Fantasy Football Facts: 5 Popular Footballers and Their Highest Number of Goals

Football seems an easy game to many. Wondering why? Because the only rule of football is to score more goals than the competitor team. Undeniably it’s a team game, however, 11 playings in the team doesn’t get the fame. Rather, the strikers steal all the glory! For the whole 90 minutes, the attention of the audience is garnered towards one single aspect! Goals, Goals and Goals!  

Fantasy football players are quite aware of the best strikers from each country. Like cricket this also involves pure emotion. With goals raining here and there, here’s a list of footballers who have secured the highest number of goals in their career till date.  

Cristiano Ronaldo – 742 

Amongst the current footballers, Ronaldo is in a leading position. His unquenching thirst for scoring more and more goals has taken him to this position. 742 till date is unquestionably a marvelous performance by this footballer. Captain of the Portugal National Team, Ronaldo is invincible. Not only goals, but he has bagged 30 trophies till date. Although Pele and Bican have score a greater number of goals in their career, however, Ronaldo still has time to break this record. He is always the top choice for any online fantasy football league.  

Lionel Messi – 706 

Number 10 of the Barcelona team is a one-man army in himself! Although he was born in Argentina, however he relocated to Spain only with the motive of joining Barcelona team. With 706 goals in his bucket, he was named the World’s highest-paid athlete in 2014 by the Forbes Magazine. Although there’s Cesar Rodriguez keeping up pace with Messi with around 403 goals, however, Messi is a powerhousePlay online fantasy football without Messi is unimaginable!  

Zlatan Ibrahimovic – 560 

One of the best strikers of club Milan, not only 550 goals but this man has 31 trophies to his name. This versatile player has played for more than 9 clubs and has excelled as a performer in every match. Needless to say, that this man is still strong at the age of 39 and is capable of adding a few more goals to his career.  

Luis Suarez – 482 

Currently playing for Atletico Madrid, this Uruguayan player is regarded as one of the greatest strikers of all time. It’s a real treat to watch the flawless goals made by this footballer. From the age of 19, till date he has been scoring goals back-to-back and is focused on getting some more before retirement.  

Sebastian Abreu – 430  

At the age of 44, Abreu is like a fine wine! Adding and adding more and more goals to his name, for this man age is just a number. He has played for around 25 clubs across 11 different countries. He has also represented his country in 2 World cups. For the lucky ones who’ve seen him play, moves and goals are an effortless gesture from his end. Fantasy premier leagues are incomplete without the inclusion of such players in the team.  

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Top 5 Longest-Serving Managers in Football Leagues

One win or one loss – football clubs change their managers immediately. For people who are watching football now, this is a common and not at all surprising scenario. However, previously club presidents were not so impatient and had full faith on the ones who served the teams as managers. Just a string of bad results was not enough to decide the fate of the managers. While playing fantasy football games, checking out the background of the team managers is as important as checking the players before selecting them.   

Now, check out the rich history of the football leagues. To your astonishment, you’ll find managers who have served clubs since the time of their inception. Ranging from 2018 to 1877 days, you’ll be amazed at the long number of days and years through which these managers have been attached with their respective clubs. Online fantasy football players should be knowing these names definitely! Good for enhancing the knowledge of all football fanatics.  

Arsene Wenger 

Till date, Wenger has been the longest staying manager of any club playing league matches. after successfully completing 22 years in Arsenal as a manager, this Frenchman retires in May 2018. During this long tenure, he had immensely contributed to the wins of the club. 3 premier league titles and 7 FA cups are all destined to his name. Currently, he has been replaced by Unai Emery. Although hoping to see some more cups in the name of Arsenal, however, Wenger will always reign high in the hearts of the millions of people.  

Alex Ferguson 

If you don’t know the name of Ferguson, the definitely you’re not an ardent fantasy football lover. For years now, he has been serving as the manager of the Manchester United club. From 1992 to 2013, he has led the team to immense success. Apart from that he has led the team to multiple domestic cups before he retired in 2013. Serving for around 7582 days to be precise, made Liverpool the most successful team in the league.  

David Moyes 

This Scottish professional footballer is currently the manager of West Ham United club. Since 1998 till 2019 he is still serving as a manager of different teams. Its true that he has a long career as a football manager, however, his career graph is not very convincing like his competitors. Starting his career as a manager with Preston North End, he finally landed up with the West Ham United. 4082 days and continuing till date, it is expected that the club will see more good days in the coming time.  

