7 Unforgettable Run Outs in World Cricket History

Cricket is a strange sport. Cricketers are remembered not only for the sixes and the centuries they scored, but also for the blunders they have made. Irresponsible run outs, silly wickets and ground blunders – the more your player makes them, the more loss you’ll bear in fantasy cricket leagues. if you browse through the history of run outs then you’ll find that there are some which are tragic, some are hilarious and others are quiet silly!  

With social media bringing every minor detail to your doorstep, you can now easily check out the videos of such memorable run outs over the internet and judge for yourself. Such silly and tragic run outs can cost you a fortune while playing fantasy cricket. Here’s a list of some unforgettable run outs in the history of world cricket. Hoping that every fantasy game lover remembers them, here’s a brief recapitulation of the same.  

South Africa vs Australia 1999 

This run out is not only bizarre but also considered to be high profile in nature. During the semi final of the ICC cricket world cup between South Africa and Australia. The silly mistake on the part of Allan Donald, made SA lose out on the chance of winning the world cup. If fantasy cricket leagues would have existed at that time, then the selectors would have had a nail-biting match playing experience. Allan Donald was way too attentive towards the ball and hence missed out on the call for run from the opposite batsman. Adam Gilchrist took the wicket and Australia eventually won the world cup.  

India vs England 2012 

At a crucial point of time, when Alastair Cook was not out at 190, he faced one of the most bizarre run-outs which he might not have anticipated. Zaheer Khan, the Indian spinner was targeting Kevin Pietersen, the other batsman the field. However, Cook was trying to take single in between such a messy situation and was run-out by Kohli who was quick in time to strike the wickets. He had almost reached the crease but the ball was faster! Players of fantasy cricket in India for this match was enthralled by the brilliant performance of Kohli and Khan!  

Pakistan vs Australia 2018 

You can this is a silly mistake or the hit of the moment! Azhar Ali was playing great and had completed half-century on behalf of Pakistan. However, suddenly after hitting the ball he started walking towards the non-striking end thinking that the ball had reached the crease. Well, his brain was preoccupied for some reason! Commentators couldn’t find words to describe the situation. Playing fantasy cricket in such situations ends up in losses for the players.  

India vs Sri Lanka 2007 

This can be counted as the laziest run-out in the history of world cricket. In 2007, Sri Lanka was playing on Indian grounds in Visakhapatnam. Suddenly a heart wrenching moment happed for all Indian fans. After hitting the ball, Sehwag wanted to take a single and he literally jogged his was to the other side. Seemed like he was not in a mood to run. And the end result everyone is already aware of!  

India vs Pakistan, 1999 

Long before the concept of online fantasy games became popular, this run-out made a history in the list of Indian cricket team. Although team India was in a good position, however since the run chase was long hence Tendulkar after hitting a boundary across Akram was planning to come back for the third. All was well, but suddenly Tendulkar collided with Aktar and failed to make it to the stumps. Needless to say, the fans were angry and blamed Aktar for coming in between the crowded crease.  

South Africa vs Australia 2006 

Again, a historic run out recorded between these two country’s teams. You can call this a spectacular stunt by AB de Villiers. As Simon Katich pushed Adam Hall in a hurry to reach the stumps, Villiers rolled out in motion and flipped the ball back to the stumps thereby marking Katich out. Although, Australia won the match, but Villiers stunt was remembered.  

West Indies vs Australia 1975 

Last on the list is the oldest of the lot. Amidst a lot of chaos, a run out occurred for Australia. Since the match was an old one hence, not much video clarity of the run out is present on the social media platforms till date.  

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Top 4 Aspects of Fantasy Sports That Helps in Engaging Indians

What are Indians crazy about? The answer is simple. Sports, food, and entertainment. With internet penetrating in every Indian household, engaging in these three passions has become a cakewalk! Significant research conducted by Google-KPMG shows that, India, which currently among the top five mobile gaming countries, has the potential of becoming a $1.1billion industry by 2021 end. 

