Basics About The Different Important Strokes of Cricket

A straight shot or a cover drive – what’s the signature stroke of your chosen batsman? If you don’t know the difference between both, then surely, you’re not a cricket fan. Knowing the basics of cricketing strokes will take you a long way in online cricket games. 

An all-rounder can seamlessly play any strike and enthrall the crowds. However, there are also a few who stick to one or two strokes and make them their signature strikes. Selecting a player merely based on his popularity will not help you play fantasy cricket and win cash daily. Learn about the type of strikes that the players take, their range, their playing style – only then, you’ll be able to choose the consistent one from the pool! 

Here’s a list of the same. Read on and increase your cricket knowledge. 

Cover drive 

To get this shot right, the batsman needs to know where the “covers” are on the field. Flexibility, eye on the field, and a perfect hit through the covers – that’s it, runs are scored! The biggest challenge is to get the ball past the fielders. Former Indian captain Sourav Ganguly has beautifully mastered the art of the cover drive. He’s an unblemished shot made other cricketers’ comment on the fact that only God can compete for the skill level of Ganguly. 

Square cut 

This is one of the most frequent shots that are scoring and you can see almost all good batsmen trying to hit the same. If you’re an ardent cricket fan, then there’s a lot of square cuts that you’ll get to see. Very useful in scoring high runs. The only thing that the hitter needs to keep in mind is getting the correct line and length of the ball before he takes a square cut shot. Hence, players playing square cuts are the first choice for playing online cricket games. 

Straight drive 

A consistent player who is looking forward to staying on the crease for the longer overs prefers playing straight drive shots. Very secure and helps the hitter to get as many runs as possible. Veterans like Sunil Gavaskar and Sachin Tendulkar can effortlessly play a straight drive with their bats facing directly towards the bowlers. Thanks to the gully cricketing genes in Indian cricketers, the straight drive is a piece of cake for them. Indian fantasy cricket platform loves players with this inborn striking skill. 


Most innovative front foot shots played in the cricketing fraternity is the sweep. Spinners are the best ones who help the batsmen to play such shots. This is never a random one. Just as the bowler is all set to bowl, the batsman sets his mind to sweep it through the wickets. Easy and pre-meditated stroke helps in getting the desired runs. 

Pull shot 

Definitely a deadly weapon! From mid-wicket to fine leg – anywhere the ball can be hit and there’s no way of stopping the same. This shot can be only played by the batsman when the ball is in between the waist and the shoulder range of the player. Whether the opponent team is having a spinner or a swing bowler, if the ball is in a range pull shot can be easily taken. Some amazing pull shots have been seen from legendary players like Viv Richards and Ricky Ponting. 


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4 Awesome Experiments In Cricketing History

From the time Cricket has been invented, the game has gone through many changes. Some good, some bad, and some utter disastrous! However, there’re a few which have significantly changed the face of the game. Fantasy cricket leagues  being one of them. Previously the game was limited to the fields only. But now anyone can play the game and win real-time money out of it. 

This new platform has revolutionized cricket to a large extent. However, some awesome experiments have failed and left a mark in cricketing history. 

Let’s take a look at some good as well as bad ones. 

Decision review system 

If you’re a passionate cricket fan, sudden run out of your favorite player can certainly come as a shock to you. There are times when the audience feels that the decision of out was not taken wisely. Then in 2008, this relieving experiment was introduced. The moment DRS was introduced in cricket, everyone understood that it’s here to stay. Even the online fantasy cricket game players are highly concerned with this. You may ask why? That’s because they don’t want their batsmen to walk out of the pitch for a wrong decision! 

Rain rule 

The last 2 balls of the match are left and your team is just 6 runs away from the win – just then, rain starts falling! Even in worst nightmares, the players of  fantasy cricket leagues can’t think of such a pathetic situation! They’ll incur huge financial losses if the game doesn’t resume on time. However, that situation will not come up now. Thanks to, the World cup committee for introducing the rain rule during the 1992 World cup match. The rules are simple. For every over lost, the target of the teams will get reduced. 

However, unpredictably, the same turned out to be disastrous. Nevertheless, the authorities made a few modifications. So, now if the rain happens after the 12th over, then the match will be declared as a “no result” game! Sad, but makes sense. 