Harry Redknapp 

Before Moyes, this man-made sure that the club West Ham is included into the premier league. Thanks to Harry from 1992/93 West Ham became a part of the leagues and also a popular team to participate in the fantasy premier league. From the moment he took charge of the team, he made sure that the team stayed in the league for the next 7 years. Finally, he left the team in 2001 after a long duration of serving for around 2454 days. 

Rafael Benitez 

Although this Spanish footballer has managed many teams, however, while serving as a manager of Liverpool, he has projected a long-term career. Starting from 2004 to 2010, he has served Liverpool for around 2119 days. In 2019, he was appointed as the manager of the Chinese Super League club Dalian professional and is continuing his career as a successful manager.  

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Top 5 Countries with Highest Number of Ballon d’Or Wins Till Date

Ballon d’Or – for those who doesn’t have the idea about football, this is one of the most prestigious awards for the footballers. Since 1956 this award is being given to the best footballer and French New Magazine are the presenters of this prestigious award. Later the award was temporarily merged with the FIFA named as the FIFA World Player of the Year or FIFA Ballon d’Or. 

Fantasy football players are well aware of the fact that till date Lionel Messi is the one with the highest number of Ballon awards to his name.  Before 1995, it was given only to the European footballers and was known as European Footballer of the Year award. However, later things changed. Now any great player is eligible for the trophy.  

Online fantasy football players are a fan of this trophy. Everyone knows who has won the highest number, but do you know the countries with the highest number of wins? Although Germany is till date the leading country with 5 players winning the award, however, Brazil and Argentina are not far behind. Hard luck that the award was not present at the time of Maradona and Pele. They would have definitely made it to the top then! Check out the blog to know more: 

Germany/ Netherlands/Portugal 

With 7 wins till 2020, these three countries are leading the list. Karl-Heinz Rummenigge won 2 and Franz Beckenbauer won 2, rest are won by many other players. Franz Beckenbauer in the year 1972 raised the cup and from then different players of Germany kept on winning the title. Mattias Sammer is by far the last German player to be won the award in the year 1996. Online fantasy football leagues have gained more popularity because the inclusion of such awards under the name of the players. 

Similarly, from Portugal Cristiano Ronaldo alone managed to win 5 awards in the years (2008, 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017). The similar miracle in Netherlands was done by Marco van Basten (1988, 1989, 1992). 

France/ Argentina 

Since this trophy was not present during the times of Maradona, hence Argentina is still stuck in the 2nd position with 6 wins. Michel Platini won 3 times and the rest thrice were contributed by Raymond Kopa, Jean-Pierre Papin and Zinedine Zidane. Competing up with France at the same level is Argentina with a sole player doing miracle for the country. Once Maradona with his godly skills had alone taken the responsibility of getting Argentina a world cup in football. And in the present days Messi has secured 6 Ballon d’Or single handedly! Undoubtedly the most favorite footballer and the most popular one in any online fantasy football game.  


With 5 trophies to the name, England is not very far behind in the run. Although popular for cricket, England also has very talent players whose extra ordinary swings have made the country’s players win Ballon d’Or 5 times till date. The winners of this country are Stanley Matthews (1956), Bobby Charlton (1966), Kevin Keegan (1978, 1979), Michael Owen (2001).  

Italy/ Brazil 

Italy should have been in the same ranking as England with 5 wins in their buckets, however this country has secured the 2nd place 9 times and hence is just a little below in the line. Unlike England all the 5 wins have been secured by 5 different people in the team. The winners here are Omar Sivori (1961), Gianni Rivera (1969), Paolo Rossi (1982), Roberto Baggio (1993), Fabio Cannavaro (2006). With Fabio Cannavaro securing the trophy in 2006, Italy is undoubtedly a fresh country on the list.  

Competing in the same position is Brazil with 5 wins. Ronaldo (1997, 2002), Rivaldo (1999), Ronaldinho (2005), Kaka (2007) – some of the popular names who have taken the fantasy premier leagues by storm presently. The first time Brazilian player won the trophy was in 1997 by Ronaldo. Alas, Brazil had to wait for long. Things would have been different if Pele was still active during this time!  


Only 3 wins till date has put Spain at the very end of the list. Alfredo Di Stefano (1957,1959), Luis Suarez (1960) these are the only wins that the country has been able to capture. Unluckily since 1960 till date there’s no potential player to get through the barriers and bring the trophy to the country.  

