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Top 4 Aspects of Fantasy Sports That Helps in Engaging Indians

What are Indians crazy about? The answer is simple. Sports, food, and entertainment. With internet penetrating in every Indian household, engaging in these three passions has become a cakewalk! Significant research conducted by Google-KPMG shows that, India, which currently among the top five mobile gaming countries, has the potential of becoming a $1.1billion industry by 2021 end. 

So, what does the gaming companies need to do? Cash on the opportunity! 

Not all fantasy gaming apps have the potential of engaging the user’s interest. Some fail, some remain stagnant in one position forever. However, the ones which have succeeded are making billions from the gaming platform. 

Online fantasy games especially cricket, football, kabaddi, and baseball are an inseparable part of Indians. Smartphones and the internet have improvised the cricketing passion from the local concept of gully cricket to online cricket games. 

For the gaming companies, here’s a list of interesting facts that they should keep in mind to attract more and more numbers of players. 

Mobile-first strategy 

Get your online fantasy games on the small screens. You may think that developing the best gaming website will attract more users, however, you’re completely wrong. Gen Z youngsters are stuck to their mobile screens. So, building a mobile-based app will make you get more users. Deepest customer engagement can be ensured with a mobile-first strategy! If your game is easy to access on any mobile platform, then you’re into the competition! 

No legal hassles 

When you’re all set to play the online fantasy sport and have made up your mind of winning a pretty good amount of cash, then sudden interferences of the legal issues can be disheartening! So, to keep the users stuck to your app, try and minimize the legal hassles as much as possible. Keep it simple. Play, win, and get cash. 

Opportunity of wins 

Prizes, offers, bonuses, gifts – that’s the most attractive part of  fantasy sports! Prediction, quizzes, and surprise gifts – if your app doesn’t provide the same, then you can expect zero users. These factors will not only promote your app but will make your users happy. A happy customer is the one who comes back again and again. With the thought of getting gifts and cash prizes, you’ll get customers who will play repeated games. 

Make it real 

Why do you think people love playing fantasy games? Because not everyone can be a cricketer or footballer. Fantasy games allow them to live up to their dreams. But, if your app fails to make the experience like a real on-field game, then you’re a loser in the competition. The mantra of sustaining users and getting more – make them the boss of the game and give them the real feel of the pitch. 

Do you think that you know all strategies of  how to play fantasy sport? Then, you’re wrong. You might know the trick of the trade, but you don’t know the USPs that’ll keep your game on the top of the list. Hope these points help. The user-friendly app is the major requirement to get everyone on board. It’s a must-have for all gaming apps. 

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