Fantasy Cricket Leagues – Ways to Make It More Engaging

Fantasy cricket in India is not a vague concept anymore. Once it was only a brainchild of a few sports enthusiasts, but now it’s a million-dollar industry. It’s growing and growing and is expected to grow more in the coming years. What’s the good thing about fantasy sports? It has eradicated netting and gambling completely. 

This brain game accompanied by attractive cash prizes is attracting the attention of millions of circlet fanatics all over the world. While browsing through your play store, you’ll come across many Indian  fantasy sports apps. Some of them have seen a huge surge in the user base, especially during the pandemics. However, many have not been lucky enough to experience the same! 

Does that mean the craze for  fantasy cricket games is over? Absolutely not! It’s the other way round. Looking at the popularity of fantasy games, the companies have actually taken the players for granted. If you get ample options for the same product then which one would you choose? Certainly, the most popular one! Similarly, many fantasy games companies have failed to keep their users engage with sports. Then, who’s to be blamed? 

Extensive research of the same shows that incorporating the following points will certainly help the companies to retain the engagement level of the users. 

Off-season rewards 

We’ve all heard about entry bonuses, surprise gifts, winning cash prizes, etc., that these fantasy cricket apps give during the match seasons. That’s when the site gets loads of traffic. But how to keep them engaged even when there’s no option of  playing fantasy cricket on the app? The one who’s able to strategize the same wins the race. For the reference of the companies, users love gifts! They love it all the time! So, to keep them engaged the best option to is float a few referral bonuses, low money cash prize, discount coupons, and one-time deposit bonuses. This is certainly a smart trick to lure users throughout the year. 

Test the cricketing knowledge 

Yes, every cricket fan claims to have a pool of knowledge about the game and its players. And when it comes to fantasy cricket in India, flaunting of cricket knowledge is a common thing. A small tip for the app makers – uses the same. Use it interestingly. Introduce live polls, sports quizzes, and recall experience sharing options within the apps. This competitive feel creates an adrenaline rush within the players. So, what next? App makers can expect an overflow of users even if there’s no game to be played. 

Sport debates 

Politics and cricket – two hot topics of discussion among the millennials. You’ll be amazed at the way Indians can go on and on about cricket teams, best batsmen, etc. Moreover, Indians are always overwhelmed by the thoughts of socializing with other people. So, it becomes very easy for the app makers to engage the online fantasy game players by just installing a debate section in the app. The opportunity of discussing and fighting over their favorite players is too good to be true. 


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Fantasy Cricket – 5 Bizarre Batting Tips That Actually Works Wonder

Batting is indubitably the most important part of any cricket match. Whether a player is a good spinner or a great wicketkeeper – being a good batsman is necessary. The better you bat, the more successful your career will become. To form a good  fantasy cricket league, it is necessary to get the best batsmen and the all-rounders in the team. Because it takes one wrong swing to break the stumps and lose the game! 

You might come across many blogs that will give you the basic tips that can improve your batting skills. Don’t worry, we won’t bore you with the same list! Rather, an interesting write-up follows below. Here you’ll get to know some weird tips (unimaginable at times) that can, in reality, improve the batting skills. Simply  playing fantasy cricket may at times feel boring, why not indulge in knowing more about batting as well.   

Tip 1# Keeping a watch over the ball 

When you’re watching a live match, it’s not possible to see whether the striker is having his eyes on the ball or not. But the trick of getting a great boundary is to keep your eyes glued to the approaching ball. Playing  fantasy cricket in India requires scoring batsmen. How to ensure that your selected striker scores? The player who pays full attention to the complete journey of the ball can hit it at the right time. 

Tip 2# Say no to hard-hitting techniques 

Russell, Gayle, Pandy, and MS Dhoni – all these hard-hitters and many others are some of the favorite choices for fantasy cricket games. However, hard-hitting all the time doesn’t help a batsman to stay for a long time on the pitch. Playing consistently and getting runs throughout the overs or hitting sixes in the first 6 balls and getting out – which one is more important? Depending on the situation this skill needs to be altered. 

Tip 3# Bending knees may work 

The power of the legs is very important. For any batsman having a firm strength on the knees is essential. While selecting batsmen for playing fantasy cricket, generally the performance and fitness of the players are kept in mind. A player who is fit enough can play for longer overs. It’s a common trick that whenever a striker bends the knee and hits the ball, it’s going to be a successful shot! 

