Fantasy Kabaddi League – Best Time To Play Kabaddi Games

Sudden changes in our lives can easily open up durations of free time that we didn’t have recently. Lots of spare time might materialize through a change of chosen lifestyle, retirement, career changes, having your kids leave home, or graduating from school or college. Filling up your free time with beneficial pursuits is a way of boosting your creativity, energy, excitement, and sense of fulfillment from life. Working with free time productively can assist you to get over the inability to relax as you’re scared of just doing nothing. And in the end, using free time in a way that seems beneficial to you will make sure that you feel well-rounded, involved fully in life, and very much a productive human being. In this post, you will have the opportunity to explore different ways of filling your spare time with beneficial and satisfying activities like playing a fantasy kabaddi game.

It is time spent far from the venture, work, domestic tasks, and education. It also excludes the period spent on important activities such as sleeping. A few play online kabaddi games or do other activities in their leisure time. Time available for leisure time varies from one world to the next, although scientists have found that hunter-gatherers generally have a lot more leisure time than people in more complicated societies.

Make a plan to play kabaddi games:

Free time will only become useful to you if you’ve focused on how you’d like to use it to play India fantasy kabaddi. Simply expecting free time to turn productive, creative, or fulfilling won’t bring it about. As you haven’t thought about the process needed to fill that time effectively.

Your first realization should be that it is up to you to “do something” about making your free time work better for you; it isn’t going to come from somewhere or someone else, only from your choice to make it useful time. Your second realization is to make up your own mind as to what you define as “useful”. Relaxing, doing nothing, rejuvenating, and thinking are all “useful” activities if they lead to a better, more fulfilled life. Don’t couch your “usefulness” in terms of what you think you ought to be doing but what you know will make you feel more productive, engaged and contented in life.

Here are some possible planning ways for you:

Write down a list of the things you’d like to be doing in your free time. You can rank it any way you like, or treat everything as equally important on it; that’s up to you. Keep a journal about your life and include how you’d like your life to be. Be sure to describe the activities you’re trying out in your free time. So that you can evaluate whether or not they are worth continuing to do. Create a visualization board that sets out the ways in which you’d like to spend future free time.

Expand your comfort zone by playing a fantasy league:

A great way to use the free time usefully is to discover new things and to find out that you have dimensions to yourself by playing a fantasy league. By stepping beyond your usual comfort zone, your free time becomes a journey of self-discovery and helps you to grow. Moreover, it helps you to stay interested by sparking your curiosity and broadening your awareness.

Play fantasy kabaddi game at and win cash. Build your kabaddi games team & enter the leagues online to win unlimited cash prizes.

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Fantasy Kabaddi – Rules for a Tied Match

After the exciting sixth season of Indian fantasy kabaddi games, the 12 kabaddi teams are putting their heart into the league in 2019 as well. The Bengaluru Bulls who are the defending champions are playing to decently to keep the trophy with them.

It is too early to take particular sides this season as anything can happen during the next two long months of kabaddi games.

During these long two months¸ the excitement level of the kabaddi fantasy league players will be high. The adrenaline rush of the kabaddi players from all teams will also be high.

Indian fantasy kabaddi is one of the most popular sporting leagues of the world. The league has made many kabaddi players household names not only in the country but also in other countries.

In our today’s post, let’s take a look what happens in a tied match during the playoff round of this kabaddi league tournament. Join with your kabaddi fantasy game and win.

In case of a tie in a group stage Indian kabaddi games, match referee awards 3 points to both the teams.

In a tie during playoffs

  1. Extra 7 minutes provided to decide the winner of the game.
    a) In this, the extra 7 minutes divide into 2 halves of 3 minutes each and 1-minute break between the two halves.
    b) The court and raid position remains the same and regular rules follows.
  2. After 7 minutes, if the game is a tie, then the rule of the Golden Raid applies. The referee conducts a toss. The team who wins the toss have the chance to raid. Both the teams have 7 players in the half.
    a) In the golden raid, the baulk line treats as Baulk Line/Bonus Line and all the Bonus point rules follows.
    b) If the raider successfully crosses the baulk line/bonus line, team gets a point. After crossing the line, if the raider touches one or more defenders, the number of points award in addition to one point scored for crossing the baulk line cum bonus line. No bonus would be given if the raider crosses the line. after the touch or struggle.
    c) The out and revival rule will not be applicable only points scored will be counted.
    d) If there is a tie after the golden raid the opponent team will get a chance to raid.
    e) The team which scores the most points in the golden raid will win the match.
  3. If the game is still tied after the golden raid, a toss shall be conducted to decide the winner of the game.
  4. If player/players are suspended temporarily or disqualified during the Tiebreaker, the team will play with a smaller number of players.