T-20 cricket 

Playing cricket with 20 overs only – sounded like an absurd idea in the beginning! But, turned out to be a successful move. Fantasy cricket in India is largely based on the T-20 platform of cricket. With only 20 overs in hand, the match doesn’t get boring and even the players don’t get exhausted. Fast cricket for the fast millennials! Batsman scoring 180 or more in one-day cricket is not unnatural. But, scoring the same within 20 overs seems like a dream! 

T-20 made sure that players get recognition and are able to set forth a few marvelous strike rates. Adding stars to their long cricketing career, T-20 is the favorite platform for cricketers as well as fantasy game players. Cricket has become more entertaining and thrilling from the time T-20 matches have started. 

Super substitute 

Although this experiment was a very short-lived one, however, needs a special mention among all. This concept was introduced in 2005. What’s the catch point? A unique one! One substitute player can be brought into the game at any point. This player can act as a batsman, bowler, fielder, or even wicket-keeper. However, this didn’t fit right for any team! And the same was discarded in 2006. Let’s say, if the practice was followed till now, then fantasy cricket leagues would have had 12 players instead of 11 on the list! 


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5 Most popular Global Cricket Tournaments For Fantasy Cricket Lovers

Back in 1869, cricket was merely played as a recreational game by the British people. No tournaments, no competition – it was only a sport for time pass. However, with time as cricket gained popularity, countries started participating, the sport has turned into an entertainment and money-generating source. The global passion for cricket has made the authorities develop different platforms for the game. Such is the craze of cricket;  fantasy cricket games became the first fantasy sports to be played worldwide! 

Let’s take a closer look at the top seven cricketing events that all aspiring players long to play in, and all avid fans love to watch. 

1.ICC Cricket World Cup 

The most awaited cricketing event – this is arranged in every year’s interval. There’s no cricket team that doesn’t participate in the World cup. The most viewed and most played fantasy cricket leagues are connected with the world cup! Awesome sixes, centuries, excellent catches – world cup is filled with lots of memorable moments. Winning the golden cup is a dream for every country. However, for fantasy cricket, the rules are a bit different. For the entire world cup tournament, they need to fix up a healthy mix of players that’ll help them get loads of cash in their bank accounts. 

 2.T20 World Cup 

The miniature version of the original world cup, the T20 platform is more popular because of its less over platforms. It’s fast and ends quickly. Millennials nowadays are very busy. They don’t like spending the whole day addicted to a match. That’s where the T20 world cup plays an important role. With thousands of eyes glued to the T20 world cup, fantasy cricket players make huge profits out of these leagues. From 2007, this world cup has been an energetic endeavor. Fans keep waiting eagerly for the T20 world cup. 

3.Indian Premier League

If you want a full dose of entertainment then IPL is the right platform for you! The most-watched cricket event, IPL is not only about cricket but also about adorned with celebrities from the glamour world! Most of the fantasy cricket games are played during IPL. Involving millions of money, expensive international cricketers, and young talents – IPL is not only a game, but it’s also a show! 

4.ICC Champions Trophy

Apart from the world cup, ICC also is the hosting company for Champions Trophy. Highly prestigious this tournament was named the knockout tournament in 1998 and was renamed in 2002. Current champion Pakistan, this is a one-day international event and like the world, cup occurs only once in 4 years. The next ICC Champions Trophy is set to be held in the year 2021 which means time for the return of fantasy cricket. 

5.Asia Cup

Headed by the Asian Cricket Council, this is primarily made up of the Asian countries. So, you can well imagine the tension during the Pakistan and India match in the Asia cup. A very popular cricket tournament which is highly popular among fantasy games platform. Although the match has been through many political issues, still the match is quite popular among the cricketing fraternity. 


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Top 5 Cricket Feilding Techniques For Every Cricket Lover

If a team plays with weak fielders then the probability of winning the match reduces. Thus, fielding is very important to live as well as  fantasy cricket. Stopping the ball at the right time, limiting the number of runs, and moving into the right position to take the wicket – a fielder is as much responsible as a batsman in any cricket match. 

Once a ball gets struck by the batsman, then the actual job of a fielder starts. They need to be quick and swift in saving the ball from hitting a boundary. The more runs the fielders of your  fantasy cricket leagues  save, the more points you’ll get. 

There are a number of fielding positions that are very common and there are a few which are specific to the fielder. With 11 players in place, apart from the two batsmen and one wicketkeeper, 9 players are scattered in different positions in the field to keep the running rate in control.   

