Laugh Along with the Funny Incidents in Football

Football has whole lot of drama around itself. Just when you think that you have watched all and scored your fantasy football points at 11wickets App, another moment comes along that makes you shake your head in disbelief.

Many moments are there in this game which is funny and you have laughed your heart out. Whether it’s a ball boy scoring a goal or sheikhs taking the pitch, it’s safe to say football never gets old. Welcome ladies and gentlemen, to the bizarre and beautiful world of football, join to your fantasy football league and enjoy the funny moments of football matches.


In England, there was the case of angry Blackburn Rovers supporters who released a chicken on the football field. This was in protest of the owners Venkys who made the majority of their wealth in selling poultry.


A qualifying match between Serbia and Albania of EURO 2016 had to be stopped just before half time. In the 41st minute, something from the sky came down to greet both sets of players. It a drone which was carrying the Albanian flag on it. This sparked plenty of on pitch battles as both countries had a tense relationship.

Black cat

At some places, this animal is believed to be the source of bad luck. But in this fantasy premier league scenario has perfect comic timing. In the Eredivisie game 2013 which took place between Heracles and FC Groningen a black cat came in the field in the middle of the game. As the game was a dull scoreless affair, the timing of the cat was excellent. The man in the middle had no choice but to stop the game as both teams waited for the cat to depart.


One of the most hilarious halt to a game took place at White Hart Lane which is home to Tottenham Hotspur. This specific incident occurred during a UEFA Europa League match between Spurs and Partizan Belgrade. The game was suspended after less than 42 minutes when not one but three invading fans ran on to the pitch in separate incidents. All three individuals ran around the field before posing for selfies with three of the Tottenham players before being escorted off. The delay lasted a total of ten minutes with Ukrainian referee Yevgen Aranovsky having no option but to take everyone to the safety of the dressing room.

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Fantasy Cricket – Top 5 Cricket Stadiums of England

Since many decades the nation has been the host to iconic cricket matches for the entertainment of fantasy cricket lovers. The 12th edition of cricket world cup 2019 has recently been completed in England.

With the upcoming Ashes series, it is evident that the cricket stadiums in England will again brim with the excited audience shouting at the top of their voice. And not just the audience, the daily fantasy cricket fans of 11wickets App for Android/iOS will get the scope to earn well playing the online game.

Thus to ignite that sporting spirit inside online fantasy cricket lovers, here is a list of 5 best England stadiums. Just have a glance on:


An abode for the Warwickshire County Cricket Club, the Edgbaston stadium also called the County ground is the second largest cricket ground in United Kingdom after the Lord’s. One of the oldest stadiums in England, this place is known to be a common host of cricket matches for all formats. Dating back to the time of 1886, the first match of Warwickshire took place with MCC which was witnessed by around 3,000 spectators for two days. Since then this cricket ground has been an eye-witness of numerous iconic milestones. This classic cricket ground has seen adequate development with time, which includes the installation of extra seating and disrupted downpour among all the test-grounds in England which will let you enjoy your match without worrying about the untimely rainfall.

Capacity: 25,000 people

Fact about the stadium: Edgbaston was the host of the epic clash battle between Australia and England in the 2005 Ashes.

Ageas Bowl

Another legendary cricket ground of England, the Ageas Bowl was initially called the Rose Bowl. Located at the countryside of Southampton, this picturesque ground is the perfect place to relax and watch a match under the sun. Though the stadium is just a decade old, but despite that it shines in the listing of the best stadiums in England. Home to the Hampshire country club, this stadium outshined in the league after being the regular fixture on England’s white ball schedule. This newbie in the cricket arena is also known for its stylish circular pitch which is complemented by the classic pavilions and stands. So if you’re a cricket buff and looking for a relaxing day out, then this stadium settled at the outskirts will be your final resort.

Capacity: 15,000 (25,000 with temporary seating)

Fact about the stadium: A 171-bedroom Hilton hotel has just opened at the ground which also offers spa and restaurant, which gives the chance to stay close to the ground.