Tip 4# Imagine playing within a box 

Yes, the whole field belongs to the batsman, but a good one should stop taking that in the literal sense. Many times, you’ll find good coaches saying that it’s better to envision themselves within a box while playing the same. Online fantasy cricket can get entertaining if the great scorers are all playing on the same team. Although, it may seem strange to any novice player, however, this actually works. 

Tip 5# Be cautious with slow balls 

A small tip for facing the slow bowlers with utmost care – take time and think while the ball comes to your bat. With slow bowlers, the trick is that as the balls get closer, the player gets the time to think and position himself. 


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Points To Consider While Designing A Perfect Fantasy Cricket App

We’re assuming that  fantasy games are not an unfamiliar concept. However, few apps are more popular in comparison to the others. Did you ever think about why? That’s because each fantasy sports app is different from the other from the user and development perspective. Rules are the same, cash prizes are the same but still, your app is not getting as much use as your competitor’s app. 

Since  fantasy cricket games  are a virtual platform, so if it’s not easy for the user, then the number of registrations will go down. A little tip for the app makers – make your app attractive! The competition id very high out there! 

Here are a few points that you should definitely keep in mind if you’re an app maker. 

  • Live score API should be available during the fantasy cricket leagues make your application fully responsive 
  • Avoid making the pages heavier and make it mobile-friendly 
  • Focus on the development of the fantasy cricket app more than the website 
  • Keep a note of the functionality and performance of the app 

Also, there are a few things that users search for in their fantasy sports apps. Want to know what are they? Read on to know more. 

Basic features that users look for: 

Easy profile information 

Instead of exaggerating the registration process, if your app can keep it simple, then its more attractive. Online fantasy games require users to register themselves by giving the KYC details. If this whole thing takes up a lot of time, then you’ll surely lose the users. Make it easy and fast. 

Live match streaming 

This is a must-have option. Especially the Indian fans are addicted to  fantasy cricket in India because of the opportunity of playing along! The thrill of seeing your selected player get runs in the live match is something different. If you’re an app maker, make sure you include this feature. 

Easy to understand the points system 

If as a user you’re unable to understand the points system, then would you be interested in playing? Certainly not! So, what should be your next step? Obviously to make up the simplest scoreboard system. Keeping the normal points method is feasible. Even lame users will be able to understand the same. 

A great support chat facility 

Users generally have a lot of queries. Sometimes it can be irritating. But that’s the natural process. Payment details, transaction process, play history – who’s going to handle the same? obviously, a good and strong support chat is required to facilitate the same. The apps which have the same are leading the way into the world of playing fantasy cricket games. 

Fantasy apps are trending. All types of online games are a passion now. However, the ones with great features will win the race at the end. So, if you’re a fantasy cricket lover, then always go for the app with the right type of features.   


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Fantasy Cricket – 5 Cool Captains Making Successful Careers in ODIs

A good captain is the one who creates positivity, energy in the team, and guides the players in the right direction. The captains must make a strong team and direct the players to the path of winning. Thus, to win  fantasy cricket leagues, choosing the right player as a captain is of utmost importance. Always remember a good captain must work harder than rets of the team. If don’t find this attribute in your selected captain, then it’s better to discard the selection. 

The best of the captaincies has been seen in the 50-over ODI format. The role of the captain in ODI matches is more than it’s visible. Similarly, in  a fantasy cricket game, the previous performances of the captains are analyzed before marking the one. 

Captaining a towards the winning goal in ODIs is harder than it’s said. And here are the fab 7 who’ve made it look like a piece of cake. Let’s take a minute to read about them. 

#1 Ricky Ponting 

With 220 victories in 324 matches, Ponting is undoubtedly one of the best captains in the International cricket history. Australia, as likely said the unbeatable team, has been able to gain the title because of this one man. He took over the team as a captain in 2002 and then there was no stopping Australia. Some of the best players to date have been trained and played under Ponting. Online fantasy cricket seems incomplete without the name of this outstanding captain on the list. However, every good thing comes to an end! It’s not a mere coincidence that this excellent player was named “Cricket of the Decade 2000”. 

