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Top 4 Football Commentators Enriching the Viewer’s Experience

Even before the televisions started showcasing football matches, people used to listen to the live commentaries of the matches over the radios. There’s no scope of denying the fact that any sport without commentary will seem a lifeless affair. But not all commentators have the ability of keeping the audiences glued to their seats. Even online fantasy football leagues will become boring if there’s no chirpy comments coming from the other end.  

A good commentator should know the nitty-gritties of the sport in order to be able to give a clear depiction of whatever is happening over the field. Having said that, here are a few names that needs to be mentioned whenever world football commentary is being considered!  

Their smooth version of the incidents has surely created an excitement within the audience.  

Brian Moore 

Covering around 9 FIFA world cups and twenty Championship finals, Moore was the man who brought the trend of English football commentary into the limelight. His smooth and flawless depiction of the on-field activities in football shows that the man knew every possible twist and turns of the game. For people who have heard him commentating, are well aware of the famous line “it’s up for grabs now!” With France’s victory in the 1998 world cup, he retired as a commentator. Fantasy football gamers of the present day have undoubtedly missed some magical moments that this man has created. Although he passed away in 2001, however he will live through his words forever.  

Peter Drury 

Popularly known for his poetic commentary style, Drury is currently the best football commentator alive! His expressive description of the on-field actions shows that he is highly knowledgeable about the technicalities of football. He is gifted with the ability of making a normal match enhancing. While playing fantasy football during Manchester Derbies, this voice will surely welcome you to the match.  

Martin Tyler 

Tyler is till date the most enthusiastic commentator that world football has seen. The iconic title winning goal of Sergio Aguero is incomplete without the exciting and screeching commentary from Tyler where he shouted “Aguerooooo” with full energy as if the man was playing on the field. Age is just a number and Tyler proved the same. Even at 74 he is a full-time commentator with no shakiness in his voice. Unarguably one of the oldest and the most energetic commentator that every fantasy football fan loves!  

Alan Smith 

Now coming to the professional ones, Smith is undoubtedly one in the list because he has played the game. This former Arsenal and Leicester City player has made a mark for himself in the commentary ground by commenting in the most technical manner. No exaggeration, no poetry, no theatrics – pure narration of the things that are happening on the field. Unlike others, in Smith’s commentary, you’ll here the dos and don’ts, pros and cons and negative and positive aspects of every move, every strike and every goal. Afterall a professional player can analyze the situations in a very significant manner.  

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