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Pick Your Perfect XI for Fantasy Cricket

Playing fantasy cricket needs good knowledge and loads of skill in cricket. If you are a newbie then you can start with practice league following competing with 1 or 2 users with small money. Moreover, if you want to win big having less investment then play only big leagues. If you want to win big with more investment then play many 2 or 3 players’ leagues. Here winning probability will be good. 

You can also win big with normal investment then play many 20 or 50 players’ leagues. In the daily fantasy cricket games there is also the option to win cash prizes and have much fun with less investment by playing 5 or 10 players’ leagues.  

When you have good knowledge of the fantasy cricket game, you can try to compete with more than 10 competitors as here your margin will be high. Avoid Big Leagues at all cost if you don’t have a proper plan. Your chance of winning in big leagues is 0.0001% while in small leagues its 30-50%. Most recommended leagues are small leagues with just 2 Players. 

Whatever leagues and how many leagues you might play, the tricky part in online fantasy cricket is the selection of the playing XI. If your player is in playing the match he will at least score some points. But if he is sitting on the pavilion you will get zero points for that and your winning chances decrease by 10% for your every player not playing the match. This is also a very essential point for any fantasy cricket team. 

So it is important to select a perfect playing XI. 

  1. Always remember that your chosen XI players must play in the real match. 
  2. Any player who’s in doubt shouldn’t be part of your selected XI.
  3. You should get playing xi news from the sources which are reliable. 
  4. Choose each player only when he justifies his part in your selected XI. 
  5. Choose captain and vice-captain sensibly. 
  6. Always try to pick the players who are in their form in the real matches while choosing a team 
  7. Mostly pick the wicketkeeper and other batsmen who come to bat higher in the order. 
  8. To make sure you have a perfect playing XI always edit your team in the last hour.
  9. Check which players are injured, which players are back from injuries or any other latest news for your chosen team members. 

Enjoy reading and playing the fantasy cricket matches! 

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