Next time when you’re playing fantasy cricket, make sure to check these appropriate fielding positions and ensure high winning probability. 

1.Attacking fielding 

Rather than waiting for the ball to flow in the player’s direction when the fielder himself approaches the ball and stops it from hitting a boundary. Then the same is known as attacking technique. So, if you’re intelligent, then select the fielders who can stand like a barrier in front of the ball while  playing fantasy cricket. 

2.Catching position 

The fielders with excellent toe balance, good quality eyesight, and proper weight balance can be in good catching positions in the field. They are the most prized ones for online fantasy games. With a good fielder in place to take catches throughout the match, this is an added advantage. 

3.Sliding technique 

This is a tough and brilliant fielding technique. In this case, the fielder intercepts the ball by sliding on either the hip or the knee. If an unexperienced fielder tries to perform this trick, there’s a high probability of getting injured. It’s the work of the expert. Select the expert fielder for fantasy cricket leagues and bag wickets easily. 

4.Fine-leg position 

If you’re an ardent fan of cricket then beyond the wicket boundaries must be your favorite ones. There’s generally no stopping the ball once it gets past the wicket-keeper. But if you have got a fine leg fielder in your team, then you can stop the boundary of the opponent. Moreover, in fine leg position, in between the match, the fielder can grab some air and take some rest. That’s because they have very little to do! 

5.Cow corner 

This is an informal name for the position of a fielder standing between the boundary and deep mid-wicket. Generally, this position is mostly found on the left side of the batsman. This is a very risky position for the fielder and the person can get hurt many times. 

To sum it up… 

If you think taking up good batsmen and good bowlers will make your job easy, then you’re absolutely wrong. A fielder is as important as the other players. To catch the ball before it touches the boundary line is the major target of the fielder. For a high winning probability in  fantasy cricket games, don’t forget to select a few good fielders. 


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Betting Vs. Fantasy Cricket – Are they Both Similar or Different?

Are you a cricket fanatic? If yes, then the thought of indulging in betting or  fantasy cricket games have occurred in your mind at least once for sure. However, for the novice ones, remember that both are two completely different platforms. While betting is still an illegal activity and getting caught can ensure that you’ll end up behind the bars, fantasy cricket is a legal and organized platform where you can make your dreams of playing come true. 

So, rather than being a gambler, learn the tricks of playing  daily fantasy crickets and get the chance of winning handsome amounts of cash! 

Before you get caught into the web of cricket betting unknowingly, check out the differences between both. Be alert. Next time if a gambler marks betting similar to fantasy cricket – point out these differences. 

Prediction vs decision-making 

Betting is simply an act of making predictions. You’ll have to call for the inner supernatural power and work upon your guess working skills to bet on the outcome of the match. But the same doesn’t work in fantasy cricket. 

Unlike betting, here you get to actually “play the game”. Be the boss, select the eleven, and make on-field strategies. Play while the real match is on! No luck, no guess works, no predictions – simple logic and rational decision-making is what that helps in playing  fantasy cricket games. 

Nature of competition 

For betting games, you’ll find the professional betters approaching you. So, they are the people against whom you’re supposed to play or rather bet on. However, for daily fantasy cricket games, no one’s going to approach you. 

Lookup for some of the best fantasy cricket sites in India and register into the website to start playing the game. here, you get the chance of playing the game against the real-life players! Which is more interesting? Decide for yourself. 

Winning amounts 

Winning a sufficient amount of cash is probable in both cases. However, the process and extent of probability are different for each type. In cricket betting you don’t have an opponent to bet on, hence you’re playing against your luck. Hence the probability of winning cash is limited and completely uncertain. 

On the other hand, if you indulge in online cricket, then you’re playing the competition against other experienced players and good fantasy sports teams by using your brains. Then, surely you stand a chance of winning cash in such cases. 

Legal aspect 

Apart from a few states, fantasy sports have been declared legal and a mind game all over India. Hence, now you can be well-assured that you’re not engaged in any illegal activity which is against the court of law. However, betting is still considered gambling and the same will continue till the option of prediction can be ruled out of the process, which seems impossible! 

Fate has its own set of rules and twisted turns. Hence, betting can turn out to be disastrous in most cases and can land you in trouble. If you’re a true sports lover, then indulging in illegal methods of enjoying the game is not the right sportsman spirit. 

Register into online fantasy games, jerk your grey cells, play legal games, and win cash! 


