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Top 5 Football Derbies Loved By All Fantasy Football Players

Football is a game with a long history. And since the countless years there has been innumerable number of rivalries between different clubs and teams. Many clubs have come and gone in the process but the legacy of few continues forever. Playing fantasy football becomes more interesting because of these derby matches.  

For fantasy football lovers, these are more than matches. They are an emotion, pride of the clubs! The victory of the clubs not only brings job but also creates a prestigious moment for the teams. Here’s a list of famous derbies that every football lover waits for! 

Manchester United Vs Liverpool 

Popularly known as the North West Derby, this game shows the moves of the classical English football players. The arch rivals Manchester United and Liverpool fight for fame, prestige and cup. If you’re planning on making your own team for online fantasy football league, then this derby will definitely be at the top of your list! Deciding on which club is better can be a dice question. Till date MU has secured 20 league titles and Liverpool 19. Hence, you can understand the level of competition and tension that ranges among the players of both the teams. 

Arsenal vs Tottenham 

Soccer is undoubtedly one of the most favorite game of the English people. The North London Derby between these two teams prove the same. One of the violent rivalries of all time – this match is surely going to give an edge of the seat experience. Fast-paced players, stylish moves and passion – if you already love soccer, you’ll start loving it more! Among 177 matches till date, Arsenal has won 76 and Tottenham has won 54 matches. However, the challenge for online fantasy football players is to select the best ones from each team!  

Mohunbagan Vs East Bengal 

India is known for cricket. True, but Bengal is known for Football. If you’ve seen the rivalries of the western teams, then these two Bengal teams are not far behind. First played in the year 1925 even before the independence, these two clubs have played 308 matches till date. Out of the same 106 matches have been won by Mohun Bagan and 116 matches have been won by East Bengal. Although Bengalis are united is every aspect however these two clubs have emotionally divided the whole West Bengal. Players playing online fantasy football India look forward for a match between these two clubs!  

Bayern Munich Vs Borussia Dortmund 

Now moving to Germany, these two teams play the biggest derby in Germany. If you’re watching this match, then expect the audience and the players to be very serious! Unlike Bengal and London, German players as well as the audience don’t like to showcase their emotions and rather keep a somber game. This is one of the most watched game and you’ll definitely find some best football shots here. Out of the 99 matches Bayern Munich have won 43, Borussia Dortmund have won 27 and rest are draws.  

Real Madrid vs Altetico 

Another highly anticipated match of the season is the El Derbi Madrileno or the Madrid Derby. Although Real Madrid is leading with 104 wins, however Atletico is giving a tough competition to the team. Atletico has won around 48 matches till date. The time is not far behind for the Atletico fans though! However, unlike the other Derbies, this one has a lot of political interference from different group of people.

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