Fantasy Fun Facts: Most Bizarre Goals of All Time

Football is a global sport. Unlike cricket, where you can get to see runs through out the over, in football unlimited wait for an awe-inspiring goal is what the viewers wait for. That’s the most important element of football game. Even during online fantasy football league, the only thing that the players are concerned is about the number of goals that their selected team members have scored.  

However, there are some instances, when a match changing goal has been hit and the same has become quite controversial. Looking back at some of those memorable days, you’ll be amazed at the way these goals turned out to be. The “Hand of God” goal is undoubtedly one the most talked about goal among fantasy football gamers and also among the normal ones.  

Let’s have a look at the some of the iconic moments in the history of football.  

Diego Maradona’s Hand of God goal 

Unfortunate for all football lovers, the most controversial goal of Maradona in 1986 world cup against England can now been seen in hazy recorded videos only. For the lucky ones, who had witnessed the same in reality, within that Maradona had brilliantly knocked off the ball with his raised fist and with that one single goal snatched the cup away from England. Later Maradona had termed this action as a revenge against England. Point to be noted in this respect: At that time Anglo-Argentine relations were at stake due to the Falklands War that was ongoing at that time!  

Senegal’s M’Baye Niang’s unnoticeable goal 

Although not a controversial one, but certainly a bizarre incident. During the 2018 world cup, in a match against Senegal vs Poland, Niang was injured and was out of the pitch, being treated for the injury. However, as soon as he reentered into the field, he got a back-pass and scored the goals without the Polish players even noticing or intercepting the goal! Such bizarre incidents are definitely the ones to look out for while playing fantasy primer leagues.  

Argentina’s Carlos scores controversial offside goal 

Many years after Diego’s controversial goal for Argentina, during 2010 world cup, again came the moment for Argentina. Carlos Tevez score the opening goal against Mexico. The inexplicable thing about the goal was that, Carlos was on the offside and the linesman completely missed the call and the referee had to call for innumerable replays in order to understand the technique that has been used for scoring the goal. The more replays occurred; the more controversies were generated. This also led to the introduction of the concept of goal-line technology.  

Darren Bent’s harmless goal 

In October 2009, Bent’s harmless shot on behalf of Sunderland against Liverpool was about to land straight into the arms of the Liverpool goal keeper. But somehow the ball took an unfortunate deflection and landed in a goal by touching the net. Try watching the video and you’ll get tired trying to find the flaw in the process.  

5 Efficient Football Managers Who Never Played the Game

If you’re a good player, then you’ll certainly be a great coach. That’s a common notion acceptable in all sports fields. However, as surprising as it may sound, in football there have been a few coaches or managers active still now, who can train and manage a team more successfully than any ex-football player. Although fantasy football game players are not very concerned about the managers because their major focus is on the selection of players, however knowing the same won’t hurt.  

As you read through the list, you’ll be amazed to know that even if these managers have never played football professionally, however, fate and skills had something else in-store for them. People believe that destinies come by birth, but there are people like the ones mentioned in this list who’ve successfully made their own destinies irrespective of any limitations. 

Player turned managers – simply a myth in football. So, next time while playing online fantasy football leagues, do recount these names as well.  

Andre Villas Boas 

He started his coaching career from the age of 17 and with his extraordinary footballing intellect, he became the head coach of British Virgin Islands national team only at the age of 21. Not only a brilliant trained, but a self-made manager, Villas has wins like treble of Primeira Liga, Portuguese cup and Europa League to his name. Although he made a good name in the European football leagues, but was not warmly welcomed in the English team. Nevertheless, this man is a shinning example of a manager who is not a footballer but still successful.  

Carlos Alberto Parreira 

Football and fitness are two interrelated terms. And Parreira, who was a physiotherapist by profession knew the trick of the game. An utter stranger to the world of football, he started his career as a sports physiotherapist with his favorite team and later joined the Kuwait national team and became the U-21 coach. Winning in online fantasy football games becomes difficult if the managers of the respective teams are not capable enough! Hence, checking the same is also important.  