So, what does the gaming companies need to do? Cash on the opportunity! 

Not all fantasy gaming apps have the potential of engaging the user’s interest. Some fail, some remain stagnant in one position forever. However, the ones which have succeeded are making billions from the gaming platform. 

Online fantasy games especially cricket, football, kabaddi, and baseball are an inseparable part of Indians. Smartphones and the internet have improvised the cricketing passion from the local concept of gully cricket to online cricket games. 

For the gaming companies, here’s a list of interesting facts that they should keep in mind to attract more and more numbers of players. 

Mobile-first strategy 

Get your online fantasy games on the small screens. You may think that developing the best gaming website will attract more users, however, you’re completely wrong. Gen Z youngsters are stuck to their mobile screens. So, building a mobile-based app will make you get more users. Deepest customer engagement can be ensured with a mobile-first strategy! If your game is easy to access on any mobile platform, then you’re into the competition! 

No legal hassles 

When you’re all set to play the online fantasy sport and have made up your mind of winning a pretty good amount of cash, then sudden interferences of the legal issues can be disheartening! So, to keep the users stuck to your app, try and minimize the legal hassles as much as possible. Keep it simple. Play, win, and get cash. 

Opportunity of wins 

Prizes, offers, bonuses, gifts – that’s the most attractive part of  fantasy sports! Prediction, quizzes, and surprise gifts – if your app doesn’t provide the same, then you can expect zero users. These factors will not only promote your app but will make your users happy. A happy customer is the one who comes back again and again. With the thought of getting gifts and cash prizes, you’ll get customers who will play repeated games. 

Make it real 

Why do you think people love playing fantasy games? Because not everyone can be a cricketer or footballer. Fantasy games allow them to live up to their dreams. But, if your app fails to make the experience like a real on-field game, then you’re a loser in the competition. The mantra of sustaining users and getting more – make them the boss of the game and give them the real feel of the pitch. 

Do you think that you know all strategies of  how to play fantasy sport? Then, you’re wrong. You might know the trick of the trade, but you don’t know the USPs that’ll keep your game on the top of the list. Hope these points help. The user-friendly app is the major requirement to get everyone on board. It’s a must-have for all gaming apps. 


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Top 5 Hard-Hitters Popular In Fantasy Cricket Platform

“And It’s a hugeeeee hit, the ball’s vanished into the air!” 

The best and the most awaited strike in every cricket match are the boundaries. And when it comes from the favorite hard-hitting batsman, surely the match must’ve made your day! However, with rapidly ranging cricketing rules, hitting sixes back to back has become difficult now! 

But for daily fantasy cricketlovers, getting at least one hard-hitter into the team calls for an easy winning strategy in the game. Striking a ball at a 120 meters distance is not an easy task with such heavy bats! 

However, world cricket has seen many wonderful back to back shots from some cricketers who have expertise in the same. If you want to win by playing fantasy cricket, then getting hold of these 7 modern-day boundary scorers should be your first and foremost goal! 

#1 Andre Russell 

Ruthless, hard, and smashing hits! That’s what you can say about this Caribbean hard-hitter. May it a swing or any other ball, Russell loves hitting the same as hard as he can. What’s the result? A magnificent boundary sending the ball out of the stadium boundaries. His powerful arm-swings and natural flexibility make him one of the most selected players in online fantasy cricket. 

Keeping this player in hand in the middle overs is a great benefit for the team to score up the runs! 

#2 Chris Gayle 

Running between the wickets – that’s not the way Gayle likes playing! Why take the pain of running when he can score sixes in every consecutive ball with an easy swish of his bat! It’s a treat to watch this man score boundaries without any difficulty and with a very minimum effort. 

He never hesitates to hit the ball straight out of the stadium making the crowds go gaga over the same! Amazing delivery makes this man one of the wanted players in fantasy cricket platforms. 