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Fantasy Football Fact: Top 5 Footballers Unrecognizable by Their Birth Names

Footballers are a sensation to the world. Starting from their moves, to their styles, every action of the favorite players is followed by the fans. Players engaging in fantasy football loves digging into the details of their preferred football players. For all football lovers, there’s a fun fact. There are many football players who don’t use their real names on field!  

You can call it superstition, or attempt to be popular, using such long birth names wouldn’t have helped the fans keep the names in their minds. Then again there are many footballers, whose names are so big that they don’t fit into the jerseys. You’ll be amazed at to find some popular names on this list. 

For years now, you’re acquainted with the shortened names of these footballers, however it’ll be fun to know their real birth names as well. Next time before you indulge in a game of online fantasy football league, knowing these names will definitely give you an edge over the competitors. 


Originally born in Argentina, this 33-year-old incredible football player is currently playing for the Barcelona club and also for the Argentina National Team. Although the whole world lovingly calls him Messi, however his birth name is Lionel Andres Messi. Too long to fit into the jersey! Hence, Messi shortened his name and since then the name remained engraved into the hearts of millions of football fans.  


This attacking midfielder and one of the best players of his time, Kaka was born in Brazil. Have you ever wondered why was he called “kaka”? This handsome and charming player with winnings like FIFA world cup and UEFA Champions League to his name, originally has a very lengthy name! Obviously, his parent was unaware of his future and hence names him Ricardo Izecson dois Santos Leite. If he would have continued with this name, playing fantasy football with such long named player would have been difficult.  


Widely regarded as the greatest football player of all time, Pele is a name which every football or non-football freak is aware of! However, a very few people know his real name. This retired Brazilian footballer is originally known as Edson Arantes do Nascimento. How weird would it sound to take such a long name during the commentaries? Undoubtedly a poor recognizable feature!  


This former Brazilian footballer and currently the brand ambassador of the Barcelona team has mostly played in the attacking midfielder position. Whenever, he walked into the field, people cheered up with his name “Ronaldinho”. However, a very few are aware of his birth name which he rarely uses. Originally known as Ronaldo de Assis Moreira, he changed is name to Ronaldinho Gaucho from the time he chose football as his career. Fantasy football games would have been uninteresting without the presence of such big names!  


Toping the list as one of the most handsome, rich and greatest football players, this Portuguese professional is popularly known as Cristiano Ronaldo. He was born in Madeira, Portugal and started his career by playing for the home club before signing for Manchester United. Although fantasy football players might be recognizing him the name of Ronaldo only however it’s interesting to know that his original name is Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro.  

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Top 5 Football Derbies Loved By All Fantasy Football Players

Football is a game with a long history. And since the countless years there has been innumerable number of rivalries between different clubs and teams. Many clubs have come and gone in the process but the legacy of few continues forever. Playing fantasy football becomes more interesting because of these derby matches.  

For fantasy football lovers, these are more than matches. They are an emotion, pride of the clubs! The victory of the clubs not only brings job but also creates a prestigious moment for the teams. Here’s a list of famous derbies that every football lover waits for! 

Manchester United Vs Liverpool 

Popularly known as the North West Derby, this game shows the moves of the classical English football players. The arch rivals Manchester United and Liverpool fight for fame, prestige and cup. If you’re planning on making your own team for online fantasy football league, then this derby will definitely be at the top of your list! Deciding on which club is better can be a dice question. Till date MU has secured 20 league titles and Liverpool 19. Hence, you can understand the level of competition and tension that ranges among the players of both the teams. 

Arsenal vs Tottenham 

Soccer is undoubtedly one of the most favorite game of the English people. The North London Derby between these two teams prove the same. One of the violent rivalries of all time – this match is surely going to give an edge of the seat experience. Fast-paced players, stylish moves and passion – if you already love soccer, you’ll start loving it more! Among 177 matches till date, Arsenal has won 76 and Tottenham has won 54 matches. However, the challenge for online fantasy football players is to select the best ones from each team!  

Mohunbagan Vs East Bengal 

India is known for cricket. True, but Bengal is known for Football. If you’ve seen the rivalries of the western teams, then these two Bengal teams are not far behind. First played in the year 1925 even before the independence, these two clubs have played 308 matches till date. Out of the same 106 matches have been won by Mohun Bagan and 116 matches have been won by East Bengal. Although Bengalis are united is every aspect however these two clubs have emotionally divided the whole West Bengal. Players playing online fantasy football India look forward for a match between these two clubs!  