#2 Stephen Fleming 

Stephen Fleming represented New Zealand from 1994 to 2009 and led the Black Caps to the semis of three World cups. Probably the longest-serving captain of the NZ team, this brand conscious captain had led the team to around 28 victories. He was a born captain. Cool, composed, and focused, Fleming was appreciated by veterans like Shane Warne and Graeme Swann! If he had not retired now, then this left-handed batsman with shots like straight drive, cover driver, and cut shots would have been the best choice for any fantasy cricket game. 

#3 MS Dhoni 

As MS Dhoni the former Indian captain bid goodbye to International cricket in 2020, fantasy cricket leagues will seem uninteresting without the presence of the captain cool. The only Indian captain to get all four ICC trophies for India, he won 110 ODIs as a captain. Not only the most composed and strategic captain that the Indian team has ever seen, but Dhoni was also the 4th cricketer to score 10000 runs in ODI. One of the greatest finishers in cricket, Dhoni has stolen the hearts of millions during the last winning strike of world cup 2011. India undoubtedly experienced a golden period of cricket under his captaincy. 

#4 Mahela Jayawardena 

Although the number may seem less compared to the above three names, but undoubtedly Mahela was one of the best captains that the Sri Lankan cricket team had seen in many years. 101 wins out of 186 matches show the effective captaincy of Mahela. May it be the World cup or T20, he has shinned through all the tough situations. Although he was busy with his captaincy duties, however, in 2007 he scored a century and four half-centuries in the world cup. All people who’re playing fantasy cricket  loves keeping batsmen like Mahela in their team. 

#5 Hansie Cronje 

If not for the match-fixing scandal, Cronje would have definitely made it to the top of the list. Within a very short period, Cronje was able to make South Africa win 99 ODIs. However, an unfortunate plane crash in 2002 ended his life. For all the cricketing fans who might not know, he won the title of 11th greatest South African posthumously. Composed captain and an excellent all-rounder, this man is defeated by the luck and not by his skills. 


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Fantasy Cricket – A Great Career Option For the Millennials

Fantasy sports is a highly interactive platform that has become a trendy option of attracting the interest of the fans. Why are  fantasy games so popular? Because unlike the other gaming options, this engages the cricketing fans actively with the sports. That’s not the only reason though! 

Millennials have a special love for sports. May it be cricket, basketball, or soccer – mere watching of matches is not enough for them. That’s where fantasy cricket is making its mark. Sports nerds are now spending loads of time in researching about the players, gaming strategies, and statistics. How will they use the information? 

Fantasy cricket leagues give the option of using these skills right on the mark! And the magnificent reward systems are triggering an adrenaline rush into the brains of the millennials making them addicted more and more to  fantasy cricket games. 

The fact that you can create your virtual team and earn money at the same time is alluring! While many plays for just the thrill, few other reasons make fantasy sports a great career option for the millennials. 

Opportunity of socializing 

Yes, socializing has always been on top of the millennials. Unlike the previous times, when people used to be emerged in novels and books, chatting and catching up with friends is more of a trend now! Fantasy games, may it be of any kind, gives this opportunity! Once you’ve downloaded the app, you can join at nominal rates and invite your friends as well. Together you’ll be able to enjoy a match without even visiting each other! Seems like a very feasible option? Especially a very passionate option for the lazy ones! 

Reward and bonus earnings 

That’s the best part of any fantasy cricket match. Not only do you get the opportunity to earn money, but also you can get yourself some bonus, surprise gifts, and reward points. So, it’s cash all along! Some people engage in daily fantasy games and win cash daily. Challenge equipped with loads of money, that’s what makes fantasy cricket exciting! Moreover, what’s better than sitting and earning cash daily from the most passionate thing that you love to do? Online gaming options give this opportunity. 

Influential sportspersons 

Fantasy cricket apps are engaging the big sportspersons as their brand ambassadors. This, in turn, has been creating a positive reputation for the fantasy gaming portals. Hence, now sports lovers can easily make this as their profession. No need to afraid of any illegal activity or social distancing! 

Real-time zeal for sports lovers 

When it comes to cricket, millennials are absolutely fanatic about the same. Anything related to cricket makes them go crazy. So, when the opportunity of creating a virtual team comes, it’s hard to avoid! Fantasy cricket in India has been particularly popular because of the same reason. Although, at the initial stages people were playing it for fun and recreational purposes, however later the continuous earnings made them choose it as a career option! Fantasy games are legal, so no hurdles on the way! 


