Fantasy Cricket – Uncover Women’s Cricket History

Cricket is the second most popular sport played in the world! Nowadays people are not only watching the sport, they are also playing actively online fantasy cricket games at 11Wickets App. 

The daily fantasy cricket game has worldwide popularity and is quickly growing in the nations where it was not played before 

Cricket is also a popular sport with the female population, both as a player and a spectator. In our today’s post, we would like to discuss the history of women playing cricket and also online fantasy cricket. 

One of the oldest sport for women 

Cricket is one of the oldest sports in history. In fact, there is a report of a women’s match played as early as 1745 in England. There is not much information of women’s cricket reported from 1745 until 1887 when the first women’s cricket club was formed in Yorkshire, England. This club was called the White Heather Club. Soon thereafter, in 1894, a women’s club was formed in Australia, South Africa and Canada. 

From 1926 until 1998 the governing body of women’s cricket was the Women’s Cricket Association, also called The Association. They governed cricket among women in England, Scotland and Wales. Their main goal was to encourage more women’s cricket clubs and encourage women to play after they left school. In 1998 the England and Wales Cricket Board took over and are currently the governing body for cricket in those areas. 

First international women’s test cricket match 

In December 1934 the first international women’s test cricket match was played between England and Australia. In 1958, the IWCC (International Women’s Cricket Council was formed to merge all women’s team from around the world. In 2005, IWCC merged with the ICC (International Cricket Council) so that the ICC now the governing body of cricket for women, men and youth. 

There is a Women’s World Cup. This started in 1973, interestingly two years before the first Men’s World Cup. Fifteen countries/teams have played in the Women’s World Cup thus far and there have been eight totals since 1973. Among them are; England, India, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, West Indies, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Jamaica, Denmark, Ireland, Netherlands, Trinidad and Tobago. The United States has yet to play in the Women’s Cricket World Cup. 

Today, cricket is very popular among women in England. England and Australia have the strongest teams. There is an effort to make cricket a more popular sport for the non-playing nations’ women but funding and other metrics have made it hard to move forward with teams. Hopefully, as cricket awareness grows in those nations due to the strong youth effort. 

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Fantasy Cricket – 5 Test Cricketers & their Favorite Grounds

In the world of cricket, many cricketers share a special bond with and his favorite ground. The cricketers have played the game at different venues but they enjoy a special connection with some stadiums. Many times, the fantasy cricket fans cheer at the favorite grounds of cricketers. 

Over the years, many cricketers have revealed their favorite grounds to their fantasy cricket league fans Their affinity for favorite grounds has been translated into good cricket game at a particular venue. 

On that note, we take a peek at 5 test cricketers from international cricket and their favourite playing venues. Read on and get set go with your online fantasy cricket team at 11wickets App: 

Sachin Tendulkar at Sydney 

The heights that Sachin Tendulkar attained in his cricketing career had much from international grounds. For the greatest cricketer of our times, Sydney has been the most favourite venue. A Sydney Cricket Ground, the master blaster played 9 test innings to score 785 runs at an average of 157. The highest of these was an unbeaten 241. At his last match on the ground, he scored 80. 

Rahul Dravid at the Oval 

With more than 13,000 Test runs in this career, Rahul Dravid is among the greatest cricketers of the century. In test matches, the former player has been the second-highest Test scorer for India. He played 164 Tests with intensive records on international grounds. The Oval in London was one of the top stadiums for the batsmen where he scored a double century. At the ground, he scored was 443 runs at an average of 110.75. In his maiden match at the Oval, he scored 217 against the host team and drawn the Test. In his last test match at the stadium, he had an unbeaten century. 

Ricky Ponting at Headingley 

For former Australia Captain Ricky Ponting, Headingly at Leeds was the favorite venue. With an average of about 52, the player scored 13,378 runs in 168 Test matches he played. Ponting was noted for his excellent play at international grounds and among others, he played the best innings at Headingley. He scored 493 runs at an average of more than 80 on the ground. He knocked two centuries at the oval, one in 1997 and another in 2001. 

Brian Lara at Adelaide Oval 

Lara, the Legend, has been the master at cricket grounds, but the Adelaide stadium has certainly witnessed his best strikes. Lara holds the record for being the top individual scorer in a Test inning with his knock of 400 runs. He has nearly 12,000 runs in Test tournaments. At Adelaide Oval, the batsman played 8 innings with an average of 76.25. He scored a total of 610 runs with two tons and two half-tons. However, his laudable knock of 226 at Adelaide Oval could not bring a win to his side. 

Jacques Kallis at The Oval 

The Oval, currently known as The Kia Oval is the famous ground at Kennington of South London. The cricket field has been an iconic venue to host a number of historical tournaments. The best batsman to be on the ground at The Oval was Jacques Kallis, which is heaps of Test scores. The player, in fact, transformed as a legendary batsman for his career-best stances at the Oval. As a test player, Kallis played 166 matches, scoring more than 13,000 runs with 45 centuries. In Oval, he played his best 5 Test innings to score 294 runs with an average of 73.50.  

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