Bayern Munich Vs Borussia Dortmund 

Now moving to Germany, these two teams play the biggest derby in Germany. If you’re watching this match, then expect the audience and the players to be very serious! Unlike Bengal and London, German players as well as the audience don’t like to showcase their emotions and rather keep a somber game. This is one of the most watched game and you’ll definitely find some best football shots here. Out of the 99 matches Bayern Munich have won 43, Borussia Dortmund have won 27 and rest are draws.  

Real Madrid vs Altetico 

Another highly anticipated match of the season is the El Derbi Madrileno or the Madrid Derby. Although Real Madrid is leading with 104 wins, however Atletico is giving a tough competition to the team. Atletico has won around 48 matches till date. The time is not far behind for the Atletico fans though! However, unlike the other Derbies, this one has a lot of political interference from different group of people.

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5 Professional Tips for Keeper Selection in Fantasy Football Leagues

When the draft time is near, what is the major thought that strikes in the mind of  fantasy football  players? The major problem that arises is whom to keep and whom to discard? Some fantasy league players are notorious over-thinkers and keep on researching to select the best players for the game. 

But when it comes to selecting the goalkeeper, smart, strategic, and calm-minded decisions need to be taken. You can do with a faulty player but a faulty keeper will definitely make you lose the game. What’s the role of a keeper in a football game? A very crucial role. Intercept the shots of the opposing team and block the same on time to get points for the team. 

Since now you know how important a keeper is, it’s better to check out these points that precisely highlights a few tips for professional online  football league selection. 

Tip 1: Don’t be obsessed with selection 

Before the start of any fantasy premier leagues, every player frets over one thing – the selection of the right players for the game. Is it good to select off-season goalkeeper or an on-season goalkeeper is a better option? Overthinking and changing the selection of the goalkeeper frequently can endanger your winning chances. Maybe the moment you discard a good goalkeeper out of hesitation, the opponent player picks up the same and gets the benefit of advantage! 

Tip 2: Check and research on the background 

Who is a better performing goalkeeper? How well did they perform in the previous matches? No goo decision is possible without complete and extensive research. You can for a change also follow the write-ups of your favourite analysts to check out the details they have mentioned about the goalkeeper you’re planning to select. Start digging into the background of the goalkeeper before you make the final decision. Nothing can beat good research! 

Tip 3: Select the physically fit person 

Quick, sturdy, well-built, and physically fit – these are a few criteria that you need to check in your goalkeeper before you make the decision of selecting the same. before the drafting session, while you’re checking the background of the goalkeepers, do [positively check the strong lunching ability, fast reflexes, and good jumping ability of the keeper. If statistically not possible, then check out a few matches to see these facts. Winning in fantasy sports depends largely on the ability of the goalkeeper to save the goals effectively. 

Tip 4: Study the scoring criteria 

To make the best choices of players, it’s essential that you study the scoring pattern of the online football game. Every strategy of your game will depend on the scoring strategy of the game. Even the choice of goalkeeper will depend on the type of game that is going to be selected. So, keep a close study of the same before you proceed with the selection part. 

 Tip 5: History of penalty shots 

How many penalty shots did your selected goalkeeper save in the last match? That’s a very important deciding point. Penalties are an integral part of every game and can change the face of any  fantasy football game. If your selected keeper is very much able to save penalty shots in every match, then he is the right man for you. Allowing one or two goals into the post is admissible, but a penalty shot is very very important. And you man needs to be able to save the same! 


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Fantasy Football – Basic Tips to Play Online for Beginners

Fantasy football is a game that has developed to become nearly as large as the on-field football game itself. Incomplete information about this game can make the entire procedure scarier for those people who are in the beginning stage. If you are a beginner for fantasy football, then don’t get worried about how many touchdowns other team players score even if you couldn’t even score a single because this will be iniquity. 

Let us see some fantasy football tips that can help beginners in many ways and play at 11Wickets Android and iOS App: 

Play with your brain  

If you wish to win at fantasy premier league, then don’t carry your heart with you. Don’t get scared by hearing this word because it doesn’t mean that medically you should leave your heart but emotionally it should not be with you. So that you can have willingness to go with the best performers, even if those players are not your beloved players or they are not on the list of your favorite teams. 

Be a wise fan 

It’s understandable that it may be tough for those people who are a loyal fan and mainly when it means to select players from opponent teams or divisional rivals. In the game of fantasy football games, a number of people even choose players from their preferred teams since it offers them an additional encouragement to support for that team members or squad. 