Located just close to the Headingley Rugby stadium, this iconic stadium has been the home for the Yorkshire County Cricket Club since the past 120 years. An epi-center for sports in Leeds, this ground has witnessed the loudest cheers and lifetime moments in the history of cricket. Though the stadium is proudly known for being a host of numerous iconic cricket matches, yet it’s not the prettiest places to watch a game. But to keep its enthusiastic visitors joyous, the club has unveiled its “Headingley Master Plan” which will involve a grand renovation project including the installation of permanent floodlight pylons and reconstruction of North-South stand which will increase the seating capacity to 20,000 and more in the coming 20 years.

Capacity: 17,500

Fact about the stadium: The stadium hosted its first concert in 2015, where Ska band Madness performed in front of 7,500 people


The list of best cricket stadiums in England cannot start without the mention of Lord’s in London. Commonly known as the home of cricket, this iconic ground has captured the first spot since many decades in the cricket league. The stadium is named after Lord Thomas who was the owner of the Marylebone Cricket Club and the European Cricket Council. This legendary cricket ground has witnessed more than 100 test matches in the past 201 years. The stadium is not just known for being the host of the iconic matches, but it’s architectural beauty will also leave you awestruck. From the magnificent Victorian pavilion to the Honours board and the Old Father Time weathervane, every corner of the stadium asks for a Instagram action.

Capacity: 28,000

Fact about the stadium: The stadium has a tradition of having a lunch at the Lord’s Tavern and enjoy a meal of their famous British beef burgers on the first Test match of summer.

The Oval

Another striker in the cricket league, this historic stadium is located at the south-east of England. An abode for the Surrey County Cricket Club, this stadium was the first place to host the International Test cricket in 1880. Apart from this, the ground is known for hosting the first representative football match between England and Scotland in 1870. The stadium is the birthplace of Ashes just after the game played by Australia in 1882 and won by seven runs in just a timespan of two days. It has seen immense developments which also includes the OCS stand in 2005.

Capacity: 23,500

Fact about the stadium: The Oval stadium was the first sports arena to have the original gas lamps in 1889.

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Fantasy Cricket – Forgotten History of Cricket in USA

We have given our heart to the cricket sport and daily fantasy cricket games. The new 11Wickets app proves our love for the cricket. This ancient sport, cricket shouts out loud its fascinating history from different corners of the planet. United States of America is one of them.

It is widely believed that England has popularized cricket as a sport and has taken over to other nations. It is normally believed that United States of America does not take active part in this sport or play fantasy cricket. However, United States of America has a cricket team which is an associate of ICC.

Since United States of America was also a colony of British Empire, Cricket was played by British colonists in North America by the start of the 18th century. It is often called the first arranged team sport and the 1st major team game in America.

Cricket in America

Cricket in America operates by the United States of America Cricket Association, whose performance is lessened by modest funds due to cricket’s insufficient popularity compared to other American sports. Cricket in America is not as popular as baseball and is the least popular in all commonwealth nations. A few reasons for this are –

Baseball is a bit very much like cricket as it is likewise played with bat and ball. However it is brief and from 20th century it has eclipsed cricket and its recognition is increasing. An additional reason was that in 1909 when the ICC was actually organized as the Imperial Cricket Conference it had been open only to Commonwealth nations and therefore ruled out the US from taking part in the sport at the greatest level.

The U.S. presented its international tournament debut at the 1979 World Cup qualifier in England.

Lately in April 2018, the ICC granted complete Twenty20 International (T20I) status to every one of its members. For that reason, all Twenty20 games played between the United States of America and another international side after 1 January 2019 would have been a full T20I.

Therefore, from January 2019, the last year, US cricket team are even arranging international T20 games and hope we can see it and play fantasy cricket at 11wickets App with its best performing players.

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Fantasy Cricket – 5 Batsmen with Most Sixes in Test Cricket

Cricket is one of the oldest sports in the world. The sport has come a long way from the barren grounds of England to the greenish pitches of South Africa and the noisy stadiums of Indian sub-continent, even the fans playing online cricket games.

With the development of different, limited and short formats of the game, the style of play and mindset of fantasy cricket players has also seen a significant change over the years in the longest format as well.

Aerial boundaries are more frequently seen now than before. And these boundaries help the daily fantasy cricket fans playing at 11wickets App using Android/iOS to score points.

