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The Unholy Tale of “Holy Water”

Online fantasy football is the game where the users assemble an imaginary team of real life and play. The concept came with the planning of involving the ever-excited fans of soccer actively online in the sport. 

So, when the time, a fantasy football league is getting the most number of ardent football fan traffic? Yes, it is during the World Cup season.  World Cup is the most important event in soccer and believe it or not, this game is full of scandals. 

Perhaps you have forgotten this particular one, we are going to tell you or maybe with so many gossips and scandals surrounding the sport, this one has found a spot in your memory to hide cleverly. We will just shake up your memory with this Argentinean scandal from the time of Diego Maradona. Read on: 

This one is known as the “Holy Water” scandal! Is your memory going back to 1990? Those who don’t know or still cannot remember about it, we are here to make you remember. Let’s take the journey back to 1990. 

On a historic day June 24, 1990, Argentina eliminated Brazil from the World Cup, supposedly using a spiked water bottle. 

Although Argentinean team was the defending champions, they had to struggle throughout the group stage, finishing behind Cameroon and Romania. However, they advanced as the highest-ranked third-place finisher. Brazil, in the meantime, topped their group, winning all three matches. 

They met in the first knockout round at Turin’s Stadio Delle Alpi, where Brazilian defender Branco helped keeping the Argentinean greatest striker, Diego Maradona in check. However, during a break in the game, Branco drank from a water bottle handed to him by a member of the Argentinean staff. In a while, he complained that he was feeling drowsy and was not capable to keep up with Maradona, who finished a brilliant run with a pass to set up Claudio Caniggia for the winning goal. Argentina in due course advanced all the way to the final, where they lost to West Germany 1-0. 

Later on, Maradona claimed that the water bottle Branco had been given was dose with tranquilizers. Branco threatened to sue the Argentine Football Association; however they denied any knowledge of the event. Ever since dubbed the “holy water” scandal, it has added fuel to the already-intense rivalry between the two football passionate nations. 

Enjoy reading and playing fantasy football! 

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