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Fantasy Kabaddi Game – Bengaluru Bulls Team Analysis

Though Delhi team is at the top of the points table so far in the Indian kabaddi fantasy league, many eyes are on the Bengaluru team. After all, they are the defending champions.

At the start of the season 6 last year, hardly any online kabaddi games fans of could predict the Bengaluru win. However, the Bengaluru team, though young pulled the championship with their passion and energy.

The team has the moto “Stop at Nothing.” The logo for the team represents an angry bull, representing their aggressive and fierce nature. During the fantasy kabaddi game inaugural season in 2014, the team had a good start. They finished third on the table and advanced to playoffs. During the next season as well, they reached third on the table and then reached the finals. But unfortunately, they lost the final match against U Mumba.

They got a setback in 2016 and could reach to the 8th place on the table without qualifying in the playoffs. In the next season of Indian kabaddi games, they reached 4th on the table without getting chance of improving much.

Major player for Indian kabaddi league 2019

Rohit Kumar has been retained as the captain of the team due to his amazing leadership skills and constant decent performance for the team. He has taken the major responsibility of the team on his shoulders. This season again comprises of young and fresh talent like Lal Mohar Yadav. Players such as Sanjay Shrestha, Vijay Kumar, Sandeep and Raju Lal Chaudhary have been retained from the last season and they continue the play.

The defensive resources of the Bulls look quite fulfilled and coach, Randhir Singh, would have to make sure in the pre-season training and practice that they find a working defensive setup from the get-go, unlike in the past seasons where they had to experiment during the season to find the optimum combination.

*Records have been compiled as on August 06, 2019

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India Fantasy Kabaddi – Bengal Warriors Team Analysis

The fantasy kabaddi team Bengal Warriors is the one team which has managed to improve continuously with each season. During season 4, the team had hit the bottom rock. And improving from there was a tough job for them. In season 5 they entered in the qualifiers and during the sixth season, they entered the eliminator round.

We don’t know what is in store for the Indian fantasy kabaddi team during this season. However, let us work out a team analysis to know them better and support them during the entire season.

The ace cover defender Surjeet Singh was successful in pulling out a decent leadership strategy for the team in the fifth season. He led his kabaddi fantasy league team till the playoffs for the first time. Singh was retained as the captain for Bengal Warrior for the sixth season, along with the talented raider Maninder Singh.

For the seventh season, the Bengal team was released Surjeet Singh and has decided to retain the services of Maninder Singh. They also have retained young players like Ravindra Ramesh Kumawat, Baldev Singh and Adarsh T.

The Bengal team go with the tagline of “Bengal ka Tiger.” Their logo has the face of a tiger and the tagline represent the spirit of a warrior which plays to the rules and truly believes in its deeds. The team is one of the initial 8 teams of the Indian online kabaddi games league.

Major player for Indian kabaddi league 2019

The current captain of the team, Maninder Singh has played exceptionally well during the last season for the team. He has been retained by the management for his exceptional skill and brilliance.

This season, the fantasy kabaddi fans of will see players Rinku Narwal, Jeeva Kumar, K Prapanjan, Mohammed Taghi and Mohammed Esmail on the mat playing for the Bengal warriors. Having New players in any season is challenging but with experienced players like Maninder Singh, Rakesh Narwal and Ravindra Ramesh Kumawat this team can bring competition and challenge in its future matches.

The raiding unit of the team is looking solid for the season. In the points table, the team is currently holding the sixth place. With two wins and two losses. Hence, we can expect a decent gameplay by the team for the rest of the season.

*Records have been compiled as on August 06, 2019

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Kabaddi Games – Lesson To Learn From Kabaddi

The success story of the Indian kabaddi fantasy league is quite fascinating. We have seen that ancient days for the sport must have been glorifying. And we are now trying hard to revive the glorious days for the sport.

The increasing viewership of the online kabaddi leagues proves the revival of the sport in the Indian scenario. Moreover, India is the nation where the majority of the sports enthusiasts cheer for cricket. The fantasy kabaddi games recently have grown quite popular amongst the masses.

