Fantasy Cricket Facts – Top 4 Changes That Took Place in World Cricket in Past Era

There’s a popular proverb that nothing is permanent, everything is temporary. Keeping the same in mind from 1877 when the first test match was held to the current cricket formats, a lot has changed over the decade. Whether it’s the introduction of limited over formats, or engaging fans with fantasy cricket leagues – cricket has seen it all!  

Several non-playing countries have become champions, introduction of new balls, day night matches, changes in jersey color and implementation of an effective review method – cricket has been subjected to constant changes over the past years.  

Technology and internet have also impacted the way the game is being played. Instead of just being mere spectators of a match, millions of fans can now make their own team and play fantasy cricket. Isn’t that a drastic change?  

There’s more! The list, in reality is unending. However, here’s a few major ones that has relatively changed the face of World cricket. 

No runner rules 

What if a batsman hurts his leg during the match? How will he run between the wickets? Previously there was a system of appointing a runner who would run on behalf of the batsman. However, present cricket formats don’t allow the same. Now an injured player has to walk out of the match whether or not he likes it! This change of rule has been beneficial because players are now concentrating more on developing their physical fitness. To win at fantasy cricket game, choosing the physically fit players are very important!  

Led lights on stumps 

Colored balls, night lights, fancy jerseys – cricket has always been a gentleman’s game. Just when the world thought that all experiments are over, in 2012, LED stumps were introduced. There’s completely no disadvantage of the same. Rather the moment the ball touches the stumps and the bail is removed, the LED lights start flashing. Well, the lights made the run-out and stumping decisions easy for the third umpire.  

Introduction of numbered jerseys 

Although in ODI and T20 format the number and name written jerseys were a trend, however, the tests were deprived of the same. For people sitting in the gallery identifying your favorite batsman can be a painful job. This may not be a problem for the fantasy game players though. They’ll be watching the match on TV sets so sun and light won’t create a vision problem for this set of fans. Keeping the problem in mind, ICC has recently introduced numbered T-shirts! Now you can spot your favorite player by his jersey.  

Day-night tests 

With T20 winning over the hearts of millions of fans, Test matches were left grasping for breath. That’s when this new rule of day and night test matches were introduced by ICC. From the moment the day and night matches started the ratings for the audience viewership increased automatically. It was a smart strategy indeed. Especially the students and the working population found this decision to be in their favor. The number of fantasy cricket league players have also increased.  


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