Here’s a look at the top 5 batsmen with most sixes in Test Cricket history. Read on and play cricket online to win big!

Brendon McCullum (107)

He is one of the greatest Kiwi skippers, opener and arguably the fiercest hitter of all-time. Brendon McCullum, is the right-hander would step out facing the very first ball of a test match, going for a six above a fielder placed in the deep. Hitting 107 sixes in 176 innings for New Zealand, McCullum currently stands above the list of most sixes in Test Cricket history.

Adam Gilchrist (100)

The skilful Australian left-hander is known for his timely masterclass and jaw-dropping wicketkeeping. Adam Gilchrist was one of the most critical parts of the dominant Aussie squad in the 2000s. Famously known for his class ball-striking ability in all the three formats of the game, Adam Gilchrist had a strike rate of 81.96 in the longest format of the game. In 137 innings, he has hit 100 sixes and currently stands second in this list.

Chris Gayle (98)

The great Windies left-hander and hit machine for the team, Chris Gayle is the third batsman in this list. During his test cricket career from 2000 to 2014, he has participated in 182 innings and hit 98 sixes at an average of 42.18 . anding a muscular 6ft 2in tall, Gayle was never much interested in running between the wicket for runs. He found it easier to swing the ball overheads of the fielders and collect boundaries.

Jacques Kallis (97)

He is arguably the greatest allrounder of all time. The South African cricket superstar, Jacques Kallis is a treat to watch for his admirers from all over the world. He was indeed among the most consistent and complete player of cricket who literally could do everything in the game at the highest level. Not to mention his calm and class not only change with the format but also got enhanced with the kind of play required from him. Kallis has hit 97 sixes in 280 innings from 2001 to 2013.

Virender Sehwag (91)

Virender Sehwag is one of the most famous openers of the Indian Cricket team. With an excellent hand-eye coordination and bat swing, Sehwag made a career batting without moving his feet. His batting was based on the simple philosophy of watching the ball carefully and hitting it over the fielders.

Labelled as a white ball player due to his unorthodox technique and non-defensive mindset, Sehwag turned out to be a heck of a test opener. In his 12-year test career, he hit the ball over the ropes 91 times to stand at number 5 on this list.

*These records are updated as on January 29, 2020

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Fantasy Cricket – Top 10 Shots in Cricket Games

The game of cricket has evolved through all these years. The batsmen try out innovative ways to score runs quickly and set a huge score for the opponent team to chase. For the fantasy cricket fans runs are necessary to increase the points scoreboard.

The batsmen nowadays pull off great shots to the joy of daily fantasy cricket lovers. Even the advent of T20 cricket has seen batsmen pulling off extraordinary shots much to the wrath of the bowlers.

We bring you a list of shots which are played by batsmen on a regular basis and give an adrenaline rush to the spectators. Read on and install to play fantasy cricket online at 11wickets App:

Cover Drive:

The cover drive still is the bread and butter of batsmen. It is normally played to a half-volley on the 4th stump. A batsman just leans on it and tries to stroke it through the covers and hopes to cut the gap. In the modern era, loads of batsmen, particularly on true pitches, play this shot on the up i.e. to deliveries which are pitched further away from them.

Straight Drive

For a batsman, there is no better feeling than hitting the ball back to where it came from i.e. back past the bowler. As a spectator, the straight drive is one of the loveliest shots to witness and includes a lot of practice to nail it.

Upper Cut

This shot is played to a ball pitched short and wide. The batsman sits back and climbs into the delivery to send the ball over point or third man. While playing this shot, a batsman tries to extend both their hands to put a lot of power behind the shot.

Dilscoop/Ramp Shot

One of the toughest shots to execute, a batsman tries to manoeuver the field while using the pace of the ball to send the ball over the wicket-keeper’s head or to the right of him.

Switch Hit

The idea behind this shot is to open up the field and exploit gaps which most batsmen wouldn’t find unless they switch their stance. This particular stroke is mostly played against the spinners and is also often employed to smoother the turn-on rank turners.

Helicopter Shot

This is the trademark shot of India’s former skipper, MS Dhoni. This shot involves a lot of power which comes from the wrist.