Arrigo Sacchi 

Italian man marking – a fearful gameplay that every online fantasy football player must be knowing off. But do you know which coach abolished this strategy? It was Sacchi who was a shoe seller by profession and later turned out to be the manager of the greatest club, AC Milan. During his time as a coach for Milan his club won two cups back-to-back – one in 1989 and the other in 1990.  Although he was never a professional footballer, however, call it fate or his skills, he is certainly a gifted coach.  

Bill Struth 

18 league championships, 10 Scottish cups, 2 League cups, 7 wartime championships, 19 Glasgow cups and so on. With around 73 trophies listed to his name, Struth is the most efficient and the best manager football fraternity has ever seen. But did you know his profession? He was a stoneman initially! Physicall he was tough, but who would have ever thought that a stoneman can be one of the greatest football coaches.  

Avram Grant 

At the age of 64, Grant has been serving different clubs as coach for around 47 years. Surprised with the numbers? That’s because his knack for football was vigilant from the tender age of 18 years. Since then, he started coaching the local team and later became the first boss of the team Hapoel Petah Tikva. Then, people started to know him from the time he took over as a coach of Chelsea. Undoubtedly a successful manager whose passion for the game took him to such heights!  

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5 Lucky Indian Footballers to Play for Other Countries

Although in terms of cricket, India is undoubtedly a leading nation, we can’t claim the same for football. Like cricket fantasy football games in India are popular, however, our players haven’t been able to secure a popular place among the European players. Unfortunately, most of the footballers in India have been forced to spend their entire career in India itself.  

However, to develop the goalkeeping, dribbling and skipping skills, for every Indian footballer its necessary to spend a few years in a European club. The likes of Messi and Ronaldo are difficult to find if they stay in India life-long. For example, the former Indian captain Bhaichung Bhutia player for Bury FC in league one for 3 years and gained invincible skills that not only helped him develop his game but also proved to be beneficial for the Indian football team. 

With the most recent entry of Dheeraj Singh with a Scottish club, there are a few others who have been fortunate enough to play for some other clubs. Online fantasy football leagues are incomplete without such players on board. So, if you don’t know the names, then it’s definitely a loss! Check out the names of these talents who have tried hard to bring in some difference into the Indian football team.  

Bhaichung Bhutia 

With a huge successful out of India playing career, Bhutia’s exceptional skills have made his place high on the lists of great football players. From 1995 to 2011, he has been playing in the Indian football team and has been playing for both Mohun Bagan and East Bengal alternatively. However, a 3-year contract with Bury in Manchester, England, made a place for him among the European footballers. While in that club he made around 37 appearances and out of that he made three scores. Online fantasy football would have been more popular if Bhutia was still active.  

Sunil Chhetri 

One of the biggest names in Indian football currently, Chhetri has joined the Kansas City Wizards in US and he is among the few who have tried their luck out of India and have emerged as a successful player. One interesting fact for fantasy football game lovers – After Ronaldo, he is the one with the 2nd highest number of international goals. Although he began his career with Mohun Bagan in 2002, later he also played for the Sporting Clube de Portugal.  

Gurpreet Singh Sandhu 

Currently the goalkeeper of Bangalore FC and having played for East Bengal for about a year, this very young footballer has already been named as a captain for India during a friendly match against Puerto Rico. However, later he moved to Norway and became the first Indian footballer to play in the Europa league. Within a very short span of time, he has made around 11 appearances. Unquestionably he is a popular choice during the online fantasy football leagues.  

Uttam Rai 

Many people assume him to be a successor of Chhetri. Although initially Rai didn’t consider football as a career option, however, later he represented India in U-16 and U-19 tournaments. Later he started training and playing with the Colorado Rush which is a US based club. However, he didn’t make it to the top.  

Ishan Pandita 

Initially this player has spent his training years in Philippines and established himself as a player of Spain Lower tiers. Even the coaches of Manchester United were impressed with the performances delivered by this young talent. Again, later he joined U-18 side of UD Almeria for 8 long months.  

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