricket basically means a game where you can build up your own fantasy XI. All cricket fans have their own dream XI, and they always wish to create their dream team. Fantasy cricket is an opportunity for such cricket fans to unleash their cricketing brains and use their knowledge to create their dream team. 

All cricket lovers at some point or the other have been dissatisfied with the team which has been selected for a match or an entire series. In such a scenario, everyone feels that they know what the best combination of their favourite team must be. Often fans end up frustrated and wish that they could have a say in the team selection process. Well, this does not seem possible, so why not settle for the next best option available. Take part in fantasy cricket leagues and choose your own team and see how they actually perform in the cricket field. 

Playing fantasy games is very simple 

First of all what you need to do is choose your dream team from the set of existing International players. The player list contains the name of players who are playing in the series and a point value is allotted to them depending on their form and skill levels. Visitors can have their own scoreboard containing the names of the players they have selected for their team. The scorecard will display the performance of your selected players. 

As the series gets underway, your selected scorecard will get populated depending on the on-field performance of your selected players. Remember winning or losing fantasy games at 11wickets App depend on the performance of the player on the field and not by the reputation they have. For example, Sachin Tendulkar is a great player with staggering statistics. However, since he has not been active in international cricket for a long time, having him in your fantasy team, can actually be a burden. So, use your head while choosing your team and do not go by what your heart says. 

A team games 

Cricket is a team game and so you will have to choose a properly balanced team to play the game. This means that you cannot pack your team with all the top stars of the cricketing world. You will have to think and balance out newcomers with the stars in order to create a team within the allotted point budget. Before you embark on playing fantasy cricket online, make sure that you are very well aware of the rules of the game. We are sure that you do not want be in a situation where you do not know what you are exactly up to while dealing with anything related to your favourite game. 

Fantasy cricket provides the opportunity to many cricket fans to realize their dreams of selecting their team. Fans can select their own team and actually see how these players perform in the field. This is a wonderful opportunity for serious cricket lovers. So what are you waiting for, sign up and start to play cricket games. 

Thanks for reading! Play fantasy sports and enjoy! 


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10 Top Successful Captains in T20 Games Cricket

The T20 Games Cricket is all set to come back for its thirteenth edition from March 29. The cash-rich tournament is renowned as the ‘best cricket T20 leagues in the world’ due to various reasons. 

Over the years, various captains have taken up the responsibility of taking their team for the competition. Some have been able to achieve the expectations from the Indian cricket league T20 team. And some have failed succumbing to pressure. 

Here we glance at the top 10 captains in the twelve-year-history of T20 cricket game. Read them and play your game at 11Wickets App. 

David Warner 

David Warner’s breakthrough season of the T20 league as a captain was back in 2016, where he guided the Team Hyderabad to their maiden title. Warner impressed with his captaincy skillsWarner holds a record of 26 wins in the 47 games he has captained his side, with a win percentage of 55.31. 


Steve Smith, boasts a win% record of 67.85 in the tournament. Smith captained the Team Pune in the 2017 edition and took the side into the finals of the tournament. Smith captained the side in 29 games and ended up on the winning side on 18 occasions, with only nine losses to his name. 

Sachin Tendulkar 

The maestro of batting, Sachin Tendulkar, managed to erase his forgetful captaincy record at the international level with his stint as a captain of Team Mumbai. In the 51 games as captain, Tendulkar managed to pull Team Mumbai Indians on the winning side on 30 occasions, with a win percentage of 58.82. 

Virender Sehwag 

Former captain of the Team Delhi and Team Punjab, Virender Sehwag led his side on 53 occasions, out of which his team went on to win 28 times. Sehwag has a win% of 53.77. 

Shane Warne 

In the 55 matches, Shane Warne captained Team Rajasthan and managed to be on the winning side on 30 occasions.  

Adam Gilchrist 

In the 74 matches he led his teamAdam Gilchrist ended up on the winning side in 35 matches, and 39 losses to his name. 

Virat Kohli 

Kohli has captained the Team Bangalore in 110 games and his tally is of 49 wins and 55 loss. He has the win% of 47.16. 

Gautam Gambhir 

Gautam Gambhir holds a prestigious record of leading his sides on 129 occasions and winning 71 of those games. Gambhir’s win% is of 55.42. 

Rohit Sharma 

Hitman, Rohit Sharma, has captained his team to victory 60 times out of the 104 games, with a staggering win% of 58.65. This makes him easily one of the best IPL captains of all time. 

MS Dhoni 

This Indian league has never seen a better captain than ‘Thala’ MS Dhoni. With a prestigious 60%-win record, MSD helped his side win on 104 occasions, out of the 174 games when he led his side. 

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