Natmeg Shot

This is an unorthodox stroke, Natalie Sciver, the English cricketer discovered this shot during the Women’s World Cup 2017. She played this shot at toe-crushing Yorkers and found a way to sneak it between the legs off.

360 Shot

This is one of the toughest and dangerous shots to execute. AB de Villiers is famous for this shot. He manipulates the field and walks across the stumps to fast bowlers before going down on one knee to send the ball over fine leg for six.

Pull and Hook

Both these shots are horizontal played off the backfoot. Both these shots are played to send a statement across to the bowler who wants to intimidate the batsman by pitching the ball short and into the body.

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Fantasy Cricket – All-time Dream Fantasy Cricket Team

Of course, different people will have different opinions on this one as world cricket has a huge legacy/. However, we will all agree that the era of cricket between 1990 and 2010 has been glorious. Most of the players in this fantasy cricket dream team are from this era.

Glance at the list and consider. If you have to make such an online fantasy cricket team at 11wickets App, will you include the following players?

Test fantasy cricket dream team:

  1. Matthew Hayden – One of the world’s most consistent openers, scored runs all across the cricket globe.
  2. Virender Sehwag – The most ruthless & destructive player. Scoring a triple century with a six when you are on 295 speaks volumes of the mind-set this man has.
  3. Sachin Tendulkar – He is the God of Cricket. Delivers consistently when it’s the toughest & when it matters the most
  4. Rahul Dravid – True definition of a team player. Does whatever is best for the team. The wallwill always be a pick in Dream Test XI.
  5. Andrew Flintoff (VC) – A true aggressive, genuine sportsman who is passionate & he brings the game to the level, what no one else does.
  6. Brian Lara (C) – Both equally aggressive & consistent, a pretty rare combination for a player to have.
  7. Shane Warne – If you have watched cricket during mid-1990s to 2007 you would know he was considered the best. Everyone used to talk about contests like Warne vs. Tendulkar,Warne vs. Lara,Warne vs. Dravid .
  8. Adam Gilchrist (WK) – Impact player, brilliance & morality embedded with dominance & aggression.
  9. Glenn McGrath – A perfect bowler, consistent, reliable & aggressive.
  10. Wasim Akram – A genuine lethal pace bowlerplus he’s left arm fast bowler which is always an extra aid.
  11. Courtney Walsh – One of the most lethal fast bowlers of all time, he is nightmare for anybatsmen.

ODI fantasy cricket dream team:

  1. Sachin Tendulkar – This God of Cricket will be there in every dream XI for both ODI & Tests you pick. He is the biggest threat for the opposition.
  2. Virender Sehwag – Impact player. Takes the attack back to the opposition. Unsettles the bowler’s mind-set very quickly.
  3. Sir Vivian Richards – Rated as Best ODI Batsman of all time by Wisden. Brought a new dimension & redefined batsman-ship in International cricket.
  4. Virat Kohli – He is the master of chases. Consistency is on a different level with him altogether.
  5. MS Dhoni (Wk & C) – Great finisher as well as a fantastic wicket-keeper. There is a doubt if ODI cricket has seen a better captain than MSD.
  6. AB De Villiers (VC) – Changed the way in which players used to approach their batting in ODIs.
  7. Shane Warne – Greatest Spin bowler of all time
  8. Andrew Flintoff – His character and impact as a player on the cricket field is beyond explanation.
  9. Wasim Akram – Brilliant, world class fast bowler with lethal combination of swing and pace.
  10. Glenn Mcgrath – A bowling machine. No other fast bowler in world cricket can match his persistence & his consistency. Lands the deliveries on a perfect line & length consistently.
  11. Waqar Younis – He is the King of Reverse Swing.

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Fantasy Cricket – Colourful History of Pink Test Match

Pretty much every January, the Sydney Cricket Ground turns into an ocean of Pink for the fantasy cricket fans. It is due to the annual New Year Test supports a noble cause. The cause is in honour of former Australian pacer and New South Wales’ own Glenn McGrath’s late wife Jane McGrath.

And the money raised during the Test goes to Glenn McGrath Foundation. This is also a noble cause test match for the 11wickets App online fantasy cricket users. These users can contribute to this cause through their wins, if they wish to.