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Top 4 Aspects of Fantasy Sports That Helps in Engaging Indians

What are Indians crazy about? The answer is simple. Sports, food, and entertainment. With internet penetrating in every Indian household, engaging in these three passions has become a cakewalk! Significant research conducted by Google-KPMG shows that, India, which currently among the top five mobile gaming countries, has the potential of becoming a $1.1billion industry by 2021 end. 

So, what does the gaming companies need to do? Cash on the opportunity! 

Not all fantasy gaming apps have the potential of engaging the user’s interest. Some fail, some remain stagnant in one position forever. However, the ones which have succeeded are making billions from the gaming platform. 

Online fantasy games especially cricket, football, kabaddi, and baseball are an inseparable part of Indians. Smartphones and the internet have improvised the cricketing passion from the local concept of gully cricket to online cricket games. 

For the gaming companies, here’s a list of interesting facts that they should keep in mind to attract more and more numbers of players. 

Mobile-first strategy 

Get your online fantasy games on the small screens. You may think that developing the best gaming website will attract more users, however, you’re completely wrong. Gen Z youngsters are stuck to their mobile screens. So, building a mobile-based app will make you get more users. Deepest customer engagement can be ensured with a mobile-first strategy! If your game is easy to access on any mobile platform, then you’re into the competition! 

No legal hassles 

When you’re all set to play the online fantasy sport and have made up your mind of winning a pretty good amount of cash, then sudden interferences of the legal issues can be disheartening! So, to keep the users stuck to your app, try and minimize the legal hassles as much as possible. Keep it simple. Play, win, and get cash. 

Opportunity of wins 

Prizes, offers, bonuses, gifts – that’s the most attractive part of  fantasy sports! Prediction, quizzes, and surprise gifts – if your app doesn’t provide the same, then you can expect zero users. These factors will not only promote your app but will make your users happy. A happy customer is the one who comes back again and again. With the thought of getting gifts and cash prizes, you’ll get customers who will play repeated games. 

Make it real 

Why do you think people love playing fantasy games? Because not everyone can be a cricketer or footballer. Fantasy games allow them to live up to their dreams. But, if your app fails to make the experience like a real on-field game, then you’re a loser in the competition. The mantra of sustaining users and getting more – make them the boss of the game and give them the real feel of the pitch. 

Do you think that you know all strategies of  how to play fantasy sport? Then, you’re wrong. You might know the trick of the trade, but you don’t know the USPs that’ll keep your game on the top of the list. Hope these points help. The user-friendly app is the major requirement to get everyone on board. It’s a must-have for all gaming apps. 


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Top 5 Off-Spinners To Look Out For In Any Cricket Match

During the 1940s and ’50s, off-spinners were mere backup bowlers in a team. The main focus was always on the fast bowlers and leg spinners. However, the concept changed when a few outstanding off-spinners came into limelight. They can successfully spin the ball from the straight path and get the batsman out of the game. Gradually with their skills, off-spinners became a favourite choice in  fantasy cricketplatforms as well. 

Off-spinners knows their strength and weaknesses and can aptly fit into any team. Once you have got a good off-spinner in your  fantasy cricket league, be sure that it will become difficult for the batsman to make a clean shot. 

Here’s a list of top 5 off-spinners who is present in any team that can help you score loads of points in fantasy cricket. 

1. Ravichandran Aswin

When he is on the field, the opposite man standing with a bat will definitely feel weak on the knees. This shining star of an Indian cricket team is a brilliant off-spinner, flipper, and top spinner. A very wise choice for fantasy cricket leagues, Aswin has always been a surprise element in every match. A sharp brain coupled with good height – a great combination to make a spinner. Smashing records, a good number of wickets, and brilliant performance! Surely a wanted player for the fantasy sports. 

2. Muttiah Muralitharan 

Without Muralitharan, the 90s would have been the worst period for Sri Lankan cricket. 800 wickets from around 133 matches – this record of his say the rest. He was an expert in doosras and off-breaks. Undoubtedly one of the greatest off-spinners of all time, this man would have made it to the top in online fantasy games if he was still playing. 

3. Nathan Lyon 

This off-spinner has the quality of playing with the ball as per his own liberty. Give him any kind of pitch, any type of ball, or any batsman, his performance remains unchanged and consistent. After Shane Warne, the success of this man has made the Australian cricket team a huge success. 