Follow the statistics 

Even if, some of those players possibly will not be the most statistically fruitful but fans can enjoy by having their beloved player. It means that the fantasy players can get pleasure from sourcing for their most wanted participants; however, they may not be successful in their league. As change can take place any time in anything so one should always keep in mind that football is also just a game that can change significantly. There are various reasons due to which change can happen and some of them are because of players get an injury, the decline in participant’s productivity, best player departing and many more. Most of the situation may be particularly right for running backs players, as they are the one who can take such a hammering all through the sports season. 

However, people should remember that fantasy football league is all about doing an excellent investigation. They also have to keep in mind that it is just a game; hence they must not end their life or get sensitively involved throughout the season. 

Thanks for reading! Play fantasy sports and enjoy! 


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Fantasy Cricket vs Fantasy Football Popularity

Cricket is widely popular around the world and with people participating in the online fantasy cricket games, its popularity has boosted up. However, is cricket as popular as football?  

If we go by the statistics football has more audience than cricket, football has more foreign visitors than cricket. Ticket price for the Football World Cup is higher than the Cricket World Cup. Revenue generated at football is more than cricket, television audience is more and the geographical spread is wider. 

With all the statistics, fantasy football is surely weighing more than cricket. Yet, we Indians and millions and millions of cricket fans from around the world cannot live without cricket. We can find many homes where cricket and football are equally loved and is popular amongst the members. They even play both fantasy cricket and fantasy football league at 11wickets App with equal enthusiasm. 

Let’s find out some reasons for football’s more popular than cricket. Read on: 

England is the birthplace of cricket and hence cricket is only played by a few countries, most of them which were colonized by the British. The British play a major role in introducing cricket to the world. Football on the other hand, has many nations participating and plus leagues such as Spanish Fantasy Premier League make it even more popular and the fan following is rising day by day. Also, the superpower countries like USA don`t play cricket and have their own replacement sport called Baseball. 

Cricket is supposed to be a gentleman`s game 

Earlier, it was only a game of “rich” people due to the over expensive kit required. The game was of great discipline and focus. Football on the other hand, well, all you have to do is kick the ball. You could also injure a person resulting in a foul. In cricket, if at all you injure a person by mistake (which is rare) the usual scenario is the two players will apologize and continue the game. 

Cricket follows great discipline 

You won`t usually see cricketers stripping of their shirts and running in excitement, except for the West Indians who have made it a recent fashion in their country, that too only if they win a tournament. Yes, celebrations do happen in cricket as well. Especially, after the team takes a wicket. But the celebrations are more decent giving it a “gentleman`s” feel where they just hug each other in excitement. Those dances and interaction with the crowd are not common, they celebrate among themselves. Whereas footballers love to interact with the crowd and give kisses in the air. They also dance and stuff and most of them have their own way of celebrations. To be precise, celebrations in online fantasy cricket are more disciplined and they celebrate among themselves without interacting with the crowd. 


A test match lasts for 5 days, which includes a lunch break, tea break, etc. ODI matches for around 7 hours, whereas T20 matches for more than 3 hours, we suppose. People don`t have this much time, especially when the matches take place on weekdays. They have their jobs, plus they want to spend time with family at the weekend. Hence, they go with the football, where a match is done within 90 minutes and some extended few minutes. 

Football is more unpredictable than cricket. Not saying that cricket is predictable, not at all. But you never know at what moment a goal might show up and the scores will be even. Cricket on the other hand; you do have a bit of an idea as the game progresses. 

Thanks for reading! Play fantasy sports and enjoy! 


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Fantasy Football – Known Footballer who are Less Remembered

Fading away with time is not a good thing especially if you are good at something namely fantasy football games. But given the circumstances in life, under many such situations, it is seen that people are unable to reach their potential even when they intended to. 

It is seen in various professions where people show massive potential from the beginning but with time they lose to obscurity. Fantasy premier league industry also experiences some similar situations like these and you will be surprised to know how many players did not reach their potential or faded away in the long run.  

Read them on and play fantasy football league games at 11Wickets App for Android/iOS to win exciting prizes. 

Ryan Babel 

Ryan Babel, the famous Dutch player was always eyed for his impressive performances on the ground. After winning two Dutch titles, Ryan was moved to Liverpool at 11.5 m and even appeared at the Euro Championship in the U-21 side. Despite of having massive abilities the striker was unable to produce any consistency and productivity at the English club. Liverpool lost his patience with him and he was moved to 1899 Hoffenheim. 

