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Top 5 Brazilian Footballers Loved By All Fantasy Football Players

Whether it’s the catchy names or the enticing goals, whenever you hear the name Brazil, football is the first thing that comes to your mind. From Pele to Ronaldo to Kaka this country has produced an unbelievable number of football stars. Online fantasy football leagues get the highest number of players who select majorly the Brazilian players as a part of their dream team. Brazil having one of the biggest populations in the world is a perfect breeding ground for any sport. With street football being a popular concept in Brazil, this became a very important sport for the Brazilians. 

If you make a list of the best Brazilian players, then it would be very difficult to rank them according to their efficiencies. Perhaps more than any other countries, Brazil has the leading number of footballers who can be ranked high. Fantasy football players adore such talents in the team. 

Let’s get on with the list now. 


This man was the legendary captain of the 1982 world cup and his cool and composed brilliance on the field made him stand out among all the greatest Brazilian footballers. Winner of three Brazilian championships, he left football in 1989 way before the trend of playing fantasy football was even introduced. For people who’ve seen their gameplay, Socrates is undoubtedly a naturally gifted player.  


Unquestionably the most flamboyant showman that world football has ever seen, Ronaldinho holds a special place in the history of football and has a special talent that is unbeatable. Enormously dexterous and effective, Ronaldinho is among the players who made people believe that football is not a mere game, rather it can be played and enjoyed as well! Although he quitted playing football in 2018, however the memories of his gameplay remain fresh in the mind of the fans.  

3. Pele 

There are many in this generation who’ve not seen Pele playing football. Although counted in the same rank as Messi and Ronaldo, Pele till date remains a cult and fantasy football gamers aspire to reach the likes of this legend one day! At the age of 17, Pele became the world cup winner and became a sensation since then. The most prestigious title conferred on him is the title of national treasure by the Brazilian government to prevent his transfer to any other European club. So, you can well imagine how good a player he was!  

4. Ronaldo 

For many football means Ronaldo. With one of the highest fans following base, and eight-goal win in World cup 2002, Ronaldo is not only a player but also a god for his fans. Explosive, talented and extraordinary player who has to end his career because of an injury! 47 goals in 49 games – unquestionably a superhuman can do it! However, fate didn’t permit him to play after 1999 and hence he is thoroughly missed in the current trending online fantasy football games.   

5. Romario 

Born in the year 1966, gen-next knows Romario as a famous Brazilian politician. But he shot into fame with his extraordinary football skills and is till date counted as one of the best footballers of all time. He was a brilliant striker and penalty scorer. During the 1994 World cup, he scored 5 goals for Brazil and has always been a consistent performer. 55 goals and 70 caps, undoubtedly made him one of the best players of the time.