Well, the kabaddi games tend to teach us many life skills which we can apply in our day to day life. Read about four of them and play fantasy kabaddi league at

Overcoming fear

Yoga plays a crucial role in kabaddi games. According to the game rules, a raider has to enter into the opponent’s mat area chanting “kabaddi” in one breath. And he has to continue doing that until he returns to his area. This is CANT and closely related to Pranayama of yoga. Pranayama is about withholding breath for the exercise of internal organs. CANT is also withholding breath and chanting the particular word while doing vigorous physical activity. Nonetheless, this is perhaps one of the few sports to combine yoga with strenuous physical activity. Yoga helps you to access an inner strength. This allows you to face overwhelming fears, frustrations, and challenges of everyday life.

Enhance your presence of mind

To boost our productivity, many of us multitask to some degree. In a world where pace of life is often frenetic, people who can multitask are typically efficient and effective. Moreover game calls for pro-activeness, presence of mind, team management, SWOT analysis and physical strength. It also calls for crisis management and understanding opponent’s strategy.

Pay attention to small things

The game calls for agility, good lung capacity, muscular co-ordination, presence of mind and quick responses. For a single player to take on seven opponents is no mean task. It requires dare as well as an ability to concentrate and anticipate the opponent’s moves. Forecasting capacity and practice, helps you understand the situation and act quickly at the right time and with right decisions. You need to start paying attention to small little things. One can’t be sitting on it. It’s how you train self for crisis and risk management in your top B-schools. One needs to compose himself and prepare for any situation. He also needs to act wisely in those tensed circumstances.

Fighting with the right spirit is important

A good team leader should possess the ability to gauge the advantages and disadvantages of a given situation. He also needs to make quick decisions. A leader should not just think about his growth but also about enhancing team performance. Fighting with the right spirit is important. The CANT in Kabaddi has a close relationship with pranayama of yoga. Research brought out that fast and shallow breathers are easily excitable. On the other hand, slow and deep breathers are calm and cool with a longer lifespan.

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Kabaddi Games – Unknown Facts you didn’t Know

Do you know which is the is one Indian game where we have ruled the world? It’s kabaddi! No one has defeated us ever in any big international kabaddi games so far.

Moreover, we have grown older with the chants of kabaddi, kabaddi, kabaddi. However, over years, this chant has grown fainter and fainter as other sports have been more dominating in the scenario. Thus, a few years ago, came the Indian kabaddi fantasy league games.

The desi game has recently turned into a kabaddi fantasy game. It has become a prominent new taste for the sports lovers. So, when you are enjoying the thrill of this game at we are sharing some interesting facts about kabaddi. Therefore, these facts will make you love this game even more.

Popular sport from ancient time

Kabaddi is one of the most popular games right from ancient India, which kings and fighters had played.

Reference in Mahabharata

In Mahabharata, Arjuna had acquired a unique skill to furtive into enemies’ zone kill them. And he safely came back to his place. Thus, the concept of “Chakarvyuh” is somehow similar to it. And, we have read Arjuna as the only one in Pandavas who skilled to crash the Chakarvyuh effortlessly.

Reference in Buddhist literature

As per the reference of Buddhist literature, Buddha used to play Kabaddi for recreational motives.

Kai-pidi – a Tamil word

In addition to all, the word ‘Kabaddi’ has come from a Tamil word, Kai-pidi, which means ‘holding hands’

Different names of kabaddi

In southern India, people call kabaddi in the name of “Chedugudu.” Moreover, in some parts of the north, it is “Kaunbada.” In the eastern parts, it is Ha-Do-Do and in the western region, it is Hu-Tu-Tu.

Indian are most successful in the sport

Indian men and women’s team are the most successful teams won all Asian championships and world cup.

State game of numerous Indian States

Kabaddi is state game of Tamil Nadu, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Punjab.

Nation game of two nations

Kabaddi is the National game of Bangladesh and Nepal.

4 styles of kabaddi play

In India, people play Kabaddi in four different styles; Sanjeevani, Gaminee, Amar and Punjabi.

First-time national exposure in 1926

In 1926 Berlin Olympics, Kabaddi was demonstrated by India and it received national exposure for the first time.

Formation of All India Kabaddi Federation

The All India Kabaddi Federation came into existence during 1950 and sketched the rules and regulations for the game further it reconstituted as the Amateur Kabaddi Federation of India in 1973.

First Asian Kabaddi Championship

The first Asian Kabaddi Championship was held in 1980 and India won the championship against Bangladesh in the finals.

First National tournament

The first National tournament for Kabaddi was held in Chennai for Men’s team.