4. Harbhajan Singh 

Another Indian cricketer who is undoubtedly one of the best off-spinners in cricketing history is Harbhajan Singh. From the time in the year 1998 when Harbhajan got into the national squad, he started picking up wickets and had successfully picked up 32 wickets in 3 matches. You may not find him playing in international matches, but he has and will be always a favourite player in fantasy cricket leagues. 

5. Mehidy Hasan 

This brilliant off-spinner ended up taking 19 wickets from just 2 matches. So, you can well imagine the level of magic that the bowler can spin with his fingers. Very new to the team of off-spinners, this person is currently a trending choice for any fantasy cricket game. At the age of 22, he is making it to the news with his outstanding spinning skills. The talent is supposed to grow with age! Congrats to team Bangladesh. A star is in the making! 


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Top 5 Hard-Hitters Popular In Fantasy Cricket Platform

“And It’s a hugeeeee hit, the ball’s vanished into the air!” 

The best and the most awaited strike in every cricket match are the boundaries. And when it comes from the favorite hard-hitting batsman, surely the match must’ve made your day! However, with rapidly ranging cricketing rules, hitting sixes back to back has become difficult now! 

But for daily fantasy cricketlovers, getting at least one hard-hitter into the team calls for an easy winning strategy in the game. Striking a ball at a 120 meters distance is not an easy task with such heavy bats! 

However, world cricket has seen many wonderful back to back shots from some cricketers who have expertise in the same. If you want to win by playing fantasy cricket, then getting hold of these 7 modern-day boundary scorers should be your first and foremost goal! 

#1 Andre Russell 

Ruthless, hard, and smashing hits! That’s what you can say about this Caribbean hard-hitter. May it a swing or any other ball, Russell loves hitting the same as hard as he can. What’s the result? A magnificent boundary sending the ball out of the stadium boundaries. His powerful arm-swings and natural flexibility make him one of the most selected players in online fantasy cricket. 

Keeping this player in hand in the middle overs is a great benefit for the team to score up the runs! 

#2 Chris Gayle 

Running between the wickets – that’s not the way Gayle likes playing! Why take the pain of running when he can score sixes in every consecutive ball with an easy swish of his bat! It’s a treat to watch this man score boundaries without any difficulty and with a very minimum effort. 

He never hesitates to hit the ball straight out of the stadium making the crowds go gaga over the same! Amazing delivery makes this man one of the wanted players in fantasy cricket platforms. 

#3 Rohit Sharma 

Don’t be deceived by the looks of this calm and composed Indian hitter! With a brilliant stroke of the bat, this man can deliver boundaries in all formats of cricket flawlessly. Timing is the keyword for Sharma! He is one of the consistent hitters in this list who understands the pace of the ball and knows when to hit a six and when not to take the risk! 

Keeping this focused player in fantasy cricket leagues is an advantage for the users. You can trust this man to get you some bounty points in your scoreboard. 

#4 AB De Villiers 

360-degree batsman – that’s what they call Villiers. With an excellent strike rate of 135.17, he is currently one of the explosive players in the cricket fraternity. From the moment this man walks into the field, it’s enough the get the oppositions under pressure and make you hand on the edge of your seats. 

With unbeatable flexibility in scooping the ball out of the boundary lines, he sometimes confuses the bowler with his quick moves on the field. Straight strikes and flawless hits – with a few balls into the field, he becomes impenetrable for any bowler! 

#5 Hardik Pandya 

With a lean body and unmatchable flow of energy, this Indian cricketer after MS Dhoni has made a mark in the hearts of millions of  fantasy cricket fans with his consecutive sixes on the field. He is a tough-to-take batsman, especially for the spinners. As soon as he walks into the crease, he takes over! If you need good runs on your scoreboard, the, he’s the man to look out for. The moment the ball reaches his arc, boom! It’s into the air! 


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Fantasy Cricket – Top 5 Best Swing Bowlers of the Decade

Cricket was first played by the Englanders but the practice of swing bowling started from a country where cricket is not very famous – America! Not every bowler can master the art of changing the direction of the ball in the mid-air. Precision, patience, time, and practice – the best of the bests have been created by the same. 

There are many to add to the list of swing bowlers and the list may vary from person to person. However, for daily fantasy cricketfans, these are some of the bowlers who if played now could have bagged an ample number of points. 