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5 Most Desirable Features of a Good Fantasy Cricket Application

Gone are the days when sports fanatics used to be glued to the commentary of their favorite match over the radio or got thrilled by a spectacular catch being taken by their favorite player. With fantasy cricket games becoming an inseparable part of the cricketing fraternity, the game is no longer restricted in the fields. 

While browsing through your app or play store, you’ll find many fantasy gaming apps, but are they all good enough? How will you decide? The ones which are easy, smooth, fun, and doesn’t complicate the whole process – definitely that’ll be your first choice. 

Here’s a list of most preferred features of a fantasy cricket app that is loved by all sports fans. Developers need to keep them in mind while designing the apps. 

Easy log in process 

Don’t make the process lengthy and boring. That’s the first page that the user gets to see when they try for a fantasy cricket login. So, asking only for the necessary details like username, phone number, and email id is sufficient. As soon as you start asking for a complete biodata, remember you’re going to lose on a valuable user. Don’t be a spoilsport. Let the user in with the minimum information required. 

Smooth profile settings 

If a user is not able to access the profile smoothly, then they won’t be able to play the game. Hence, give the user complete control of their profile. Most importantly, bonus, transactions, and rewards should be made clear in the profile section. They should not feel deceived. Remember, there’s a large competition among  fantasy cricket games. Thus, to be the show-stealer, conquer the hearts of the sports enthusiasts. 

Informative contest page 

This should be simple. Just a one-step process. When the user clicks on the “join contest” option, redirecting them to the entry fee payment page is the best option. Lingering here and there in between can call for a change of mind. For the ones, who have already played, make an informative contest page where they can get a complete glance of the winning amount, winning range and upcoming contest details. It’s the game where the players like to drain their brains and not on the applications! 

Manageable dashboard 

What are the matches set forth? Who are the players? What is the player’s history? The dashboard is the answer to all such questions. Although there’s a separate tab for every section in an app, getting a summarized version on the dashboard makes it easier for the player to move on further. What’s more? Developers need to keep in mind that a maximum number of  fantasy cricket logins happen from smartphones, hence making the dashboard mobile-friendly is undoubtedly an essential requirement. 

Good view of earnings and rewards 

Two things that provoke people to play fantasy cricket – money and passion for the game. Hence, along with easy playing options, an app needs to have a great quick-view feature of earnings and rewards. An ample amount of points and sufficient earnings visible at the very top of the dashboard gives a sense of satisfaction and positive energy for playing more games. 

A small note for the developers: stop restricting yourself to any “list of desirable features”. The more you innovate and make your app user-friendly, the greater number of users will download the same. Success lies in the hands of the creator! 


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Basics About The Different Important Strokes of Cricket

A straight shot or a cover drive – what’s the signature stroke of your chosen batsman? If you don’t know the difference between both, then surely, you’re not a cricket fan. Knowing the basics of cricketing strokes will take you a long way in online cricket games. 

An all-rounder can seamlessly play any strike and enthrall the crowds. However, there are also a few who stick to one or two strokes and make them their signature strikes. Selecting a player merely based on his popularity will not help you play fantasy cricket and win cash daily. Learn about the type of strikes that the players take, their range, their playing style – only then, you’ll be able to choose the consistent one from the pool! 

Here’s a list of the same. Read on and increase your cricket knowledge. 

Cover drive 

To get this shot right, the batsman needs to know where the “covers” are on the field. Flexibility, eye on the field, and a perfect hit through the covers – that’s it, runs are scored! The biggest challenge is to get the ball past the fielders. Former Indian captain Sourav Ganguly has beautifully mastered the art of the cover drive. He’s an unblemished shot made other cricketers’ comment on the fact that only God can compete for the skill level of Ganguly. 

Square cut 

This is one of the most frequent shots that are scoring and you can see almost all good batsmen trying to hit the same. If you’re an ardent cricket fan, then there’s a lot of square cuts that you’ll get to see. Very useful in scoring high runs. The only thing that the hitter needs to keep in mind is getting the correct line and length of the ball before he takes a square cut shot. Hence, players playing square cuts are the first choice for playing online cricket games. 

Straight drive 

A consistent player who is looking forward to staying on the crease for the longer overs prefers playing straight drive shots. Very secure and helps the hitter to get as many runs as possible. Veterans like Sunil Gavaskar and Sachin Tendulkar can effortlessly play a straight drive with their bats facing directly towards the bowlers. Thanks to the gully cricketing genes in Indian cricketers, the straight drive is a piece of cake for them. Indian fantasy cricket platform loves players with this inborn striking skill. 