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Indian Fantasy Kabaddi – 3 Teams with Surprising Performances

The Indian fantasy kabaddi game has started and this season is grabbing eyeballs for all the right reasons. The fantasy kabaddi fans are witnessing loads of brilliant moments on the kabaddi mat.

There is still a long way to go in this season for all the twelve participating online kabaddi games teams! A lot can happen over kabaddi mat! It is too early to make definite predictions on which team is probably closer to win the championship.

However, so far three kabaddi games teams have shown some surprising performance on the mat, which we haven’t expected. Let us take a look on those teams and keep playing kabaddi fantasy game at

Puneri Paltan

With no match wins in the tournament so far, team Pune is at the bottom of the current points table. The Pune squad lost all the 3 games and lost them by a heavy margin which is likely to affect them in the latter stages of the tournament.

However, on paper this year they have a talented and strong team. Their average performance was never expected with the kind of team they have in this competition. Surjeet Singh and Girish Ernak together form one of the strongest defensive units in the tournament. Talented raider Nitin Tomar missed the first three games but they have other capable raiders such as Pawan Kadian, Darshan Kadian and Manjeet. In addition, Pune team has Anup Kumar with them as their head coach.

All these factors are yet to contribute to a victory for the Pune team so far in this season. In their 4th match although they have made a roaring comeback and thrashed the Patna team. Let us keep our fingers crossed and watch if the defensive squad can step up more in next matches and change its fortunes.

Telugu Titans

Ahead of the tournament, Telugu Titans had a decent squad in place which was capable of dominating a few opponents in the competition. With a star raider in Siddharth Desai, a solid defensive unit comprising the like of Vishal Bhardwaj, C Arun, and Abozar, this team had all the ingredients to set this tournament on fire.

However, nothing has worked for them so far in the tournament. 5 games, 4 losses and 1 tied match! Not at all impressive. And it has surprised their fans. The Titans have still got loads of games to play. We are sure they can pick themselves up even now. Anything is possible in this touch sport competition.

Jaipur Pink Panthers

The winner of inaugural season and runner-up of fourth season, Jaipur Pink Panthers is another team giving us surprising performances. After the auctions, the Jaipur team have a decent squad. Deepak Niwas Hooda has been excellent as usual, he has received good support from the other raiders, something which was missing in Season 6. Deepak Narwal has done well so far and with Nilesh Salunke also waiting for his opportunities, this team’s raiding unit looks very strong now.

However, the defenders Amit Hooda and Sandeep Dhull have been influential in the defensive unit which has helped their team maintain a 100% record in the tournament so far. If this squad can stick to basics in the upcoming matches, we can expect a repeat of Season 1.

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India Fantasy Kabaddi – Players who are Real Life Cops

They are the criminal catchers for the rest of the year! However, during the India fantasy kabaddi game season, they reveal out their player’s side to the sports lovers.

Imagine a scenario, you are a criminal (kidding) and you are in jail. You have got permission to watch TV and kabaddi games are airing on it. The TV screen is big, of course, our government will arrange for that. The light is dim and your other inmates are gazing at the screen as well. Suddenly you notice that the policeman who has thrown you in that place is running to you saying “kabaddi, kabaddi, kabaddi.”

Online kabaddi games have turned the fortunes of the kabaddi sport. And it is getting its due recognition due to fantasy sports platform like

There are a number of police kabaddi players, who play or have played in the previous season of Indian fantasy kabaddi league. Let us introduce you to 5 of them. Read on the post to know about them:

Mahendra Ganesh Rajput

The raider who was seen in the kabaddi team Gujarat Fortune Giants, Mahendra Ganesh Rajput works Maharashtra Police as an officer. He has played 32 matches in the league and the lanky raider has picked up a total of 103 points which include 95 raid points.

Bajirao Hodage

He is the defender of Bengal Warriors for the first three season. In the 4th season, Bajirao Hodage played for Patna Pirates and helped them in their second win. Like Mahendra Ganesh Rajput, Bajirao too is working for the Maharashtra Police force. Both the officers practice with the state department team and have won many tournaments together.

Sonu Narwal

This experienced raider last seen in Puneri Paltan is the DSP of Haryana Police Department. He had missed the inaugural season of Indian kabaddi league due to his official departmental training.

Ajay Thakur

The current kabaddi skipper of the Indian kabaddi team, Ajay Thakur is the DSP of Himachal Police. He has played for Bengaluru Bulls, Puneri Paltan and Tamil Thalaivas in earlier 5 seasons. His calm demeanour in the games when under pressure earned him a nickname “iceman.”

