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Top 5 Talented Footballers Who Wore The Number 10 Shirt

Football currently has become a business for many. With introduction of the concept of fantasy football leagues, earning money for the games have become a considerable action. But for real fans, the game is all about entertainment. And players are the idols that they worship and look on to! Although football ahs a rich history of spectacular goals, embarrassing moments and different player history, however, there’s a bizarre fact that every ardent football player should know.  

Among such fun facts, the jersey number of the players play a major role. Whenever you’re playing for fantasy premier leagues, number 7 jersey will undoubtedly bring the name of Cristiano Ronaldo in your minds. Similarly, for number 8, the excellent strikers like Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard needs special mention. These would have been merely numbers, but the players have unquestionably made the numbers more prestigious.  

But in this blog, the focus is merely led on the five greatest footballers who have ruled the hearts of many for a decade and there’s one thing common among them. They all wore, jersey number 10. The amazing coincidence isn’t it? Check out for more. 

Diego Maradona 

A legend, the prince and the superhero of Argentina, Maradona was the most famous footballer wearing number 10 jersey who single-handedly helped Argentina to win the 1986 World Cup. Popularly known for the “Hand of God” goal, he is the best player ever that football fraternity has seen. Fantasy football game players have missed the real-life game of Maradona, however, every one is aware of the magic of this god of football.  


This Brazilian legend is one of the most inspirational footballers till date. With 3 FIFA victories to his name, Pele majorly played for the Brazilian club Santos for the most part of his career. Later he shifted to the NY Cosmos and ended his career with the same. Call it a coincidence, he was also a number 10 jersey holder and was a famous footballer of all time.  

Lionel Messi 

For any fantasy football player, Messi has been a known name among the crowd. Achievements, accolades and innumerable number of honors makes him the best of the lot! He is undoubtedly a legend of his time. Top scorers in all aspect, Messi is again the jersey 10 holder which can make you believe that this number is lucky for any football player who wears it.  


This Brazilian samba boy with immense talent is at number 4 on the list not because he has less talent, but because the others before him are legends in their own unique way. Ronaldinho, another number 10 jersey holder, made millions and billions fall in love with the game. Twice winner of the FIFA world player of the year, his talent is unprecedented. Barcelona won their first Champions league in 14 years only because of Ronaldinho.  

Zinedine Zidane 

Currently the manager of Madrid club, this person has played for Juventus and France national team and has scored around 117 goals throughout his career. Simply and unarguably the best mid fielder, it’s certainly an uncanny coincidence that Zidane is also the number 10 jersey holder. He is the best, there’s no doubt in that, and hence Real Madrid took him for a price of 77.5 million pounds in the year 2001 which was an unimaginable amount at that time.