Most innovative front foot shots played in the cricketing fraternity is the sweep. Spinners are the best ones who help the batsmen to play such shots. This is never a random one. Just as the bowler is all set to bowl, the batsman sets his mind to sweep it through the wickets. Easy and pre-meditated stroke helps in getting the desired runs. 

Pull shot 

Definitely a deadly weapon! From mid-wicket to fine leg – anywhere the ball can be hit and there’s no way of stopping the same. This shot can be only played by the batsman when the ball is in between the waist and the shoulder range of the player. Whether the opponent team is having a spinner or a swing bowler, if the ball is in a range pull shot can be easily taken. Some amazing pull shots have been seen from legendary players like Viv Richards and Ricky Ponting. 


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4 Awesome Experiments In Cricketing History

From the time Cricket has been invented, the game has gone through many changes. Some good, some bad, and some utter disastrous! However, there’re a few which have significantly changed the face of the game. Fantasy cricket leagues  being one of them. Previously the game was limited to the fields only. But now anyone can play the game and win real-time money out of it. 

This new platform has revolutionized cricket to a large extent. However, some awesome experiments have failed and left a mark in cricketing history. 

Let’s take a look at some good as well as bad ones. 

Decision review system 

If you’re a passionate cricket fan, sudden run out of your favorite player can certainly come as a shock to you. There are times when the audience feels that the decision of out was not taken wisely. Then in 2008, this relieving experiment was introduced. The moment DRS was introduced in cricket, everyone understood that it’s here to stay. Even the online fantasy cricket game players are highly concerned with this. You may ask why? That’s because they don’t want their batsmen to walk out of the pitch for a wrong decision! 

Rain rule 

The last 2 balls of the match are left and your team is just 6 runs away from the win – just then, rain starts falling! Even in worst nightmares, the players of  fantasy cricket leagues can’t think of such a pathetic situation! They’ll incur huge financial losses if the game doesn’t resume on time. However, that situation will not come up now. Thanks to, the World cup committee for introducing the rain rule during the 1992 World cup match. The rules are simple. For every over lost, the target of the teams will get reduced. 

However, unpredictably, the same turned out to be disastrous. Nevertheless, the authorities made a few modifications. So, now if the rain happens after the 12th over, then the match will be declared as a “no result” game! Sad, but makes sense. 

T-20 cricket 

Playing cricket with 20 overs only – sounded like an absurd idea in the beginning! But, turned out to be a successful move. Fantasy cricket in India is largely based on the T-20 platform of cricket. With only 20 overs in hand, the match doesn’t get boring and even the players don’t get exhausted. Fast cricket for the fast millennials! Batsman scoring 180 or more in one-day cricket is not unnatural. But, scoring the same within 20 overs seems like a dream! 

T-20 made sure that players get recognition and are able to set forth a few marvelous strike rates. Adding stars to their long cricketing career, T-20 is the favorite platform for cricketers as well as fantasy game players. Cricket has become more entertaining and thrilling from the time T-20 matches have started. 

Super substitute 

Although this experiment was a very short-lived one, however, needs a special mention among all. This concept was introduced in 2005. What’s the catch point? A unique one! One substitute player can be brought into the game at any point. This player can act as a batsman, bowler, fielder, or even wicket-keeper. However, this didn’t fit right for any team! And the same was discarded in 2006. Let’s say, if the practice was followed till now, then fantasy cricket leagues would have had 12 players instead of 11 on the list! 


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5 Most popular Global Cricket Tournaments For Fantasy Cricket Lovers

Back in 1869, cricket was merely played as a recreational game by the British people. No tournaments, no competition – it was only a sport for time pass. However, with time as cricket gained popularity, countries started participating, the sport has turned into an entertainment and money-generating source. The global passion for cricket has made the authorities develop different platforms for the game. Such is the craze of cricket;  fantasy cricket games became the first fantasy sports to be played worldwide! 

Let’s take a closer look at the top seven cricketing events that all aspiring players long to play in, and all avid fans love to watch. 

1.ICC Cricket World Cup 

The most awaited cricketing event – this is arranged in every year’s interval. There’s no cricket team that doesn’t participate in the World cup. The most viewed and most played fantasy cricket leagues are connected with the world cup! Awesome sixes, centuries, excellent catches – world cup is filled with lots of memorable moments. Winning the golden cup is a dream for every country. However, for fantasy cricket, the rules are a bit different. For the entire world cup tournament, they need to fix up a healthy mix of players that’ll help them get loads of cash in their bank accounts. 