#3 Rohit Sharma 

Don’t be deceived by the looks of this calm and composed Indian hitter! With a brilliant stroke of the bat, this man can deliver boundaries in all formats of cricket flawlessly. Timing is the keyword for Sharma! He is one of the consistent hitters in this list who understands the pace of the ball and knows when to hit a six and when not to take the risk! 

Keeping this focused player in fantasy cricket leagues is an advantage for the users. You can trust this man to get you some bounty points in your scoreboard. 

#4 AB De Villiers 

360-degree batsman – that’s what they call Villiers. With an excellent strike rate of 135.17, he is currently one of the explosive players in the cricket fraternity. From the moment this man walks into the field, it’s enough the get the oppositions under pressure and make you hand on the edge of your seats. 

With unbeatable flexibility in scooping the ball out of the boundary lines, he sometimes confuses the bowler with his quick moves on the field. Straight strikes and flawless hits – with a few balls into the field, he becomes impenetrable for any bowler! 

#5 Hardik Pandya 

With a lean body and unmatchable flow of energy, this Indian cricketer after MS Dhoni has made a mark in the hearts of millions of  fantasy cricket fans with his consecutive sixes on the field. He is a tough-to-take batsman, especially for the spinners. As soon as he walks into the crease, he takes over! If you need good runs on your scoreboard, the, he’s the man to look out for. The moment the ball reaches his arc, boom! It’s into the air! 


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4 Amazing Ways in Which Fantasy Sports Benefits the Players

Rational thinking, an attentive mind, and numerical ability – these three are the most important qualities that should be present in every individual who is a fan of fantasy sports. You need to engage yourself in the mind game as luck will do no good in such cases. 

Whether you accept the fact or not, you need to be smart and quick in order to successfully play fantasy sports in India. Hence, whenever an individual’s mind is engaged in any kind of brain game, the cognitive effects of the same, make the person smarter, wiser, and more intelligent! 

So, stop playing mindless games and start playing fantasy sports! Win cash, give your grey cells a jerk, and enjoy an on-field experience. 

To know more, read on and check out the benefits that the fantasy sports players get. 

Quick decision-making skills 

To do the last-minute changes in the team of 11 depending on the on-field toss results requires quick decision-making skills! If you get nervous or confused, then you may lose out on some of the best players and thus miss your chance of winning. Be as fast as a lightning strike! Think fast, decide rationally. Information about all players and series should be on your fingertips. Only then, you’ll be able to make drastic decisions and build up an unbeatable team. As you keep on doing this, you won’t even recognize that your decision-making skills have sharpened as well! 

Great in mathematics 

Mathematics has always been a source of nightmare for many! How about developing your numerical skills while playing free fantasy cricket? Perfect use of permutation and combination calculations will surely make you win fortunes in case of any fantasy sport in India. Don’t be a fool and choose your team based on your predictions! Luck, fate, and predictions can’t make you win these games. 

Improves patience and concentration levels 

Repeated defeats, waiting for the toss, thinking hard before building up a team – if you’ve ever played a game of  fantasy games, you’re well-acquainted with these situations. So, what do you need then? Patience. Patience and Patience. Being anxious, tensed, and pumped up will only make you lose all your money! A cool and focused mind is the key to success in this case. When you check out the “how to play fantasy cricket?” options over the page, you’ll find the same being mentioned for your convenience. 

Social bonding 

When you start playing these online sports, you’ll find thousands of people just like you addicted to the game and fighting hard to get the money. While playing you’ll definitely develop a social bonding with your co-players. Now, that you’ve found similar types of people, look beyond the matches and connect with them on a personal level. The common passion for sports will land you all in a favorable situation. 

In a nutshell, playing fantasy sports makes the players more knowledgeable about sports compared to the normal fans! So, when you’ve so many benefits, why not play and become smarter than your companions. You can also win cash while you develop your intelligence level. 


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