The McGrath Foundation is a breast cancer education and support charity in Australia. It usually raises money to put McGrath Breast Care Nurses in organizations across the nation. And this adds to the awareness about the illness not only to the fantasy cricket game fans but to world as well. As of this moment, reports are that about 120 Breast Care Nurses have been launched across Australia. It also has supported over 67000 families who may have experienced the ailment.

The start of the foundation:

The start of Glenn McGrath Foundation was out by the former Australian pacer, Glenn McGrath and his wife Jane in 2005 soon after her recovery from breast cancer. 36 months later, Jane died and the Pink Test turned out to be a reality from the next year.

The day 3 of the Sydney Test known as “Jane McGrath Day” and the money raised directly goes to the Glenn McGrath Foundation. The cricket fans at the Sydney Cricket Ground wears pink colour clothes to show their support. There are times when, the players themselves show their help and support to the cause by having a pink grip and pink stickers on their bats.

The stumps uprooted for the match also are pink in colour. Leading to this, the Ladies Stand at the historical Sydney Cricket Ground is also briefly renamed The Jane McGrath Stand for that day. Before the start of day three, the cricketers from both the sides present McGrath their Pink Test cap.

It is just a really good initiative from Glenn McGrath foundation and it is fantastic to see Australian Cricket and people encouraging this cause with open arms.

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Fantasy Football – Facts about Football Gears

The fantasy football ball is spherical (round) and made of leather. For big football matches, the ball must have a circumference of 27 to 28 inches and weigh between 14 and 16 ounces. However, there are other sizes that are used for competition.

In our today’s post, we will mention about the football gears or equipment for the fantasy premier league fans of 11Wickets App.

Read on the facts and play fantasy football games to win cash prizes.

Uniforms and Kit

The uniforms for soccer players consist of a jersey and shorts. Players on the same team wear the same colored uniforms generally with a number and name on the back of the jersey. The goalkeepers wear a uniquely colored jersey so they will stand out to referees during play.

Arsenal Football Jersey

When you take everything that soccer players wear together, it’s called the “kit”. The kit includes the jersey, shorts, socks, cleats and shoes, and shin guards. Goalkeepers often wear gloves as well.

Shin Guards

Shin guards, or shin pads, are required. They help protect the front of the leg, or shin, from getting injured and bruised. Shin guards must fit under the socks. Goalies and forwards generally have the lightest weight shin guards while midfielders and, especially, defensemen wear heavier, more sturdy shin guards.

Soccer shin guards

Try to get shin guards that are comfortable and don’t hinder your running too much, but at the same time offer good protection. Even if they seem really uncomfortable at first, you will get used to them after a while, and when you get kicked in the shin really hard, you will be glad you have them!

Other Equipment Rules

Players are responsible for wearing equipment that will not endanger themselves or other players. This includes wearing jewelry or sharp spikes on the shoes.

Fun Facts

  1. Adidas has supplied the World Cup ball since 1970. Each ball has a unique design and name. The 2010 World Cup ball was the Jabulani.
  2. Shin guards were invented in 1874 by Samuel Widdowson, a player for Nottingham Forest.
  3. Professional soccer jerseys often have the logo of team sponsors right on the jersey. This advertising makes lots of money for the team.

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Fantasy Cricket – Most Dangerous Fielders of Indian Cricket Team

Let us tell you a secret of cricket games. The matches are won not just by batting or bowling, but they are also won through fielding. Winning and scoring points at fantasy cricket games, which have become synonymous to the cricket these days, also depends on the performance of the fielders to some extent.

To score high points in the online fantasy cricket contests of 11wickets App, users have to keep a tab on the on-field performance of the fielders. Indian cricket team has seen some of the brilliant and talented fielders giving some spectacular performance on the field. Here is a list of few of them. Read on:

Robin Singh

This Trinidad born cricketer made his career debut for Indian cricket team in 1989 but he became the regular face of the team only after 1996. Robin Singh was a handy all-rounder for the team but he showed his best talent in the fielding. He was a brilliant chaser of balls and always athletic in the field. His terrific work rate is the reason why he is one of the best fielders of his era.