Anup Kumar

Anup Kumar has played for U Mumba in the first five seasons and for Jaipur team in the 6th season. He, however, serves the nation when he is not on mat. He is also employed as a Deputy Commissioner of Police in Haryana. In 2018, Anup has declared his retirement from the kabaddi sport.

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Kabaddi Fantasy Games – Top 3 All-rounders

After the end of the cricket world cup, the sports lovers of India are getting the treat of India kabaddi fantasy games league!

With the start of the Indian kabaddi league, the popularity of online kabaddi games has notched up. The sports fans who are playing at have kept cricket aside and are focusing on kabaddi fantasy league teams.

These fans need to learn about the talented players of kabaddi games. In today’s post we bring a look at the top three all-rounders to watch out for in the much-anticipated season of kabaddi league:

Vijay Malik – Dabang Delhi

Vijay Malik made his league debut with Patna Pirates in season 5. In this season he has been signed by Delhi team. Vijay has scored 137 points in 40 matches. He has mastered the art of grabbing points during essential moments and this has let to his team winning the championship in 5th season. In this season, the all-round ability of Vijay is the key element for the team.

Meraj Sheykh – Dabang Delhi

The muscular Iranian all-rounder, Meraj Sheykh started with Telugu Titans in second season of Indian kabaddi league. He is one of the finest kabaddi players from the global circuit. Meraj has made an impression with his running hand touches and scorpion kicks.

Meraj played for the Titans till the third season of the league before making a shift to play for the Dabang Delhi. He has scored a total of 362 points in 82 matches, which is quite impressive for a foreign player.

Deepak Niwas Hooda – Jaipur Pink Panthers

Deepak Niwas Hooda made his debut in the first season for the Telugu Titans. One of the best finds, over the years, Hooda has proved his worth as one of the world’s best all-rounders. During the previous six seasons, he has played for Pune and Jaipur as well. This year he has been rightfully retained by Jaipur as so far, this top-class all-rounder has gathered 785 points in 103 matches.

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Fantasy Kabaddi Game – Top 5 Raiders

The 12 participating teams are playing well at the seventh season of fantasy kabaddi game league. These 12 teams are going to compete with each other in the three long month kabaddi competition ending on October.

The kabaddi fantasy league of India is seeing double robin round format with no zonal or interzonal format.

The kabaddi games teams have made many changes in their squad and gaming style in the hope to bag the championship. Raiders are one of the most important part of the seven members team. When selecting raiders in the fantasy kabaddi at the fans tend to select the most popular ones.

Let us take a look at the top raiders for this season and then go for our selection of online kabaddi games team.

Maninder Singh – Bengal Warriors

Maninder Singh played a crucial role as a raider when his team Jaipur Pink Panthers won the championship during the inaugural season. However, he couldn’t be part of the league for the next three season and returned at the 5th playing for Bengal team. He is one of the fastest raiders on the mat scoring 535 points in 59 matches till now.

Ajay Thakur – Tamil Thalaivas

Ajay Thakur began his sterling league kabaddi career with Bengaluru Bulls in the first season. However, his performance slacked down a little in the second season. In the third season he joined Puneri Paltan and then shifted to Tamil Thalaivas in the 5th one. A terrific skilled raider, Thakur has scored a total of 753 points in 102 matches so far.

Siddharth Desai – Telugu Titans

The Mumbai team had seen his extreme raiding skill in the last season. Siddharth Desai has been awarded the “best debutant” in the last season. He is the fastest raider with 50, 100 and 200 raid points. In just 19 matches, Desai has scored 221 points. Team Telugu Titans are keeping their hope up for this raiding star.

Pawan Sehrawat – Bengaluru Bulls

One of the biggest highlights of the winning Bengaluru team was its raiding star Pawan Sehrawat. He bagged the “Most Valuable Player” award with 271 raiding points in 24 matches. Pawan made his debut in the 3rd season with Bengaluru Bulls.

Pardeep Narwal – Patna Pirates

The star Patna Pirates made his debut in Bengaluru team. In the 3rd season, Pardeep Narwal shifted to the Patna team and became its top scorer. Pardeep notched up 369 raid points in 26 matches and single-handedly led Patna to win the championship for 3rd consecutive time in 5th season. With 865 points in his bag, he is the highest raid point scorer till now in the kabaddi games.

Thanks for reading! Play fantasy sports and enjoy!

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