Philippe Christanval 

Philippe Christanval’s journey was quite heart wrenching as he started out quite big but ended up with nothing. He became the Ligue 1 young player of the year followed by his signing in the Barcelona FC. But he retired too soon and stayed without a club all at the age of 29. The centre back earned six caps for France but was never too good with Barcelona. He quit from the game at 2009 and was unable to secure any more contracts. 

Harry Kewell 

Harry Kewell could have gone a long way in the game had his injuries not come in the way. The Australian impressed everyone around him and was signed by Liverpool in 2003. He had many achievements and got awarded for the PFA young player of the Year and reached the semifinals of both UEFA Cup and Champions League. But injuries took a toll in his career and he spent five years trying to recover. Though he is playing in the Australian A league but was unable to show his potential like he did in Leeds. 


Kleberson was taken by Manchester United after winning the World Cup. However United did not get what they sought beforehand. He got injured after the second game of the club and somehow managed 20 appearances before the stage shut for him. 

El Hadji Diouf 

El Hadji Diouf was expected to show his potential in English football but however, everyone was disappointed with him. He was named in the World cup team. He gave 69 appearances for the Reds and scored only 3 goals before he was sold to Bolton. He is even there in the Champions club Leeds United. 

Candido Costa 

Candido Costa was named by some as “the next Luis Figo” and was signed for FC Porto. But as time passed, he did not justify his name and neither was he able to manage his position in the club for long. The only thing that remained common between him and the Real Madrid star is the Portuguese link. 

Thanks for reading! Play fantasy sports and enjoy! 


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Fantasy Football – 4 Interesting Football Facts to Know

It is generally accepted by the fantasy football fans that the first officially organized league competition in the world was the (English) Football League formed in 1888. Then, it consisted of 12 clubs all of whom were based in the North and the Midlands of England. The very first winners of the Football League Championship were Preston North End. 

England today has a total of 4 professional fantasy football leagues, with teams moving up or down through the leagues depending on their points tally at the end of each season. 

Read on the 4 facts and play fantasy premier league at the new 11Wickets Android/iOS App. 

The First Football Association Cup (FA Cup) 

The first FA Cup final was played in England in 1872 between Royal Engineers and Wanderers in front of 2,000 spectators. Wanderers ran out 1-0 winners partly because Royal Engineers — who were the favorites — lost a player through injury, early in the match, and had to play on with only 10 men since substitutes were not allowed then. The “Challenge Cup”, as it was known originally, was the brainchild of Mr. C. W. Alcock of Sunderland who proposed only the year before that “A challenge cup should be established in connection with the Association”; the “Association” being the Football Association, hence the FA Cup. 

The Oldest Football Club in the World 

There have always been many arguments over the oldest football club in the world. Here are some facts to consider though… 

The oldest, continuously documented, “football” club in the world is Dublin University Football Club, in the Republic of Ireland, which was founded in 1854. However, the club now plays Rugby Union, not Association Football. For this reason, it is not officially recognized as the oldest football club in the world. 

Sheffield Football Club — Sheffield FC — founded in England in 1857, is recognized by both the English FA and FIFA as being the oldest, continuously documented football club in the world still playing Association Football. They play in the Northern Premier League Division 1 South in England. So, they are generally now recognized as being the oldest football club in the world. 

But there is documentation of a “football club” in Edinburgh, Scotland between 1824 and 1841. Several documents still exist today which refer to the “Foot-Ball Club” and its rules. It worked rather like a golf club where members selected teams from their membership to play one another. The club has been now been reconstituted and plays under the name of “The Foot-Ball Club of Edinburgh” in an amateur capacity. 

The First International Football Match 

The first international football match was played between Scotland and England in Glasgow, Scotland on 30th November 1872, in front of 4,000 spectators. The result was a hard-fought 0-0 draw. And of the 110 games played between 1872 and 1999 when the fixture was disbanded, Scotland had won 41, England 45, and 24 games had ended in a draw. 

The First Trainer’s Dugout 

The first-ever recorded use of a sunken covered enclosure at the side of the pitch (the dugout) was in the early 1920s at Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen, Scotland. The trainer at the time, Donald Coleman, had it built to protect himself while he took detailed notes of his players during matches, as was his practice, and, was partly sunken into the ground so as not to block spectators’ views of the game. Visiting teams were so impressed that the idea soon spread throughout the UK and then the rest of the world. 

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