Suresh Raina

Suresh Raina is one of the best fielders of the Indian cricket team and in the world. Very agile on the field, Suresh Raina has taken some sensational catches for India throughout his career in addition to helping in a number of run-outs with his accurate throw. When he was a regular in the Indian team, Raina was the backbone of the Indian fielding unit and if he makes a comeback to the team, then his presence will definitely be an asset to India’s fielding at least.

Mohammed Kaif

This cricketer has not played for the Men in Blue for more than a decade now but one cannot deny that he was one of the finest fielders in the world during his days and perhaps the best fielder India had in ODI. Always agile on the field with the ability to take even the most difficult of diving catches, Mohammed Kaif along with Yuvraj Singh formed one of the world’s most deadly fielding duos. Besides his agility, Kaif had an extremely accurate throw and his throw more than often found the stumps.

Kaif has taken some marvellous catches for India but one catch which any Indian online cricket fan cannot forget is his brilliant diving catch to dismiss Shoaib Malik in the first ODI of India’s Tour of Pakistan in 2004.

Yuvraj Singh

If there is talk about fielding then you cannot forget Yuvraj Singh. Singh is one of the finest all-rounders India has seen. He has saved some crucial runs for India and has also taken sensational catches throughout his cricket playing career. Besides taking catches, Yuvraj Singh also has a very accurate throw and has caused numerous run-outs throughout his career.

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Fantasy Cricket – Top 5 Longest Playing Current Cricketers

In online fantasy cricket, it is not always bat and ball. There are a lot of things that go hand in hand with this sport. One of the major one is fitness! It is not about having the best physique; a cricketer needs more stamina to survive during the fantasy cricket leagues to offer decent winning points for the 11wickets App users.

The Windies run maker, Chris Gayle once said that T20 cricket is the most difficult format in daily fantasy cricket. This is because of the intensity of the game. Tests are strenuous because of their long 5-day format. And even though ODIs were meant to be a way to reduce the strain of Test cricket, they still require a lot of patience particularly from players who have crossed the age of 35.

Here are five current players who have been playing cricket and entertaining the fantasy cricket fans for the longest time.

Chris Gayle – West Indies

Christopher Henry Gayle or who we know as Chris Gayle has been the star of West Indies team. He is the barbarous hitter and king of records for the team. He began his international cricket career on 11 September 1999 and has played 297 matches so far. With 10386 runs in his sleeves, the 39 years cricketer has the current all-time average of 38.04. Along with terrific batting skills he has taken 166 wickets at an average of 35.53. His highest score in ODI is 215 against Zimbabwe.

Shoaib Malik – Pakistan

The 37 years old Pakistani cricketer, Shoaib Malik has been named as the unsuccessful jack of all trades. He began his international cricket career on 14 October 1999 and has played 287 matches so far. Making 7534 runs, Malik has the average of 34.56. He has taken 158 wickets at an average of 39.19. His highest score in ODI is 143 against India.

Marlon Samuels – West Indies

The 38 years old Jamaican top order batsman, Marlon Samuels began his international cricket career on 4 October 2000. He has played 207 matches so far and made 5606 runs with an average 32.98. Samuels also has taken    89 wickets at an average of 46.37. His highest score of 133* came against Zimbabwe during the last World Cup 2015.

Hamilton Masakadza – Zimbabwe

The 35 years old Zimbabwean current skipper, Hamilton Masakadza started his ODI career on 23 September 2001. He has played 207 matches so far and made 5631 runs with an average 27.88. Masakadza also has taken 39 wickets at an average of 41.59. His highest score of 178* came against Kenya on 18 October 2009.

Mashrafe Mortaza – Bangladesh

The 35 years old Bangladeshi bowler, Mashrafe Mortaza is the current skipper for the team. Popularly known as “Narail Express”, Mortaza is the first real fast bowler of the team. He started his career on 23 November 2001 and has played 216 matches till now. He has taken 266 wickets at an average of 32.76 and economy rate of 4.86. Mortaza has also scored 1771 runs with an average of 13.84. His best innings bowling of 6/26 has come against Kenya on 15 August 2006.

*Records have been compiled as on January 17, 2020

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