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Top 5 Hard-Hitters Popular In Fantasy Cricket Platform

“And It’s a hugeeeee hit, the ball’s vanished into the air!” 

The best and the most awaited strike in every cricket match are the boundaries. And when it comes from the favorite hard-hitting batsman, surely the match must’ve made your day! However, with rapidly ranging cricketing rules, hitting sixes back to back has become difficult now! 

But for daily fantasy cricketlovers, getting at least one hard-hitter into the team calls for an easy winning strategy in the game. Striking a ball at a 120 meters distance is not an easy task with such heavy bats! 

However, world cricket has seen many wonderful back to back shots from some cricketers who have expertise in the same. If you want to win by playing fantasy cricket, then getting hold of these 7 modern-day boundary scorers should be your first and foremost goal! 

#1 Andre Russell 

Ruthless, hard, and smashing hits! That’s what you can say about this Caribbean hard-hitter. May it a swing or any other ball, Russell loves hitting the same as hard as he can. What’s the result? A magnificent boundary sending the ball out of the stadium boundaries. His powerful arm-swings and natural flexibility make him one of the most selected players in online fantasy cricket. 

Keeping this player in hand in the middle overs is a great benefit for the team to score up the runs! 

#2 Chris Gayle 

Running between the wickets – that’s not the way Gayle likes playing! Why take the pain of running when he can score sixes in every consecutive ball with an easy swish of his bat! It’s a treat to watch this man score boundaries without any difficulty and with a very minimum effort. 

He never hesitates to hit the ball straight out of the stadium making the crowds go gaga over the same! Amazing delivery makes this man one of the wanted players in fantasy cricket platforms. 

#3 Rohit Sharma 

Don’t be deceived by the looks of this calm and composed Indian hitter! With a brilliant stroke of the bat, this man can deliver boundaries in all formats of cricket flawlessly. Timing is the keyword for Sharma! He is one of the consistent hitters in this list who understands the pace of the ball and knows when to hit a six and when not to take the risk! 

Keeping this focused player in fantasy cricket leagues is an advantage for the users. You can trust this man to get you some bounty points in your scoreboard. 

#4 AB De Villiers 

360-degree batsman – that’s what they call Villiers. With an excellent strike rate of 135.17, he is currently one of the explosive players in the cricket fraternity. From the moment this man walks into the field, it’s enough the get the oppositions under pressure and make you hand on the edge of your seats. 

With unbeatable flexibility in scooping the ball out of the boundary lines, he sometimes confuses the bowler with his quick moves on the field. Straight strikes and flawless hits – with a few balls into the field, he becomes impenetrable for any bowler! 

#5 Hardik Pandya 

With a lean body and unmatchable flow of energy, this Indian cricketer after MS Dhoni has made a mark in the hearts of millions of  fantasy cricket fans with his consecutive sixes on the field. He is a tough-to-take batsman, especially for the spinners. As soon as he walks into the crease, he takes over! If you need good runs on your scoreboard, the, he’s the man to look out for. The moment the ball reaches his arc, boom! It’s into the air! 

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