Zaheer Khan (India) 

Zaheer Khan fronted the Indian bowling for more than an era. Those who’ve seen his swing ball are well aware of his brilliant ability to swing the ball both ways (left and right). With 311 wickets in his bag, before he retired from all forms of matches, Zaheer was one stunning fast bowler who could even pull off the reverse swing with an old ball! Commendable and desirable player for cricket fantasy games! 

Chaminda Vaas (Sri Lanka) 

He might be the second-highest wicket-taker of Sri Lanka, but his undefined ability to swing the ball with ease made some of the great batsmen of his times go down on knees. Although he wasn’t a fast-paced bowler his trademark delivery was late indipper. And from the day he started making reverse swing his constant companion on the fields, no one was able to stop him from taking wickets. For sure the best online cricket gamesmiss his presence in the field now! 

Dale Steyn (South Africa) 

Like the others on the list, Steyn was a good swinger too! Then, what made him come up to this list? His ability to swung at 145 mph. If the batsman survived his initial throw, then he made sure that his reverse swing gets him back to the dressing room! 439 wickets from just 93 games – the number says it all! This is a type of player who cans smash records in daily fantasy cricket games. 

James Anderson (England) 

Sometimes you just need stop and marvel at the beautiful way in which this player swings the bowl on both sides. Even the best of the lot has succumbed to his bowling abilities. With insuperable power, skills, and fitness, Anderson continues to get wickets with his excellent swing deliveries. All daily fantasy cricket fans will admit that he is getting better with age. Looking forward to seeing a new record? Doesn’t seem impossible for this man! 

Wasim Akram (Pakistan) 

Although put in the end, talk’s about swing bowling is incomplete without mentioning the “king of swing bowling”. 414 wickets in 104 Test matches justifies the reason behind the title. Smooth, error -the free, continuous attack has made some of the biggest batsmen lose out to this man! Beautifully this man swings the ball with quick arm actions leaving the batsman no scope of hitting the bowl and getting runs. A true treasure to the Pakistan team, the presence of Akram in some of the best online cricket games could have changed the pace of the fantasy gaming! 


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4 Match-Day Cricket Equipment That Every Cricket Lover Should Keep

Whether you’re a state-level cricketer or a gully cricket player, keeping the right kinds of stuff in hand is a necessity. Here’s a checklist of all the important equipment that can make you ready for a serious match. Although if you’re an ardent fantasy cricket lover, then you can save your money. 

However, for the ones who’re planning on taking their gully cricket to the next level, here’s a list you should go through. 

Cricket bats 

Most of us must have started our cricketing careers with plastic bats. However, to become a professional you need to become comfortable in wooden poplar or willow bats. They might seem heavy at the beginning. But later they will seem fine. There are no standard weight charts for the bats, but it’s best to select the ones suiting to your weight. Once, the player gets acquainted with the bat, swish and swoop will be easier! On the other hand, if you’re more of a couch player, then online fantasy sports are the ones for you. 

Cricket balls 

Generally, for inexperienced players, soft tennis balls or small plastic balls are enough to set the game. But, if you want the real feel, then you need to buy a perfect leather-covered cork ball. If you look carefully into the matches, then you’ll find that even the colors of the ball are different. Red balls are for test cricket whereas white ones are for one-days. Although the same doesn’t matter in a fantasy cricket game, however for live cricket a good ball may change the match. 


You might be thinking that wearing a pair of trousers with a shirt is enough for a match. Clothing might not be a matter of concern in fantasy cricket leagues. But, in a live match, getting the right attire brings life to the match! Even if you don’t bother about the trouser or shirt, you should get the right pair of shoes and caps for the match. Without a good pair of spiked shoes, it’s impossible to run and get the scores that you desire. 

Protective equipment 

Now, that’s one of the most important things that should be kept in mind while playing cricket. Abdomen guard, leg pads and shin pads, gloves, and helmets are a must. Gully cricket or world cup – protection of body parts is a logical option. Online fantasy game players also get options for decorating the players with protective gear to add reality to the game. 

Hope you find the blog helpful. There are many novice players, who walk down to the pitch without any prior preparations. In case you’re one of them, then do be prepared before you take up the bat in your hand! 

For the ones who can’t afford this costly equipment, fantasy cricket in India is a popular option. Download the app, register, login, and start playing. Cricket online is as good as cricket offline. Just passion is required to enjoy the game. 


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