 2.T20 World Cup 

The miniature version of the original world cup, the T20 platform is more popular because of its less over platforms. It’s fast and ends quickly. Millennials nowadays are very busy. They don’t like spending the whole day addicted to a match. That’s where the T20 world cup plays an important role. With thousands of eyes glued to the T20 world cup, fantasy cricket players make huge profits out of these leagues. From 2007, this world cup has been an energetic endeavor. Fans keep waiting eagerly for the T20 world cup. 

3.Indian Premier League

If you want a full dose of entertainment then IPL is the right platform for you! The most-watched cricket event, IPL is not only about cricket but also about adorned with celebrities from the glamour world! Most of the fantasy cricket games are played during IPL. Involving millions of money, expensive international cricketers, and young talents – IPL is not only a game, but it’s also a show! 

4.ICC Champions Trophy

Apart from the world cup, ICC also is the hosting company for Champions Trophy. Highly prestigious this tournament was named the knockout tournament in 1998 and was renamed in 2002. Current champion Pakistan, this is a one-day international event and like the world, cup occurs only once in 4 years. The next ICC Champions Trophy is set to be held in the year 2021 which means time for the return of fantasy cricket. 

5.Asia Cup

Headed by the Asian Cricket Council, this is primarily made up of the Asian countries. So, you can well imagine the tension during the Pakistan and India match in the Asia cup. A very popular cricket tournament which is highly popular among fantasy games platform. Although the match has been through many political issues, still the match is quite popular among the cricketing fraternity. 


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Top 5 Cricket Feilding Techniques For Every Cricket Lover

If a team plays with weak fielders then the probability of winning the match reduces. Thus, fielding is very important to live as well as  fantasy cricket. Stopping the ball at the right time, limiting the number of runs, and moving into the right position to take the wicket – a fielder is as much responsible as a batsman in any cricket match. 

Once a ball gets struck by the batsman, then the actual job of a fielder starts. They need to be quick and swift in saving the ball from hitting a boundary. The more runs the fielders of your  fantasy cricket leagues  save, the more points you’ll get. 

There are a number of fielding positions that are very common and there are a few which are specific to the fielder. With 11 players in place, apart from the two batsmen and one wicketkeeper, 9 players are scattered in different positions in the field to keep the running rate in control.   

Next time when you’re playing fantasy cricket, make sure to check these appropriate fielding positions and ensure high winning probability. 

1.Attacking fielding 

Rather than waiting for the ball to flow in the player’s direction when the fielder himself approaches the ball and stops it from hitting a boundary. Then the same is known as attacking technique. So, if you’re intelligent, then select the fielders who can stand like a barrier in front of the ball while  playing fantasy cricket. 

2.Catching position 

The fielders with excellent toe balance, good quality eyesight, and proper weight balance can be in good catching positions in the field. They are the most prized ones for online fantasy games. With a good fielder in place to take catches throughout the match, this is an added advantage. 

3.Sliding technique 

This is a tough and brilliant fielding technique. In this case, the fielder intercepts the ball by sliding on either the hip or the knee. If an unexperienced fielder tries to perform this trick, there’s a high probability of getting injured. It’s the work of the expert. Select the expert fielder for fantasy cricket leagues and bag wickets easily. 

4.Fine-leg position 

If you’re an ardent fan of cricket then beyond the wicket boundaries must be your favorite ones. There’s generally no stopping the ball once it gets past the wicket-keeper. But if you have got a fine leg fielder in your team, then you can stop the boundary of the opponent. Moreover, in fine leg position, in between the match, the fielder can grab some air and take some rest. That’s because they have very little to do! 

5.Cow corner 

This is an informal name for the position of a fielder standing between the boundary and deep mid-wicket. Generally, this position is mostly found on the left side of the batsman. This is a very risky position for the fielder and the person can get hurt many times. 

To sum it up… 

If you think taking up good batsmen and good bowlers will make your job easy, then you’re absolutely wrong. A fielder is as important as the other players. To catch the ball before it touches the boundary line is the major target of the fielder. For a high winning probability in  fantasy cricket games, don’t forget to select a few good fielders. 


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